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  1. Our bondage or freedom is due to our level of Consciousness. And that is not a trick .. you can't just aim for a white light when you die. It doesn't work like that at all. Those sages who became enlightened changed themselves very deeply over time using the techniques of their paths, eventually they overcame death. It was not easy for them. Anyone aiming for a trick does not understand that there are no tricks, apart from recognizing the bad situation an working constantly for decades to escape.
  2. Human beings have fallen into a state of misery insincerity and inner hatred, they have lost meaning. They are truly sad and undignified creatures in the universe. And this planet is far away from any help. It has been like this for thousands of years. These people, these insincere faces .... behind them is malice, untruth ... and in the end they love it here. They love all the violence and hatred here. Few human beings want to leave. No, they want to play this game again, perhaps they imagine that they would be in charge and do it better or save everyone. No ... They are going down. Few get out of this place, it is a horror. This is why Laozi says that this world is ruled by letting things take their course ... you can save or help anyone ... just let it all fall apart, there is no help for it. The only thing you can do is leave along the aforementioned paths.
  3. Lockheed in the US has been researching fusion for a long time and was planning on making small transportable military fusion reactors, and there is a z-pinch machine at Lawrence Livermore Lab ... from memory. Those Donut machines are pretty old shit imo ... it is questionable if they are going anywhere.
  4. The drugs they are injecting are not vaccines. And they are not safe as long-term safety studies have not been done. Anybody who says they are safe is a liar, or more likely a soulless zombie ... meaning a human machine with no light inside it, no real person just an empty face repeating lines. Ordinarily we are not able to witness how empty these shells of people are, ordinarily it is masked ... if you are half awake it is shocking. But then again ... for all of us our lives will be taken away, an if we wander in the forest we will be eaten alive whilst screaming for help. On the other hand the Sun rises in the East and has never failed. So ... somethings in this world are reliable, even the violence and idiocy. Do you have any more questions? If so there may be answers for those who seek. Most humans do not have questions.
  5. The NHS is always at 95% capacity in the winter. This is because the wards that are unused are closed so there is no excess. Can you imagine how much criticism the NHS would get if they had no patients and fully staffed empty wards? So they just close the wards an keep 5-10% capacity ... or something like that. But ... - The Phone People are very stupid something about staring at your phone all day makes you an idiot - The newsmedia is going bust due to the internet, they are saving their jobs by lying - The newsmedia get clicks by telling total lies ... this is the only thing that gets attention, telling the truth does not get attention - this is one reason why they promote anti-white in a white country and inversions - New technology like PCR is poorly understand and under the technical details hides lots of lies ... they same thing is one in the stock market to hide lies under lots of technical words - Many people in society are fucking bored and nobody needs them anymore, technology does everything, and they actually need drama to stay alive ... and so they choose to invent Covid in order to give them a life ... otherwise they would start to die from lack of use Such is the state of Western society
  6. This one is from Sky news that I have annotated. On the Sky news page they bury this graph under a million other graphs so they confuse people.
  7. This is an extract from the ONS original spreadsheet metak88 shared (I added the arrows title and definition). As we can see it is very clear that 2020 is the worst only for 12 years. 2008 was worse than 2020 and every single year from 2008 back to 1950 is worse than 2020.
  8. Sounds like it's a virus like many others ... nothing interesting. Plus a hysteria coming from the modern phone people who have no lives. The only interesting thing if you want to know is "vaccine interference" which means that vaccines damage your natural immunity against other pathogens. Studies show that the FluShot damages your immunity against some non-flu pathogens ... particularly H1N1 in 2009 (Canadian CDC researched it), and against general Coronaviruses (US DoD researched it). So any particularly bad health effects from SarsCov2 might simply be the result of the worldwide FluShot that has the side effect of damaging people's immunity against certain pathogens including Coronaviruses. And some papers on the subject as a pdf : https://app.box.com/s/xtmf5ju1iptssdr06o48os1itbysyspi
  9. And also by understanding that the internet is not reality ... it's just a place where people spend too much time. Switch it off and the world returns to normal. If you persist in consuming the internet all the time you are encouraging it, you are allowing it inside you, at some point you enjoy it. Switch it off and the world returns to normal.
  10. Waking up to being honest and sincere and good hearted .... is not what conspiracy ruminators enjoy. Ultimately you have today, what will you do with it. Snap out of it, and get on with your day without spending it pointing the finger at everyone and criticizing them. The miserable newspapers who do nothing buy sow disent and miserable views of the world .... same like the NGOs and the NWO ... it is all miserable views of the world. But who is going to be a good man? Who will be honest and hardworking, who will represent the light today ... as you walk and talk and work? Do your words go anywhere or are you just another person in the swirling black hole of misery. Are you everything that you criticize in others ? Are you ? Think about that ?
  11. People today feel like they are in a matrix, a film that is going on and they don't feel real. But this is a new thing. Before 2000 nobody ever really talked like that. Why is it happening? It is because people have no lives any more ... they don't walk in nature, they don't work with their body, they pour vomit from the internet into their brains and call it "thinking", they don't feel anything except the TV series on Netflix. And because they live like that they are slowly dying. They don't feel real anymore because they live all wrong. You will only feel right and real if you use your body to work, to walk, to go to the forest, to think your own thoughts on your own from your own ideas, and feel your own heart. Then you feel real. Otherwise you will fade into the garbage. There is a war going on, the more you are staring at the phone the more you die. You will die. Because as you can see from the animals around you, the birds, the foxes, everything .... they do not stare at the phone and they are not fucking themselves up. Maybe you grew up like this and nobody taught you better. So live better, and try to understand that unless you use your body mind and heart .... you are dead. And all that eye candy is killing you, because when you look at it ... it's not you. You are just being used for somebody else's stuff.
  12. Life is not cruel. But you can be a stupid person with a mouth too big. That is only your fault, and it's going to hurt until you become more honest.
  13. @johnkim Increase your free will by using your free will. Yoga, meditation etc... If you increase it enough you merge with the Source. Nobody know truly what will happen because although there are some general rules and current trends, there is also accident. And as we interact with so many forces it's impossible to really say. If somebody tells you will are going to die on Tuesday morning and you believe it then maybe you will make it happen subconsciously ... so most of that fortune telling is bollocks. Few people have any real talent, they are more like psychologists who can tell what kind of person you are.
  14. @johnkim There is no point at all. Judging everybody in the world as evil and complaining is something really stupid. It is not easy to run the world and so many miserable bastards do nothing but moan. How do you think it feels to be in Government trying to hold things together with so many miserable fkheads doing that? I don't know how old you are, but up until 10 years ago the idea of "waking up" meant spiritual realisation or enlightenment into a higher world, something that deep spiritual practice gives you. But since our society is full of twats who have vomited into the internet, now "waking up" is basically the same as being "woke" ... it means you are a miserable bastard and do nothing but tell everyone they are wrong and go on endlessly about how horrible everyone is. And the twats of the world have vomited all over the internet with their "ideas". And so there is no bother to "wake up" to what those twats are saying which is all bollocks. The only waking up you could do is either to be an honest person and do a hard days work, or if you like to do some deep spiritual practice.
  15. This is total garbage and there is a lot of it about. Human beings need to sober up. Life is here. It is not the sun gods that are the problem. It is you. You are the problem. Because you do not look after yourself, think for yourself, or work hard .... you want an easy life with answers on the TV in a little movie with planets and purple lights. Meanwhile as everyone can see, society is sick, cancer, mental health environmental destruction. Why? Because everyone is escaping into their fucking phone and the swirling purple bullshit. Sober the fuck up. Burning down your church is the first mistake, and if this shit continues everybody in the West is literally going to die and painfully. All this kind of shit has been seen many times in societies.
  16. You sound like you have some level of awakening, but I will tell you something to add to your knowledge. When you go to sleep tonight another Clare in Australia will wake up and walk around Perth, go to work, buy her groceries, take a shit, and so on. But you ... are not there. And the same thing happens when a person dies. They are no longer there. Can you see that ? Life goes on and Consciousness goes on .... but the person is gone. Because a person is not actually Consciousness ... A person is a vehicle for the universal consciousness ... like a window where Consciousness looks into the world. And if the window goes the person dies for real. The only way is for the window to awaken as itself, to notice itself as a window ... in other words the person must wake up. Only then does it continue after the death of the body.
  17. @Niels12 I was watching a documentary yesterday on the fall of the Roman Empire. Nothing can really stop these world events, the rise and fall. Yes if you wish you can join an intentional community ... or try it for a while, maybe it suits you. Or you will have to make do inside the world ... The Samurai say you have to accept this world exactly as it is ... that's Musashi in "Dokkodo". This world is a fucked up place and it will be when you die. So what is it you want? Maybe you want enlightenment or happiness or whatever ... well learn how to do it and work hard. There are traditional schools. There are some options. Maybe in the future society will chill out, maybe everyone will die. You are already being killed by this society ... and it's evils ... but also this society has sanitation ... so you are also being saved. If you don't want to lose your soul you are going to need to enter a spiritual discipline. So all these things are about being honest. Learning skills and doing something useful for yourself. Being real. Life was never easy ... the reason life is getting tougher is because all of society got big and fat and fucking lazy. Who knows maybe it is important. Life itself is taking revenge on the fat lazy shits of humanity, all of them are, rich and poor, smart and stupid. They are lazy so life is kicking you up the arse. Maybe it's good. The world is not what you want it to be. You have to work in this world and your best ... it is difficult. But then again the seagulls on the roof have no central heating, no tescos, no netflix, no nothing ... they seem pretty happy to me. Even proud of themselves judging by how they cockadoodle in the morning. Maybe they are smarter than us.
  18. There is no such thing as a neuralink. And there never will be. Consciousness cannot be seen from the outside and never will be. Today the most advanced scientists are still using colanders on the head which measure electricity. But electricity in your neurones does not tell you anything about what the person is thinking. However because modern human beings are becoming as thick as pig-shit .. you can guess what they are thinking just by checking the last social media posts they read. Because they are empty people, they are dead people. They are becoming so stupid that they think a toaster has artifical intelligence. And frankly, if modern people continue to become even stupider ... even dog-shit will be more intelligent then them.
  19. @EnigmaticWorld Thanks .. well this is what I mean. Nina Jacobson "the jew behind the HG" ... she was the producer ... but the books were written by Suzanne somebody or other. Same like the Lady Gaga<-> HG articles .... people are so fucking busy spinning and spinning and trying to make a story out of it ... that for fuck's sake ... it's insane. This is the entertainment today instead of having a normal life ... spend it on the internet spinning evil fantasies. People are fucking mad.
  20. @skitzorat No ... please be rude, I really don't mind. Yeah ... well sure she's a freak ... I mean most US celebrities seem pretty satanic to me. But I am just wondering ... is there an actual scene in the hunger games with someone with that outfit ... there isn't . Yes there are ... shared symbols and I'm sure people will start to wear them. If you want my opinion ... wearing a fucking gigantic bird on your shoulder is a bit fucking weird in any case. Anyway I am not really interested in all these satanic Netflix series that people are programming themselves with these days. For sure ... it's guaranteed ... that as so many people are programming themselves for a dark and violent world ...then it is going to start becoming real. That's how things work.
  21. @skitzorat Hi thanks for that ... I never watched the hunger games ever. So is that an image of the actual hunger games ? I don't have the fogiest ... I just looked it up and that character from hunger games is "Elizabeth Banks" and here is a photo that looks like it's from the series ... it looks like you have got a photoshop image up. ( I think she is wearing a weird an dodgy outfit ... but I don't see a direct parallel in the hunger games afaik )
  22. What the fuck is Windows OS ? I am using Windows 7 64. No password nonsense. I control the machine and it does exactly what I want it to do. It does not steal or sell my data it does not upgrade it does nothing except I tell it what to do.
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