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  1. "The world's political and financial elite are now operating almost totally unconstrained by the so-called democratic structure." NC in "Who Rules The World"
  2. @emresearch You have many interesting questions on your mind, I will give them a go another time. But there is a very good book "Manufacturing Consent" by Noam Chomsky, this really blew my mind 30 years ago. You see mostly all this corruption is only about money at the end of the day, it's boring but most of the nasty things on the planet are in the end after all the words, in the end it is just about money. It's a good book.
  3. If an engineer builds a bridge and that bridge works, then you can tell from that that his theories are truthful or relatively truthful ... because they are tested in the natural world. He has theories about the natural world, tests them and if they succeed then that is the test. So the theories are truthful, or correctly represent the natural world. In many parts of human society, office jobs and talking jobs ... nothing is ever tested so there is little truth required in those jobs. Going back to the engineer, he may have come up with the theories himself and makes bridges with them. Or he may have a book with theories that he then uses like a robot. The theories are the same in both cases, they are both truth, however in the first case the engineer himself owns the truth inside himself ... in the second case he is a robot that mechanically copies true ideas. So this points to the development of a person. Whether that person lives like a robot, or whether he himself investigates things and develops his own experience wisdom and knowledge. Today many people like to talk about science. But how many scientific experiments do they do themselves? None? People just read stuff on TV. But you are a scientist only when you yourself do experiments. Say a mother bakes birthday cake for a child. And when the cake comes out of the oven it has faied, the cake did not rise, or tastes wrong. Now the mother carefully considers the steps she made in creating the case. She thinks about it, and concluded that the failure might be due to not enough bicarbonate of soda, or possibly that the oven was too hot. So she tries again, and this time changes the recipe. In this way the mother is learning, she is acting scientifically. In the same way in nature animals are very scientific. For instance if a fox changes a rabbit into a thorny bush, then the fox will get hurt, he will get thorns in the face and they will bleed. So he will learn. In nature you have to learn, because otherwise you die. So animals are naturally always learning. Humans however do not have to learn, they have some jobs which are office jobs where it's mostly ... just talking about nothing. Humans don't like to do hard work or to learn, they like to eat Doritos. So many human beings do not become intelligent. Instead they have an education system them allows them to copy information from other people, in books, or technology. They borrow information so that they themselves do not become wise. So if we look at these examples we can see that firstly, truth can be tested. And if you test your ideas then you will see if they are true or not. Otherwise you cannot know. For instance if you have ideas about bridge, you can test them. If they fall down you know the idea was untrue. Secondly and importantly, are you yourself intelligent? Did you do any real work? Did you yourself test anything? Try anythign? Or do you just borrow knowledge because you are lazy? So ultimately you are talking two kinds of people. One kind is making real effort in his life to become intelligent and create knowledge. The other kind is a lazy robot. So there are some ideas.
  4. Ah yes the colander on the head technology ... is pretty much the same as it was in the 60s no progress at all and never will be. In those days they stuck the colandes on the heads of apes. The mind is private and there never ever ever will be a neural link. The only thing they can do is measure electricity, they have zero access to the inside. And yes if you squint with the left eye you can make the cursor go left or right ... and you can "type" with this bullshit. In fact it would be better to learn telepathy which doesn't require colanders or idiot scientist losers.
  5. Human beings are extremely insincere, give them an inch and they will take by force a mile and kill you for it. It is not very common that you hear somebody say that you should work for anything you have, and that nothing at all is for free. And that society should be made in this image. As soon as you start to give things for free ... where do you get them from? You take by force from people's bank accounts things that do not belong to you and give them to whoever. This is evil. How many heroin addicts do you allow in the classroom? one or two or a few? Not too many? The answer is zero. Because once you open the door, others will follow, and it demoralises the entire classroom. They are fundamental and universal principles. Once you start to steal from people by force, you devalue their work, and then people start to avoid paying "tax" and corruption begins, everywhere. And then it's violence, everyone lying cheating and stealing. But ... given the low state of human consciousness, such things are inevitable. And so the only choice you have is whether you will take care of yourself, work for yourself, and try to be honest ... all along without being naive. It's not very easy. Politicians talk about great reset and great peace and ... whatever. They don't talk about how they are going to thieve from everyone to make this happen, all the while creating laws to facilitate it ... and if people don't like theft or forced immigration then the education system will change so that your children are taught to betray their own blood. What an insane world, full of evil people.
  6. @Basket Case Are you chasing on two forums simultaneously ... you outdo yourself !!!
  7. People get caught in knots inside, there is so much pressure from society with its insane agendas ... it's easy to understand why people just give up or withdraw. Anyway this book looked good to me:
  8. You are also caught in some patterns because I know you too !
  9. Why are you making it about yourself? I was talking about the OP.
  10. No he wasn't, looking at the world he concluded everyone else was to blame and he was contrasting the strategy of murdering all those people which would be fine except you get some negative karma,or to imprison all those people you blame. Stalin and all fascist psychopaths came to the same dumb conclusion. No wonder he wishes to kill all religious leaders because their message is ... you yourself are the problem. Get a mirror and start working on the problem by fixing yourself.
  11. @Fluke Yes that's true, Eddie was caught in some patterns, habitual, and wasn't being honest ... if you are unconscious you can't be honest. So there are many things to learn and we are in this world because we have many things to learn. There are no absolute rules about how you should act. I said that if you are honest and you hate then you should hate ... but only if this is honest. If it's habitual then it's as useless as anything habitual. Most people simply "behave", never taking any risks to discover what they feel and they die without having really expressed their soul, ... they were too scared. If you stand back and see how petrified all of humanity is ... how they live fake lives behaving, it is a deeply sad and undignified sight. This is how the world dies not with a bang but a whimper. Human beings are in a bad way, not because they aren't well behaved ... because all they are is a well behaved fictitious self. And they will become extinct like this. In the real feelings real heart is power, magic, force, lightning, love, fucking, and god. Many great sages and shattered their students shocked them smacked them ... because otherwise they will die. Humans have very much damaged themselves. There are fields of crops that die, and we are such a field, if we continue like this we have no god given right to continue. One of the most terrifying things is that in the last 10,000 years the human brain has shrunk by 10-15% since CroMagnon man. That should terrify you. And it will continue. As my teacher says, when you sit in meditation you should remember that your life is at stake, because it is.
  12. @InfiniteMe You love me because somebody says you should do it? I don't think that is a good reason. Why don't you just be honest, if you hate then just hate. Only when you begin with honesty can something good happen. That's how it works, but people are very afraid to be honest, they prefer to say they love everyone. But how will that work? It is like you have a long of dirty washing to do but instead of admitting it is dirty you pretend it is clean. Many people live like this, I don't know why. Perhaps they are afraid of being themselves, when you start to feel strong emotions inside it is easy to put the lid back on them.
  13. 2020 Death Toll Perhaps someone has this data, but in the UK the 2020 death toll was #13 out of 180 years on record, meaning it was one of the best with lowest death. That is using the Aged Standardised Mortality ... which allows you to compare death statistics from differenet eras with different sized populations and age distributions. But anyway 2020 in the UK was one of the best ever years on record with the lowest deaths. What is the situation in other countries, does anyone have the information? This is for the UK:
  14. Nobody challenges the banks or corporations, but what their effect on society is clear ... they are asset striping the entire world leaving an economic and cultural desert. That is why people are getting ill in many ways. It's that simple, it's a robbery and society is being reorganised to facilitate robbery. I am sure many politicians can see it but like BoJo they don't have the inner violence to stand against these large forces. DJT did, he had deep roots, deep money and deep bastard features. Putin can stand against it but then he's a Black Belt.
  15. Well sorry didn't see he was a new member, I could have been more welcoming. But, I think you are quite wrong about what you say here. ALL knowledge must involve more than the mind. An engineer must learn through the phsyical and emotional world. The tree must be used together mental-emotional-physical, only in this way is your understanding Real. And that is exactly why any knowledge at all exists, because some people did that. For instance Newton did alchemical physical experiments, and with his experiments with light he didn't just read them he had glass cut and create prisms ... and of course he was a Catholic and a powerful one. This is a good model. The world is full of Babel ... the internet and phones ... all these people "sharing information" from their underpants and comfortable sofas. This is going nowhere, this is undoing your intelligence. And you can see it ... from those who buy silly rucksacks with mountain climbing straps or 4W drive tanks to take the kids to school. Maybe the problem is a lack of confidence. If you want it ... then make it real and go do it and burn those books. This is life. Looking back you will see all the talk and books are death. And as for Religion same thing, all knowledge has the same rules, religion is as physical as it is emotional and mental. That's a hard rule. Why? It is because we experience 3 separate planes of data : mental-emotional-physical. They are actually 3 separate worlds. And by using the 3 together we triangulate reality. So just talking is just wasting time. But of course getting off the arse requires inspirations ... but once you are out there you feel alive and know what's what.
  16. Lockdowns and "vaccines" cause variants, and of course we do nothing like this for flu. If it is like flu why not treat it like flu and do precisely nothing. I like the way he says "the public" has chosen a particular way of dealing with it... when actually it was the media lying about PCR and Bill Gates that chose what the public decided.
  17. What is the difference between ... somebody who reads books about mountain climbing ... and somebody who goes mountain climbing? You can "touch information" from your books with pretty pictures. You can "touch information" twice and underline it in yellow pen. This information you read in the book can become permanent. But the fact you call it "information" means it is just garbage. It is not knowledge, it is not wisdom, it is not experience and it is not REAL. It is just pictures from the book that you memorised because you never had the balls to take a risk and see the world with your own eyes and body and climb. To climb is to face nature, face life, face yourself. To breathe fresh white mountain air, to strain your thighs, and to graze your ankles and bleed onto the rocks, to be cold, tired, to be tough ... Or do you want to lie in your bedroom and read "information" ? This is dying whilst living.
  18. This FUCKING EVIL. What this twat is saying is that a new world order should be created to prevent parents raising their children how they want. Parents will be forced to comply with what the crowd has inflicted upon it ... and prevented from raising their kids the way they want. They will interfere in your own family. Perhaps they force you to inject as well.... "for peace". Fuck these people are so sick they don't even know what they are saying. They he that fucking violin music to pull your heartstrungs ...for the children, for the Covid, for the global warming. The evil inside humans is deep and ugly. This is satan. Get away from me and my family .... your fuciking new world order can fk itself. And no you can't steal my money from my bank account for your dumb fuck project of "world victim peace" ... and saving the fucking badgers. What right do you have to make interfere with me? None, even if you are a "spiritual" loser person. By the way ... Jesus Buddha Moses Muhammed Laozi ... never tried to steal from people "for peace", nor did they interfere with anybody's family ... nor did they "invent a new fucking world.". The world already has rules, they simply learned the rules that exist and followed them rather than dreaming up so more shit ... for peace. Do fuck off. >> anybody who wonders how I can be spiritual and swear so much ... this is why. This evil lying insanity ... is inside people, they will cry crocodile tears and wear the pope suit and yet inside them is only evil. This world is dangerous and full of charlatans. But there is a Way, and it is hard to find here. That is the worst thing, that there. Another thing this creep Ronad Bernard does is he says ... it's not about me, it's about whatever you want you can do. Meaning he does not actually know what to do. He is like most modern assholes who want to organise a global movement but don't know what for, everyone else can decide. WTF This is just the rise of sheep ... the only thing they want to do is be a herd. And when it comes to interfering with your family For Peace or taking your money For The Environment ... what that is ... is the effort of sheep to totally destroy any real people, any individuals and any souls. Because sheep hate souls. A soul is a human being who has not fallen into an animal. And the human sheep hate souls. That is why the nailed Jesus to a Cross and stuck a lance into his liver and watch him die. That is what the sheep do t all the souls. They did it to Socrates, they tried to kill Buddha several times ... the sheep are very malicious and nasty. They never want what is good for you ... For Peace. Evil world.
  19. Hell is where a soul is formed in such a way that it does not die properly but is continuously parasited by the devil Although I understand this to be very rare. Because a soul must ascend from the unconscious realm to the subconscious realm and finally to the Conscious realm (Heaven) ... he passes through a place where creatures exist who are not in the light they live like barbarians in a half world of mist and darkness where evil can exist ... it has some intelligence but no real light, this is a dangerous nether world, inside it various powers and forces live and rule in little kingdoms of darkness. Souls can be trapped there, and if they are caused to be formed in a bent way they can become such that nobody can help them anymore, they are bent and bent and bent again, and form a kind of structure that cannot be saved, then they do not die but live in hell continuously parasited by the dark sources. This is literal. That is quite different from being angry, or being stupid or being unconscious or being a sheep ... all those things are relatively benign. Stay away from the darkness. Those who visit the church of satan or start doing things contrary to nature invite dark forces to hurt them. They are often people who have some "opening", some kind of spiritual connection, they can feel things ... their gates are open, and so the dark parasites come. And those people go to a school in a deeply sick society and have been taught to sell their soul or pervert their own nature ... those people then invite the dark forces in, and such people can yes they can become trapped in hell. What is happening in the world right now, from Fukushima, to Covid, to killing all the fish in the ocean ... to watching Breaking Bad on Netflix, and burning down churches ... and .... just shows how far from any sense of sanity human beings can drift. Anyway most people are lucky to not have the kind of imagination required for such things.
  20. Stretch Jeans, Synthetic Fibres and Cancer http://www.cancerdefeated.com/newsletters/The-Clothes-that-Kill-You-Slowly-but-Surely.html
  21. @pi3141 Why did you chose that Bible? It is a very bad choice. Firstly because the guy who invented it was editor of the NKJV ... the KVJ is a glorious Bible triggering all sorts of emotions rather than reading it. Secondly the Holman people have for instance got a website full of black people because it's popular and they are interdenominational and interfaith ... in other words they mix everything together and follow no actual tradition. All these are the marks of assholes. They also did this version in 1984 ... what the hell for? Arent' there enough already, but that is vanity. So why did you chose this Bible a very bad choice. I would get the Douay Rheims which is an old and calm simple Bible. So yes many reasons to throw it out and who gives a shit about the painting. These people are idiots. You do not chose carefully, and being nice to you is clearly not going to work. Buddha for instance, like many Indian sages, only woke up after he got smacked in the face many times. In this particular era it is very clear to me that crocodile tears and crocodile compassion and sodomy tears ... are everywhere. The disgusting corruption of everything holy sane and normal is everywhere. You are lucky is someone smacks in the face when you do something wrong ... without that modern people will simply not do anything. Lucky for me, I had half very tough childhood, and half very kind. It was good. So I guess you were raised the way you wanted, everyone being really really really nice to you. Explains a lot. As for Jesus people only (mis) remember the parts which they hope give them license to carry on. They don't like to remember the part about most people entering the gate of destruction. Nor the part when he said to the vain middle class that they lived in poverty and they were the poverty itself. Nor the part when he said to his students to sell their cloak and buy a sword. Nor the part were his charity was not the plastic money of today's Islington charity businesses .... he touched them and they were cured. Nor the part when he took demons out of a man and put them into a herd of pigs and sent the herd to death over the edge of a cliff. Who can help people on this barren planet.
  22. Yes I have, I did do a traditional wormwood-cloves cleanse once from "Now foods" using their tincture. Beware these substances are very very strong I would really not recommend them. I also did an excellent parasite cleanse using these pills from Ebay: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Parasite-Detox-Colon-Liver-Cleanse-Complex-Pills-Tablets-Detoxification-Cleanser/174520123042?hash=item28a235bea2:g:ii8AAOSwcu5UOcH1 When I did this I had a massive change to my health it was excellent. I later did it a second time but little changed. First time though very good, I would recommend it. However, it's about 6 years later now ... I realise that my whole life had to change my diet has changed a lot, I learned a lot about cooking. I also take 1g of Vitamin C and some cayenne pepper in my porridge (blended) every day. And do qigong every day. And many other things. My health is pretty damn good. You need a way of eating and living that is healthy .... rather than doing excessive things ... they don't work in the long run. Like taking wormwood and so ... it's very strong stuff for really sick people. It can really disturb your system. You see the body is very very wise ... and ancient and knows far more than you. Keeping to tell it what to do ... it doesn't work in the long run. You have to listen to your body. If you kill things with wormwood ... what will grow in your body in that empty space? I used water kefir for a long time which was very good ... got a little pack from ebay, it's very easy stuff using Kefir bottles (Tesco has some cheap ones 1.5lt). But these days I just use Bio Kult probiotics (either the Cyan ones with cranberry, or the Advanced ones) ... and it's simple and works easily. Knowing your body ....for instance if you take 5 types of food out and put them on a counter ... look at them ... what are you feeling, what is your body telling you? Listen to your body ... learn to listen. So these days I don't take any strong medicines at all, and I don't eat meat (much) or onions / garlic ... that's all very disturbing. And I use linseeds a lot in food to make it go through smoothl;y and I squat on the bog like a yogi. And I do qigong/ and inner bonding therapy which fixes things inside. Extreme stuff is not going to work in the longer un. Not sure what your issues are but I have some experience with different things. There is a very good book from David Klein : Self Healing Colitis & Crohns ... he's very good because he talks about the body's natural healing, it really calmed me down when I thought my body was going crazy and I didn't get it at al.
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