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  1. Bla bla bla bla bla Spirituality is being destroyed by people who have ... just nothing. Ikea people, they roam the world destroying everything, journalism, sport, art, politics, empty people vomiting out garbage. It's like a black sludge of emptiness coating the world. What an era.
  2. This is nor correct I'm afraid. Concrete fact is that all souls have human aspect and that aspect is either MALE or FEMALE. Cannot be changed. Existence is not joking when it makes you man, or makes you woman. It is not your body. It is your nature. But humans have fucked themselves up so much ... it is incredible. Soon they will say, oh I am aardvark. My soul is transgender Aardvark ... just because I am a human male ... it is only body. NO, it is not just "body". Christssakes humans very screwed up species, even insects overtake them.
  3. Any human being when they grow properly will being Real and become either Man or Woman according to fundamental design. A **** is a human being who has : (a) not grown into his adult self (b) has a personality that is divorced from fundamental Self and is phoney ego (c) has a personality deformed under intense pressure of evil world. Most likely existential prognosis for such a being is death and abalation ... i.e. lose opportunity for eternal life. You cannot form a soul on an evil foundation. Both foundation and top bit have to be good for sou
  4. If you hang an apple on a string out of your window .... does the apple fall to the Earth ? No. Not unless the strings falls apart. Same thing. In the OP, if the bottom of the slinky stayed where it was after the rest of the slinky fell to the ground then I would be impressed .. but it doesn't, once the suspension above is broken the bottom of the slinky falls as expected.
  5. History In 1952, thalidomide was synthesised by Chemical Industry Basel (CIBA), but was found "to have no effect on animals and was discarded" on that basis.[29] In 1957 it was acquired by Chemie-Grunenthal in Germany.[29] The German company had been established as a soap maker after World War II ended, to address the urgent market need for antibiotics.[citation needed] Heinrich Mueckter[30] was appointed to head the discovery program based on his experience working with the German army's antiviral research. While preparing reagents for the work, Mueckter's assistant Wilhelm Kunz isolated a
  6. Yeah don't know why exactly ... might be something to do with the planets or reversing polarity or something. Problem is we don't live on Earth ... just like that or on our own ... we are living systems and the billions of humans alive now all have to struggle for the same amount of material and culture and then get much less themselves and so degenerate. There is little work left. For instance the fibreglass roof next door had put on this summer is a type of material that requires no brain to install and is therefore popular with builders. The whole world is uninspired to do anyt
  7. Yes but another critical factor that Aristotle didn't have to think about was what happens when human beings no longer have a physical life. I believe they simply lose contact with any sense of reality. The reasons is that basic intelligence requires continuous engagement and sitting on the sofa either at work or home staring at a screen degenerates your basic intelligence. I was trying to think this morning how is this world different to the 70s I grew up in .. the minds of people today with their phones ... their minds give off a different buzy type of energy that is very clear
  8. The world is always the same, there is no Ancient World ... there is only the people who were right here before me but weren't so stupid as I.
  9. When I go to the sea side, actually I live on the seaside, I can see the Earth is curved because the sea is curved meaning that is slopes down slightly on the sides which means water is sticking to big ball and not falling off. Also Sun/Moon are round ... why wouldn't Earth be round. Round is normal. Also I can see the curvature of waves on the horizon which means there is nothing behind them, which means the "land" goes down behind the norizon.
  10. Big fashion today to kill religion in West, now everyone says. Next week fashion to jump in lake, everyone does !!! Every week less religion in West, everyone week more stupidity in West. Connection? People of the past, from Ancient Greek to CS Lewis speak so beautifully about life meaning origin and destination. Today people tattoo face black. Hmmm .... I know I know. Next thing sheep says is ... "well Jesus maybe okay but organised religion is bad" ... sheep organise 1 -2 mantra. First religion is bad. Second organised religion i
  11. Difficult to have fishing industry just with boats. Also need fish, no? Maybe have 2nd industry to make fish and put in water, even if A.I. fish, then boats come take out and sell to EU. This is logic for E.U. they like this.
  12. Mr Owl ... tell me this ... maybe check it out the Planet of the God of War tonight if -you can see it through the British weather ! ... does it look like a point to you ... or does it look like an alien space station ... I mean not a dot, but maybe some parts of the planet are shining more brightly, or possibly the moons are close and make it not uniform ?
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