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  1. If you are a "we" then the only thing you are free to do, is to die. And so you cannot comprehend anything of a higher ilk. Your fanatical atheism is exactly that of the cultural marxists ... which most young people have been unknowingly completely brainwashed into being.
  2. No doubt we should burn down all the churches and worship Satan. Eh, good trick ... Well all be free soon, just need to burn the churches down and kneel before the goat. That's how you get freedom. CNN is it ? Man and woman is evil as well ... apparently. There are 53 different genders. And so on ...
  3. As soon as you talk of "rights" you are talking of legal instruments that a group of monkeys gave to you. The only solution to all this ... is to recognize yourself as a child of God. That is awakening. After that ... only God is your teacher and ruler. Asking people for rights or more rights ... and so on ... look most rulers are deeply unconscious sheeplike losers. They will give you rights if the wind blows right, and send you to jail if it blows left. At some point you have to get the message. And exit this world and enter the next. Humans are in a bad bad way. Some
  4. BRITISH VANITY Are we in control? Did we defeat the virus? With our "high" tech? SWEDEN 10M POP ... NO LOCKDOWN JAN 13 ... 31 DEATHS JAN 12 ... .3 DEATHS JAN 11 ... 13 DEATHS UK 60M POP ..... MASSIVE LOCKDOWN JAN 12 ... 1,564 DEATHS JAN 11 ... 1,243 DEATHS JAN 10 ... ..529 DEATHS Even peasants are overtaking our vanity. Immunity works by circulation. Can you imagine that such cowards once ruled a quarter of the planet. Half a dozen twits just proved their superiority by diving behind the wheelies bins as I walk down the road. Data from Wo
  5. I often wondered where the martial tradition is? In Japan you have Samurai, Judo and so on. Where is it in Britain? Where are the Knights? Yes there is the SAS ... is that the same thing? Boxing?
  6. Keep cool Babylon you don't know what you doing Keep cool Babylon you don't know what you saying
  7. You are right we live on an evil planet and each baby born is instantly traumatised by the terrifying lies and brainwashing. Anyway follow Buddha and get the fuck out.
  8. PCR Court Cases Anyone know of a list of court cases involved PCR ?
  9. Isn't being a sheep enough ? Humans are divided into 2 types ... those who are collective animals, literally and who share knowldge from a single "brain". And humans who are fully human and individual. There are just a few who are leaving the herd which is very difficult.
  10. CONDUCTING HAMSTERS If the pandemic ends tomorrow, millions of people will find themselves without a life, without strong feelings ... with no cause. Such is modern life. Ordinary forms of life have been paved over ... so now what is left is staring at the internet and trying to fulfil your needs on it. A select group conducts this theatre with the dubious qualifcation of not having a soul ... and for many this is the most fun they have had in a decade. What a sight this modern world is.
  11. Hi. Can anyone tell me why Morris Dancing looks so gayified? Surely at some point there something more to it ... I can't believe it began like this. My question is more about where is the folk tradition of England. In Scotland they have some things, Wales too. And England? Do we have to go back to King Arthur (probably Welsh anyway) to find something with meat on the bones?
  12. WE FEEL GOOD HELPING YOU There is a class of people who cannot feel good about themselves unless they convince themselves that they have "helped you". To the point of concocting a pandemic, or a war, or of revising all history ... so that they feel there is a purpose to their lives. Such people misrepresent reality at many levels ... and are insincere at many levels. They need help themselves. You are best off staying away from them, they are not what the advertising says.
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