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  1. Jimmy Saville was a national hero at that time and shook hands with everyone. Jim'l fix it. And fk the BBC they are not to be trusted about anything. Their crocodile tears don't impress me. Prince Philip has got nothing to do with it, he hated celebrities and journos. He was a naval soldier when he was young, Greek origin, man of action ... quite unlike most people today.
  2. The Duke of Edinburgh award established in 1956, ten years after the war. He was a good man, the best one of the royals. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Duke_of_Edinburgh's_Award
  3. If you celebrate the death of old people then you are a fallen person and losing your mind. Step back from that. And be careful with your accusations, you can read on the internet that everyone did everything ... it has become too much of an entertainment for some.
  4. What an old man? You are going to stand to and fight a 99 year old man, or celebrate his death. Some movement you got. Real power is in the hands of the banks, the media, ... not old people. The journalists probably are telling you ... aha you don't have to bootlikc them anymore you are free !!! But did you actually bootlick them, or did they just not play any part in your life. But those who do play a part and damage your life ... are concealed.
  5. is there a difference between those "truthers" who wish to destroy the country, and those LGBT globalist marxists who wish to destroy the country. Isn't this just two sides of the same coin, the same people ... both thinking themselves awfully superior, who don't recognize the history of the nation that feeds them ... who's buttons are pushed by alcoholic youtubers and journalists and who are very unhappy and who want to tear it all to pieces ... for peace, so that the glorious revolution comes. Is there a difference, aside from a couple of small bits ... it's the same thing isn't it. Aren't these views exactly what the globalists were hoping you would have.
  6. I heard a discussion yesterday on the Academic Agent youtube channel, and until recent times it was understood that what you read and listen to affects you. So receiving all these depraved images and ideas is damaging to you. You are not learning anything, you are damaging yourself.
  7. Take the celebrations down, that is uncalled for.
  8. Media companies around the world are in a deseperate battle to get some acreage in the new online territory as all traditional media is dying and the only way to do that is to terrify, twist reality, and show totally unnatural things ... with massive shock value, because that is the thing that makes money and keeps people coming back for more. Last week a Supreme Court Justice in the US released a statement that these social media companies should be designated "common carriers" with the resulting constituional responsibility not to ban anyone.
  9. I don't think so, 2020 in the UK was one of the lowest mortality years on record I believe it's #13 out 180 years on record ... so a great success with very low death rate even with "SarsCov2". We sure are living in a chemical soup and whatever but ... well if death is low then death is low. And for sure injecting drugs is going to completely destroy your immune system ... one of the dirty tricks the vaccine psychopaths are doing is they only test their drugs against the target virus ... and it may be 100% effective in the short term against that virus ... but what is the effect on your overall long term health. Well they never do those studies and for good reasons, they don't want to know the answer. Same reason Japan doesn't test for Fukushima fallout properly, they know what the answer will be. With "vaccines" only a few studies have been done by Government agencies around the world ... and those few studies are not good, they show that if you have a "vaccine" for one thing they you are more likely to get infected with another thing because your immunity is damaged. And also it causes MRSA of Coronaviruses, i.e. it accelerates dangerous mutations. I really wonder what my last thought will be when I die, gratitude probably, but anyway I will do as much spiritual progress between now and then.
  10. All these things, follow teaching children genital surgery, equality, tolerance and "peace" and being above nature. The world is falling, I would not be surprised if it descends much further, much further, just like the horror stories. The brainwashing has gone very deep and nobody says anything, and the devil rides around getting stronger. Nobody even knows what is right, any more, so much of the kool aid they drunk.
  11. True, but because people have been raised like this they have not grown into anything, so someone might then say ... I don't want authority I can do anything and rush out and fall on their face, or invent weird ideas. And that's the situation, people respond to this society either by being sheep or considering themselves above anything demanding revolution and coming up with all sorts of unnatural ideas. Equality tolerance and fing freedom and choice, noduality and emptiness. All this is shit. You should have raised to understand the laws of life and how life works and then do your part of it. There are rules. And that is very difficult to put back. Because it is learning how to live properly normally. So we have been well and truly lied to and f'ed up and only a brave person will attempt to re-learn the real way to live, honestly and to progressively learn a trade or skill, and grow slowly, and develop into a reasonably good person with his own talents, and value it and contribute from your acquired earned knowledge. And ignore both those who wish you to be sheeple ...and the other sheeple who wish you to be equal free space cadets, because they are just the nobodies. Not completely relevant but ...
  12. @Fluke We all need people who speak our language or its too claustrophobic. But then thats what the ancient sages and saints guides and philosophers, many beautiful people. Society is becoming more connected and people more braindead and sheeplike. Do what needs to be done. I connect with many people of a higher ilk every day in books, lectures, discussions and most importantly spiritual practice. There is no necessarily anything wrong with the sheeple ... it is just very difficult the passage from animal to higher being and best to take a fast passage then it hurts less, and no nobody is coming with you.
  13. @awkward_progress I think the answer is not to be found in difficult times or in spiritual ideas ... the problem is the way people live their ordinary lives in normal times. We all walk down the street together like cards in a pack, but we are the same, some are not alive inside and go through the motions hynpitcally ... others are alive and awake and making decisions. In times of strife the true state of people is shown. And in times of great strife even fewer are left. Human beings are not in a good way, from what I understand in previous centuries they were better than today. On "questioning" ... this is something people like to chat about. They also like to chat about science. But I tell you that if you turn your questioning into concrete answers suddenly you will find yourself with no friends. And if your science is real and not just a headline ... likewise the room will get cold. Because people are interest in neither, they simply like to chat, like to make no effort, they like it when things don't change, but they like to feel important and like they aren't losers ... so they chat about "important stuff".
  14. The Western economy relies on overpopulation and increasing population, because inside the culture it is deeply sick. They have been selling the silver spoons, printing money, desperately trying to make the economy work ... cheap labour is necessary, and more people means more GDP. The entire thing is a ponzi scheme, and inside the heartwood is dying. There is absolutely no way that there is a depopulation agenda. That would require somebody to take responsibility, and they ain't doing it. What the future is will be collapse, economic or political, and then a sort of prison state and Solent Green situation, people eating Spirulina pills. The society as it is ... it is too big and with Amazon, Google, Apple destroying whole regions of the economy ... we live in a Palm Oil Plantation which does not support much life. It replaces a permaculture society. There is no Light coming into the West, it has been murdered, from within and without. Without Light everything is going to die. And btw every part of the Earth is becoming like the West, so ... the overall situation could be .... all over for everyone. Whatever insanity is coming, from 400 genders, to ... well who knows. You are best off entering the path in any tradition at all, and working hard because your time is limited, as it always was. Whatever is happening today, well they will brush Covid off by summer ... but ... everything will be much more expensive in the shops, the insanity will grow, the misery will grow. What future ? Nothing and nobody is coming because the one thing they will not do is the only thing that would make any difference which is going back to church.
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