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  1. Yes that's true. Religions/spirituality does not aim at Oneness in the way you have described. What it means is to unifiy with the Source. Everything that exists at our level was created by the Source and flowed out down a river and is now far from the Source. Here there is cause and effect according to various laws that exist here. However it is possible to create a deep connection with the Source that is permanent. This means you extend yourself backwards to the Source. You remain here, but inside you have a new feature which is your union with the Source. This is the "Father". Or "Universal Consciousness". Or the Source. Same thing. In recent years due to the decline of human intelligence around the world, people have started to talk about Oneness Sameness. Originally what this meant was that when you are in deep meditation/prayer you are fully withdrawn from human life and you feel the Source inside you. It is very deep within. So deep it is like being at the bottom of the ocean. You no longer feel any of the noise of the human world. You can say it is Emptiness. Empty of human noise. Or it is Oneness and Sameness. Of course it is also Union With the Source which is a powerful experience. Later when you get up from meditation you retain this still centre inside you as you enter the human world again. As more and more stupid people imagine they are spiritual these days, they have bent these words until they mean nothing. The sheep always do this. They make cheap copies. They are charlatans. Pretty soon it is difficult to find a real teacher amongst the thousand losers fakes and twats who are spiritual gurus. This is where the society is at these days. But like I said the original goal was good and still is good if you can find a good teacher. This world is like a war. The world is full of shit and shit people and idiots. You must fight to find the truth, just like the old days, things haven't changed.
  2. Here's an Alternative Thought for you. Society is collapsing and there is no way to stop it. At the end 2/3rds of the people in Western countries will die. All the excitement that some woke people have is an illusion. Everything is wrong because it no longer follows nature, and so it will die. There is no way to rectify this situation.
  3. The British Empire was real. Just like that Falklands Bombing run where they travelled to the other side of the planet and from one tiny island to bomb another tiny island. Not many countries can do that. In India the British were given the Empire by the declining Persian (Mughal) Empire that had destroyed India for 300 years. The British sent their absolute best Oxford/Cambridge graduates who attempted to be very honest, and largely succeeded. And then they walked out without a fuss in 1947. Whoever did that? Nobody. The British were once a truly great people, it was not a mistake nor an illusion. Sickening how people look at the Empire now and slag it off. People in Britain today are so shit they just can't imagine how those people lived, and what was in their blood and bones. There were so much higher. And so the shit of today slags them off. Soon they will burn all the books from that era, because it is embarrassing that Britain was once strong, makes today's people look like total losers. And so it goes. I don't know what will happen with Bond, but a lot of black people are fucking sick of the BLM shit. Many black people are very religious and not fucking joking, they hate this shit. They know it's shit. Pierse Brosnan was rubbish anyway, he always looked like he was shopping in Waitrose pushing a trolley around, and aside Casino Royal the new Craig was a brainless moron. The old guard from Connery, Moore, Dalton, and that first guy I can't remember ... they were all good, from a different era, from the post war era which still had some guts.
  4. It's not silly at all, I think it's very good. At the same time "community" was not just about "community", the structure of society was natural, the work was good, the Government culture legislature and so on ... all worked more or less normally. But that has changed due to disaster capitalism, loss of Christianity, corporate monoculture, the destruction of brave men in WW1/2 and so on. You cannot really fix society without fixing these things as well because community comes directly from these things. But of course you can do what you can as best as you can. Eventually I entered the spiritual path because I recognized that although we do what we can in society ... I needed deeper better more conclusive and final solutions. And I found them. Maybe it's not for everyone. But I recognize that society and this world is not going to be repaired in time for me, so I found the good world elsewhere.
  5. Don't know them but it looks like a good effort (just checked.) Yes good question about Community and Community. The evil of the planet is precisely how people use the same word but change the meaning, isn't it. This discrimination is very important, in every discussion .... because human beings live in this low way by changing the inner meaning of things whilst keep the outer covering. Always this needs careful discussion. Basically, health comes honesty and truth. Either from the Earth or from Heaven. If it comes from the Earth then it means Real Family, blood relations, and then real education and work ... work meaning skilled work rather than bullshit PR/service nonsense ... which is just organised lying for money. You should become skilled and know things, and be able to do real things. All these things are the honest living from the Earth. But of course Heaven is the peak that we all aim for. Hence Christianity, and a stoic spirit, Tokienism and so on. And individualism like Isaac Newton. And afaik Britain has an ancient metallurgical heritage so Victorianism and so on. All these are more or less spiritual rivers in the country. So that is health from above and below. What is to be avoided is hiding in crowds, is global fucking movements, is low loush behaviour, is mixing things, is vermin living. Society and invidualism must inform each other not weaken each other or hide in each other.
  6. Creation means that YOU do it. Talking about "community" is like talking about socialism, it is hiding in a herd with stupid dreamy fantastic ideas about saving the world. Caesar was a great man because HE did it. Sometimes he slept on the ground with his troops he was not above that. He slept his cape next to his men. And that's why the followed him. He was brave and took care of business. Sometimes he fought to the death, even with enemies within and without ... sometimes he just walked by realising there was nothing to be gained. When did he talk about "community" ... vomit. No - HE did it.
  7. No necessarily true .... they know unemployment will be high so they are heading it off
  8. @Notimeleft What I know is you have 3 children and you chose to study Satanism for many years. That tells me a lot.
  9. @Notimeleft Perhaps you are not a very reliable person neither when you were a satanist nor now when you are trying to save the world from satanism. The world's peace freedom sanity and so on ... do not arise from nowhere. Talking about fighting the bad guys is not the same thing as restoring the foundations of a society.
  10. The weird thing is that you think of yourself as informed and fighting the darkness as some sort of rebel ... but from my perspective you sound exactly like the mainstream news and mainstream people. I don't know how old you are ... but I notice a lot of younger people are like this, they think are rebellious or have discovered a great secret ... but christ ... it's just like the TV. To that extent people are brainwashed, they don't even know what happened in their country 10 years ago let alone 100. Why did you study the occult for 15 years? What does that mean ... you became a satanist ? That's pretty weird isn't it ? Don't you have something better to do, something useful? Everyone is on the goddam internet "researching". What they call "researching" is wasting their lives reading total bullshit whilst sitting their shorts watching the internet-Tv.
  11. @Mr H What about Australia ? I know the Aussie Sky News is pretty sane and against all the covid nonsense ... maybe it would be okay over there because there is a large group of people who had the nonsense. That's also important.
  12. You are a slave and don't even realise it. You have been taught to destroy your own family, your parent an grandparents and all they worked for ... so many generations ... and you throw it in the fire and kneel for some weirdo foreigners arriving on a boat. This is even worse than slavery, it is degeneracy. And you proudly talk about it on the internet ... Forget about Blavatsky ... if you want to find someone with a really screwed up brainwashed view of life, you don't have to go far.
  13. This is your miserable belief system that you worship
  14. Once it is in your blood there is not much you can do.
  15. The internet is full of freaky shit. Beware ... why do you put it in your eyes? You think that doesn't harm you? It does harm you. At some point you have to turn away from this world and everything in it - if not then you like it here and you will live and die here. There is no good being "informed" of insanity and nastiness. You do not need to be informed of this shit.
  16. Britain's abilities did not come from eccentrics, maybe inspired by them, but it was from the industry and goodnaturedness of the general population .... which seems to be in grave decline, and so is the country. The country is not rising or falling due to particular individuals but by the overall state of people which is perishing due to the destruction of Christianity, culture and higher goals. But then again if you are personally born into such a shithole as this planet then it is a warning, a personal warning. You deserve to be here, and so your primary or only goal is to deserve to be elsewhere. And this message of what you personally deserve by your own efforts ... was the main teaching of Christianity rammed into people's heads. No longer.
  17. Yes .. to disguise that they are fat lazy idiots who sit in their knickers watching the BBC because they have no life ... they conceal their sorry non-lives by talking about "science" i.e. whatever shit was on TV ... very loudly in the pub / cafe / park ... as if they personally have some likeness to Albert Einstein. Most human beings are quite happy to live and die like this. Or perhaps that should be they are happy to die and then die again.
  18. Medical Students are trained in such a robotic fashion today that ... they don't understand what isolation means. Neither what pandemic means. They are educated to see whatever they are taught to see ... and repeating things without their own thinking is called "thinking-for-yourself". The entire education system is like that these days. Dr Bailey has co-authored a new book "Virus Mania" that has some chapters dealing with the lack of isolation of viruses including Covid, Meningitis C, HIV. Ebook coming soon. You can get it at BookDepository for £30. And Dr Bailey's latest youtube is here:
  19. Nurses or Mountain Rescuers need to decide if the risk are worth it. If not go work in a pub. Sad to see so much moaning in this country, but then again there is no culture of spirituality, people only care about "science" (i.e. watching the BBC) and their conservatories ... of and "charity". Dumb country. Chris Lewis ex-AstraZeneca https://warwick.ac.uk/fac/sci/wmg/education-copy/postgraduate/experience/cl
  20. Testing For What? The main trick Vaccine Companies are using with their safety testing is that they only test drugs (not vaccines) for the effect on the target virus. So Covid Drugs are tested against Covid. But they are not tested for the effect on your health in general. Numerous studies show that these drugs damage your immune system so that it is more likely to catch other dieases. The "scientists" call this "vaccine interference" which doesn't sound as bad as vaccine-damage or immune-damage-caused-by vaccines. Covid Drugs and other drugs that are not vaccines ... are never tested for the effect on your overall health which is actually the main point, because if you are given immunity to Covid but then 50% more likely to die of flu as a result due to vaccine-interference then taking this drug would be insane. Studies into vaccine-interference are never done by Big Pharma. They don't dare doing any testing on the overall picture of health because it would destroy their business. So the main studies that exist come from military studies and CDC/ national studies. I will attach a PDF with some studies in it, but the 3 recent ones are : 1. 2019 US Department of Defence studied 10,000 military personal and discovered that if you have a yearly seasonal flu vaccination you get vaccine-interference and are 36% more likely to pick up infections from Coronaviruses. 2. 2009 Canadian CDC (British Columbia) has 4 studies showing that the seasonal flu vaccination made you more likely to get swine flu in 2008-9. 3. Bergamo, Italy suffered catastrophic deaths in Spring 2020 from Covid ... 35 miles away in Milan they did not. What was it about Bergamo? Well the Bergamo Authorities had administered 210,000 vaccines for seasonal flu and meningitis C ... this was a big push by the Bergamo medicis at the end of 2019. This was only done in Bergamo. And after the 210,000 vaccines were injected into the Bergamo people ... many of them died when Covid arrived. Whereas in Milan they did not order the vaccines and had no such deaths. PDF: https://tinyurl.com/y43dhf9r
  21. That's a very good way of defining the "Positive Mental Attitude" ... through which people avoid reality by lying to themselves. You should make an effort to live up to all those things you have been reading, if after them all you reach the same phoney nonsense that all the sheep are using ... did you really take in any of the things you read?
  22. Live and Let Fantasise There never has been and never will be a live and let live society that works. All societies are based upon being a good person, living well being healthy, making a contribution and following nature. Man is man and has his work, woman is woman and has her work. That's why you only see "patriarchies" in the historical record, nothing else worked. People must follow laws and those laws must be based on what is good, what brings life. Marriage brings life, health brings life. Human Delusions Probably every Friday night people all over the world indulge in their greatest passtime ... imagining they know better. They come up with this value, that value. We should live like this. We could live like that. No, you cannot. No, the only societies that work are the traditionally structure ones, that is why they survive. Because people are healthy, well meaning, follow rules, and contribute. They follow nature. But ... fantasy-ing is the opium of people, especially those who have no experience of life and never did a hard day's work in their life. Crowley Crowley said that the Aristorcracy is not an Aristocracy because it is not an Aristocracy. In other words, the rulers should act like it and get off their arses. He was not promoting a world without structure. His way of explaining spirituality was for the few, not for the society. What Works Only what works counts; words are bullshit. You can invest pink trees in your head means nothing. Any society that teaches its children that cutting off genitals is some choice ... is sick. The people in that society are sick inside their own hearts, they are dark people. And such a society dies and everybody dies in it ... because if society collapses it means most people will die ... it's not abstract. In this world of over control corporate rule monoculture and amazon rule ... people cannot do very much any more, they cannot grow here, it is a desert ... they are very unhappy and dying slowly.
  23. You don't annoy me because everyone else on in this country is the same. I've also cheated death many times, sometimes through positivity, and half the time through negativity. And there were times were I didn't cheat death, but welcomed it. Undying positiivty is some sort of relic of Christianity for people who never understood it, it's responsible for the particular silliness of the modern breed of British people who live through "charity" i.e. plastic money giving to black brown or yellow people ... that they value so much.
  24. The popular culture of this world is ruled by total c***s. The miserable alcoholics who ... are the journalists of the world, they make A hate B and B hate C ... until everyone hates everyone. This assholes channel is full of assholes. Okay so you don't like Buddha Sikhism Christianity and you transgender and free now Okay no problem. Cut off your breasts and jump for joy? Move to Canada ... you can do whatever you like ... and all your new free beliefs will be taught o your children too. That's what you want right. Human beings don't deserve anything at all other than what they get. They give it to themselves, this whole shit world, is exactly the world they deserve. They do not deserve anything else, and they do not get anything else as their hearts are dark and insincere. And any honest person who has an honest life ... is never ever going to be popular, people hate that shit. There is no explanation for the problems of this world, because this world hasn't got any problems, actually. ======================== Tell Me More About It There are so many channels like this on the goddam internet. Tell me ... how much you hate Christianity? How much you hate your wife? How much you hate the Government? Patriarchy, Capitalism? The chef in the restaurant, or your sofa? You hate this, and you hate that. Let's do an interview. These people are dark inside. All they do is teach each other more darkness. What the hell is wrong with this society. And out of everybody on the planet the epicentre if you ask me is right here in Britain. Miserable Britain the most controlled brainwashed BBC mindless rainbow nobody ex-Empire ex-everything. Vomit
  25. The internet, mobile phones, monoculture society, globalisation, and technology ... all these combined mean that human beings do not do anything any more. They don't think for themselves, they don't work hard, they haven't got their own ideas or feelings or music. Everyone is slowly dying and becoming samey samey samey. Even a couple of decades back there were many more ideas, much more activity, people were busy and doing their own things living their own lives. Their lives were private and in their hearts and houses were private things. Today everyone is the same and slowly dying. Because of this their intelligence is dying, their love and happiness is dying. There is widespread negativity and misery of this new modern prison. Such people will cause great harm to themselves one way or another. And nobody, nobody, wishes to address the root causes. Such a society is headed for death. All the above must change and a normal society be put in place were people work hard, think for themselves, and live a private life in which they develop themselves and become individuals again. Or they will all die. The desperate and wild conspiracy market ... this just points to a very ungrounded view of life. Many people today just don't really get what normal life is, they live in human made phoney cities. Ordinary life, nature, traditional life means nothing to them. They a toy life in a world of toys. So the stories get wilder as they go further from reality. They even question their reality now, and think a toaster intelligent. It's a pretty ugly and unignified end for the human species. Underneath it all ... laziness, stupidity, cowardliness ... and such things. They are babies and they can't be bothered to get off their arse. And life is giving them the results. The Patriarchy There is no more patriarchy, that is the problem. No matriarchy either. Just a baby society run by babies populated by babies staring at the phone. They moan, but they like it like this. Now they attack everything from the past ... because people were much better in the past. Not perfect but they were at least adults. The entire modern world and culture is like going to Mothercare. Everytime I hear anybody speak it is like vomit. Even sheep would never live like this. They have some self-respect. @Basket Case Yes Basket Case before you get in here ... if you really understand what is happening, that all these people around you are conspiring to shit-ify the whole society ... then you should be much more negative than you are.
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