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  1. Even if you know that "everyone is lying to you" ... what happens next?
  2. BoJo wishes to stimulate the economy by green lighting all sorts of dire greedy high density housing projects, which will damage the environment we all live in, create further high density urbanisation and the associated mental and physical health problems. It seems nobody really understands how to create a functioning economy and culture, they all dream it will materialise by itself. We are an ever godless world who's great pride is to agree that the church is bad .... but could it be more obvious that the reasonably good society that we are leaving was a god centered world, and this new society is just evil and getting worse. That's how deep people's beliefs are. Without God all you have is one faction against another, one argument against another, one agenda against another ... it's all the Tower of Babel, because humans have no Light of their own. Unless they put into a place a tradition of relighting themselves every week it descends into absolute chaos and anarchy.
  3. It is very dangerous. One idea in the P.A. is that democracy should be direct. Which is interesting ... but they also tell you what the people want. These two things do not go together. Either people vote, or you tell them what they want. So you can see that these people are insincere from the beginning. Secondly they are typical Marxists who say : everybody should have a job, everybody should have a pension .... as if money is just handed out for fun. In other words these people have no idea how a country is run, where enterprise and money comes from. They are fools and dangerous fools. It is always these fucking idiots who destroy countries saying we are all free, and then they simply kills themselves and everyone else. In fact life is real. And businesses that are not competitive die. It is not easy to make money. The whole idea that life is so fucking easy is the problem. Does it look like it? I always look at the little creatures in the garden, the bees and butterflies squirrels and little birds. How hard they work all day long. And humans are so thick fat and lazy scum that they talk like life should come on a silver platter free money. This is a scum idea from deranged people. But aren't I infinite Consciousness ? Are you? Can you for instance click your fingers and make gold, or make the skies part? Just try it now. If you can, good luck to you. Personally I can't so I think that's all bullshit. In meditation I can experience something beyond, but it's small and so I keep meditating and studying to grow that, maybe one day I will live in a higher world. The solution to an evil society is to re-institute the foundations of the society. They are not to invent a fake society that never works. And to re-institute the foundations of society requires firstly that people are not protected from the harsh realities of life; that they are taught to work to become smarter and more productive. That they are educated in real subjects in the old way so that they have to remember things in their brain rather that google doing it for them. That is the only way. You have to have protection from the moron scum of the world who broadcast on the internet, and you have to have wise people and the whole society must run on the basis of ... whoever is wise gets to take charge, not everyone is equal. Everyone is equal kills every piece of intelligence wisdom and courage in society and puts the fools in charge. If society carries on with these bullshit ideas they will fall like in Rome, and one of the things that happens is that most people maybe 80% will die. And then in the Dark Ages what happens is violence. There will be no women's rights. There will be no rights for anyone. Tough bastards take charge of various areas in the Dark Ages, but even the tough bastards have a short life. And human beings on this dangerous planet have no Light inside them, so spiritual practice is the beginning and ending of it. All these things that I am saying is how this country all of the West was run until recently. And I don't see any solutions for the West except re-instituting the foundations, or death. And whatever people in the UK say ... you are not a Christian unless you pray. Oh and another principle is ... if the society or the church or your house is in disorder ... it is your job to put it back into order.
  4. I spent my entire life fighting from when I was born, and it was important because I was fighting for my soul. But you do have to wise up because there is no point whatsoever fighting shit fucked up people. You should not expect them to do what they cannot. They cannot see the good, or reason, and they cannot behave. Fighting the world is a passage that must come to an end, when you start to see the darkness in yourself and bring healing to yourself, and work on the eternal life. Whilst at the same time bringing reasonable order to your daily life. The Palestinians have fought, but they no longer look like they have a chance so accept it. As for the Laws of Noah ... are you worried society will do something bad an replace Christian doctrine with these 7 laws? Well the Christian-Roman world is based on many many things that are being damaged, it's not a question of which laws ... but the systems of culture education religion science medicine ... these traditions take centuries of effort to make. But mankind in his madness always destroys himself. If you follow God you follow God, so do so ... and do it properly because life is short and all this chaos will be here once your life closes. I note the 42 Confessions of Ma'at from the Ancient Egyptians is also very good and probably pre-dates the Judeao Christian Islami stuff. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maat We should really wish to enter the higher world right now, that means being more and more honest which is what the laws are about. Being honest is not a question of having laws, because following them requires some effort to bring light inside and to heal your wounds, and to return to your own being and come out of society. It's not easy. But that is the journey. Many things. In the end you can only follow your Conscience and you can Grow into the Light. Everything from the outside might be helfpul in some ways, but you must find the One inside you.
  5. Yes ... but actually 2/3rds of Palestinians already left to a better life. The fact is, and it is an evil fact on an evil world, they will never win. So, life is really shit sometimes, this planet is full of dark shit people ... and sometimes you just have to move, or you die. It's ugly, but that's just the reality. Life is the art of what is possible ... what is possible is to petition the EU and the US to cough up bilions to build a new Palestinian city somewhere in the ME in a muslim country, in an area that is not used, possibly even on the site of an ancient deserted city. That is possible. And that's just as good as it gets on this planet. Also the Palestinians must not be used as a place we can project our own personal battles on. Like the white people who say "I'm more black than you" and all this bullshit. That's what an agenda is, when you ride along on somebody else's victimhood as a way to massage your own problems. This is wrong. Everyone must face their own problems and do what they can to improve things. In fact the "news" is a series of Agendas that people at home can hang their own personal problems on, if they feel weak they identify with somebody weak around the world, if they feel poor with somebody poor, if they feel rich they identify with someone who is rich ... all instead of living their own life, being aware of their own life, and taking care of their business,.
  6. Human beings, the whole society, lives in a story ... a story full of dramas enemies heros, a story a great tragic story that just goes on and on and will never end. I have the sense today that I don't want to be interested in it. There is nothing to be gained. Being inside God means a different world.
  7. This subject is important for me these days. I have been damaged by many evil people in my life .. they refuse to be good, they refuse to do nice things. There is just nothing you can say to them. It's scary. And then you have to reflect on the fact that everyone is going to be thrown into a hole in the ground and they will never lie talk again. What a savage place. One teacher that I like Prabhupada, he would say that most people were demons and that they were like glowworms, in the morning they would be gone and you just have to remain in the Light, or worship Krsna as his faith puts it. I was in a catholic church today, kneeling at the back ... there was a confirmation going on with about 20 people ... at the end the priest started barking out prayers and so on ... I didn't like it much, I don't like him. But I know why I go and what is supposed to happen there.
  8. That's cheery and many parents are demons in disguise serving up their children. But then look at Lizard Spirits avatar. If you want to get out of hell your standards are going to have to get a lot higher or you will go down.
  9. It is like you say, but what can we do. The amount of people who can be and will be saved is perhaps quite small, the situation seems quite bad and has come after many decades of indulgence of ignoring the soil ... and now the bill has come. The situation is so bad that I do not know who the good guys are ... as very very few people wish to re-establish the traditional western society. They all talk of progress or freedom. So ... who is good ? If we switch off the TV, and do not engage with the evil, and just live a good life perhaps this will have the best result in the end. I don't see any saviour in this world. In Jesus's time he had 12 direct students. That is only a small number. We are enduring a grave test, and it will not be easy. Anyway I was just watching a couple homesteading debt free in the US .. they seem happy, they don't have to engage in the insanity from where they are. Anyway you know what .... I refuse to think about any of this bullshit, I refuse to have those words in my head ... I just refuse to partipate with a world of idiots, no thanks. Tonight I am going to do some meditation, make some muffins, and watch an old version of Murder on the Orient Express !
  10. Inside people are many good parts, many childish parts ,many ignorant parts, many dark parts - especially if they grew up in a bad way like many people today. So, we must try to always do the best and not bother people or add more fuel on the fire - it does no good, because people are so confused already. Many people simply give up on Earth, they are so unloved so confused so letdown ... everywhere are charlatans, violence, stupid ideas, false promises ... they become egos and die inside - it is sad really. And when things get really bad, society becomes bent and a lot of trouble is made and a lot of suffering. Jesus says blessed are the meek and resist no evil ... because you have to let go of all the evil here, you can do little by fighting it. But yes you must live well, make good decisions, and see errors and you must do your best to straighten things. But you are surrounded by confused and mad nutters, so it is difficult. Jesus holds a lamb in his arms ... many of these instructions teach you to look after yourself, to look after what is precious in yourself.
  11. Tigers for instance will drag you from your tent, about 10m and whilst you are screaming and your relatives not far away they will eat you. Is it evil? Well ... good question, the animals are mostly innocent ... but in fact looking closer Tigers are aware of who their proper prey is they normally simply ignore human beings, unless they break a tooth or have porcupine quills in their arms and then they can't hunt properly. Then they can start killing human beings. There is quite a lot to take out of this example, firstly because tigers do have a proper prey and normally are satisfied with it. But if disturbed they may be forced to be creative which is an act of "free will" and exploration. After they discover humans to be quite weak they may enjoy it and become man-eaters. Then they are fallen. But this is quite rare because mostly the animals are innocent and don't exercise any freewill. Human beings are exactly the same, but there are some added features. Humans are much closer to Conscious immortal life and have a lot of freewill ... and this is very difficult and painful for them. They are deeply confused about everything. Normally they end up killing themselves and a few thousand years later they start again. Have more freewill they also create great mischief and end up killing everyone. It is actually a very bad situation, and there is really only one solution .... very strong push to enlightenment, and at the same time trying to be normal and obey the rules ... i.e. no sodomy or injecting heroin or killing. Our society is in a bad condition, it has much power ... but the people are degrading, they are no longer in touch with the Light. They now hate prayer and spirituality and don't care if they live or die ... they are proud to not believe in a new life. This is very weird and not really appropriate for such a fine creature as a human being. That kind of attitude is for a dog. Once the head starts causing great mischief and bending everything ... then the human animal also starts to fall apart, and then the humans become lower than dogs. They are lazy and stupid and do nothing useful. They can't even do the simple things that an animal can do. It's all evil really. Only making the decision to be good and leave is good. Another way to understand human life is that we have all been on a very very long journey, we are close to the end ... but if you reach now you will fall and perish. You must continue to work on the soil, work hard like a normal man. Then the soil will grow and the flowers will grow; and you will be finally happy and at peace. We must work to the Light and the soil simultaneously. Otherwise the grave is waiting for you like a big mouth.
  12. Well I used to campaign for Palestine, but the evils of this world should be resisted but not too much ... or you die in the process, it's a hard but important lesson. This world is full of harsh lessons. It is hard but if I were in Palestine I would look to leave. Similarly in earlier times if you encountered someone doing something wrong you can talk to that person or correct him ... and in this way society would self-correct and keep watch ... but I personally feel it is more difficult to do this now. As for Jesus I don't recall him talking about justice or equality in the human world, he was talking about in the eyes of God and in the eyes of Christians meaning people who live according to the Consciousness of God that they connect with through practice. Up until recently most of the Western world were practising Christians; but for one reason or another they stopped, and you can see the result. And most Western people lived with the idea that they would continue on beyond death and contribute to the light of God. Today people have no hope of that and are proud of that. So ... what to say. Jesus had the same to deal with.
  13. Any society exists through a shared vision and way of doing things ... and it must maintain that, in order to survive. I personally think the Muslims can be very warm and have some basic ideas of life very nicely. Most Muslims seem to me to actually be Muslims. I don't know what they Noahide laws are, but the Jews likewise ... those that are actually Jews, which is not many ... probably the Jews are too rich to be Jewish any more. Even Israel is secular in the main now, a big change. The problem comes when people no longer follow their own traditions because they have a taste of sugar and start to party too much, but who will pay the bill. If this carries on they will destroy themselves. And as they decline they start to point the finger ... at anyone but themselves. And as they decline they need help from the outside so import immigrants with different cultures, and that leads to strife. But the origin is that they were arrogant and forget who toil and sweat was required to carve their culture out of the wilderness, they were rich and fat and lazy and they started to fall. What history teaches is that there is a point at which point society cannot be saved and then 3/4 of the people die. As it is today I see almost nobody who is able to say why the traditional rules of life are in fact absolutely correct. There is much talk of "freedom" ... and yet the obvious fact is grave decline. That's bodes very badly for the future.
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