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  1. Makes me think how precarious our lives are here. Anything could happen. Other creatures, aliens, strange forces ... If you want to reach enlightenment you are better off keep your face shut and working quietly out of sight.
  2. Imminent Apocalypse ... just time for one more Samba :
  3. The only conspiracy theorists are the ones who believe any government wants to help you.
  4. UK Death Rates Barely Affected By Covid Deaths rates declining for 50 years, a small blip in 2020. That's all. That is all that has happened. Barely noticeable. Graph of Age Standardised Mortality: 1971-2020 More from UK Column https://youtu.be/UGhr9Lv7h-g?t=1558
  5. @Macnamara I am not an expert in the study of this period but just flicking through Wikipedia several things catch my attention: - the age of enlightenment occurred in the 17th and 18th centuries ... but only at the end of the 19th century did the English use the term enlightenment - therefore it is made up - there was the establishment in Europe of public discourses in several types of venues .. a "bourgeois" discourse ... this seems to me to be a key factor ... it was outside of the church and outside of material need ... society had enough material to allow freetime and chitchat
  6. Yes. But at the same time isn't the period of the "enlightenment" a period of increasing ingenuity and activity? What really happened there and what was its meaning?
  7. Yeah ... I have experienced the same nightmare with them. But it was different when I walked through the halls of St Mary's in Paddington - a beautiful old building - with not many people in it and it was just a human place still retaining a post WW2 culture. Now there is a giant brick and plastic red monster building with a million screaming multi cultural ... circus inside. I've been there too !!! But it's the same problem ... if you de-humanise a person's work and you turn them into robots ... it hurts them inside and they respond badly ... they can be snappy, they cling
  8. It's Deadly ... let's Dance !!!
  9. Thanks, just read a bit about it. I think my views are a bit different; that documentary seems like a typical labour thing ... complain about privatisation and demand more money. But my views are not about that at all. They are simply that robotic jobs create soulless institutions run by soulless people. And that human beings cannot function and live well in robotic jobs which prevent them from learning and expressing their lives normally. They are fully controlled. They turn up and cannot think feel and act for themselves. They are enslaved. So this is very different fro
  10. The nurses and doctors in the NHS comprise only one half of all staff in the NHS. Think about ... it's quite a strange figure ... we might think it's normal. But is it? Maybe it's all wrong and 90% should be doctors and nurses. A certain breed of snake has entered into the NHS as it has everywhere. And reduced nursing and doctoring to a series of robotic treatment flowcharts and off the shelf procedures. Written and controlled by the snakes. With Covid you hear in the papers that the "NHS says it might be overloaded" ... bla bla bla. Well who i
  11. Well ... he did offer the Brits peace several times with the criteria that the Germans return to their starting positions thereby conceding a large area of land. But actually my post was about navigation down the Thames Estuary by plane ... which like I said is so easy ... going along I personally looking out of the window can follow where I am in London from obvious landmarks ... and I was not on a bombing run. So if I can so could the Germans and if they didn't bomb things then that was a choice. Possibly they ... Hitler didn't want to destroy Britain anyway. He felt Britain was
  12. Never heard of the lie. But human society does seem to revolve around blattant Mega-Lies. One after another. All wars are lies ... and history are lies. Why? Well maybe it's because a war can be caused because some old idiot who happens to be Prime Minister, because his mistress told him he wasn't good in bed or just didn't make coffee right that morning, and then he turns up at work and decides to start a war ... or inject everybody in the country. These people are completely empty of any meaning, sanity, education ... most people in charge
  13. Thought for the morning : Whilst the mad and sheeplike mind of people are pushing through the fashions of the day, sodomy and satanism, ... something instinctive inside people is becoming terrified of the drifting into darkness, and responding by clamping up with fear - lockdowns. Which just points out once again the total inward disintegration that humans live in.
  14. Feedback Loops of Human From very senior teachers I have the following information: - human are deeply unconscious creatures who are due to their low level considerably controlled by the movement of the planets and weather that exerts more influence on them then their own will which barely functions - humans feel their "soul" more deeply when very unhappy and full of negativity ... it is for this reason that they continue to create that ... they don't have a normal connection to themselves - as the amount of people increases so decrease the spiritual material ... it is shar
  15. You give all these people far too much credit. Human beings are in a bad way ... all of them. They destroy what they love, what they need, they are confused miserable revengeful ... they blame each other. They are childlike. In the end, after they kill each other again whilst saying big words ... in the end will only be the wailing of women and gnashing of teeth. To face this awful situation ... leaves you only with sorrow. What was the enlightenment? Nobody knows. Nobody knows anything on this planet at all they just have a long meaningless story. The key
  16. Fourth Industrial Revolution. The Great Reset Life is about growing. But where can our society grow? In previous times it was all about God, or about king and country. Those are natural and real goals. Your family here on Earth, your responsibilities now, and the higher goal of God. Once God is gone then there is nothing. Except materialism fetish. Great Reset is simply materialism. Just like Post Modernism. Same thing. It is all just Materialism ... or life without God ... or life without a goal. Unless God returns or is returned, mankind will die. It is like tryi
  17. I've flown down the Thames estuary on commercial airliners many times on the way to Heathrow and it's easy navigation. If they weren't targetted they weren't targetted. But then Hitler offered peace to Britain 3 times ... under the terms that everyone returns to their starting positions. Britain didn't want it. And ... Coronavirus is just downstream of the continuing disaster
  18. First you get out ... not to wake up to the wicked ways of the world ... but to actually become enlightened so that you will not perish with the body. Forget about everyone else.
  19. There is no such thing as artificial intelligence. But they might find a way to programme the sheeples even more, maybe genetically or from inside the body ... but behind the programming is just a person making decisions. There is no artificial intelligence. Machines are just machines.
  20. Yes it's an interesting statement .... but I don't feel that it means words on a page. I am not sure, but I think it means in the beginning there was meaning. In other words, the universe began when intelligence began. And intelligence is God ("the Word was with God and the Word was God").
  21. What you are doing is staring with words. Not with realities. It's amazing how people talk ... have you never been in to church on Sunday with those kindly families lighting candles and sitting there with their families and praying to God. All your words ... more like some Hollywood fantasy, it bears no relation to any reality. I find it very strange. Yes the church is not perfect, but on Sundays there is very little not to like. I doesn't really matter what BS the priest talks about ... that's not really what's happening at all. But I gather that many people just have never gon
  22. Well stand back and just observe that you are doing what the NWO wants you to do. That should at least make you think a little. I am not saying you need to become a priest or a devoted Catholic ... but at least don't do their bidding. Consider the newspapers. They make the left hate the right and the right the left. Man hate the woman and the woman hate the man. The black hate white and the white black. And from then ensuing conflict and strife and fear ... they make their little newspaper money. From the ashes of everything that they have ... cast in a very neg
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