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  1. Hope for the best, prep for the worst.
  2. The vaxxed are injected with Graphene and CRISPR. Once the 5G network is fully activated they can let them drop dead at will. This will be blamed on "the virus" and the "unvaccinated". The vaxxed will lost their shit and demand for the unvaxxed to be rounded up, deported, and exterminated. Your own vaxxed relatives will want you dead.
  3. I think they'll stage another "pandemic". The vaxxed will be dropping dead everywhere (5G), the governments and media will blame the unvaxxed and they'll rile up the vaxxed to hunt down and kill the unvaxxed before they all die off themselves.So with just have to outlive the vaxxed and then we'll get to duke it out with the Elitists
  4. With "the grand scheme of things" I mean there's a worldwide vax democide going on. That makes miscegenation rather unimportant imo.
  5. Yes. I didn't mean you personally. Maybe you see through it. But many don't. White European racial purity is really irrelevant in the grand scheme of things.
  6. You fell into the trap many do when they realize the allies weren't the good guys. You automatically assume the Nazis where the good guys. This binary thinking is how the Globalist Elitists manipulate and control us and it will be our downfall.
  7. Ukrainians in Donbas are ethnic Russians. They've been discriminated against and targeted by Ukrainians forever. Yes it seems you have missed quite a bit. Crimea same story.
  8. I think you've not yet come to grips with the level of evil behind the vax campaign. Or the extend of damage been done to the vaxxed.
  9. Anyone who acknowledges this evidence for the 3d Reich being funded by Wall street and still claims the Nazis where the good guys is clearly delusional. Fascism (like communism) is just a tool used by the transhumanist eugenicist technocratic global elitists in this Hegelian Dialectic to steer humanity to eternal slavery and servitude.
  10. No, all my relatives are vaxxed but 2. My cousin lives in Asia and my dad died last month. I have no next of kin anymore. It's just me, my wife, and our toddler son. Not only the vaxxed but anyone who refuses to face reality is a threat to my family at this point.
  11. I had 3 Jack-Cokes last night. Today I'm not very productive.
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