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  1. RE my comment to QueenRia: "We are all still here so we haven’t practiced successfully up to this point." I meant we are still reincarnating .... we are 'still here' this time around, back yet again....so we haven't gotten off the wheel.
  2. Queen Ria. “Are you doing the Kundalini awakening breathwork Isabella mentions?” Yes “Do you have the ability to go within, connect with your heart center and know what is true for you and what is not true for you? ” ....Yes... it’s somewhat a sense of knowing. It’s not fool proof by any stretch. ”I am free to choose. This is the Truth." - I am now convinced that if anyone feels this in their heart, and claims this Truth in their head, and refuses to waver, nothing will be able to keep them in the matrix.” ....We are all still here so we haven’t practiced successfully up to this point. But I guess we can be hopeful that things are shifting. “Wait, what do you mean by that last sentence? Do you suspect there is deliberate disinformation in there? If so, how can you take the rest seriously?” ....Never said there is any deliberate misinformation. Much of it is beyond my abilities but I’ve thoroughly enjoyed what is suited for my level. Those who have been in ES for years have some pretty awesome experiential abilities so the later material is meant for them and way beyond me. ....I did say I am not trying to explain the ES material. Each must do that for themselves starting with the earlier material and working your way through, and you will have to apply your truth test it for yourself. Lisa states ES is not intended for mass consumption and is met for the star seed that are led to it. It’s a huge body of work. Any snippets I have mentioned are in reference to the history and the Guardian (founder races) help that ES tells us we are getting. It’s unprovable so I’m sticking with the “hopeful” mode on that. I don’t think any teacher gets it ALL right so there’s some things I find harder to integrate, so in that regard I ‘take what resonates and leave the rest’ ...for now. “I'm sure there's always been souls who found out the Truth and were able to leave. Also, they have never been able to wipe access to our power or wipe who we are. This is why the door has always always always been there. “ ...I mentioned we agree on that, especially that the connection/knowing in the after life may still be as it was intended since it’s obvious we come back with the potential to wake up and recognize truth, and see the illusion. i think that’s been rare up until now however. “If the ES material claims we have been cut off from our power or from who we are, then I already know it's all BS because that is simply not true. What they have done is to wipe the conscious knowledge of our power and of Who we are. That's a big difference. “ ...Nope ES doesn’t say that in such absolute terms, but it clearly explains what we have been up against. There are very few people until Lisa and David and a few others who have taken on the mission of helping us to wise up to the fact that all is not well in our world. At this stage of the war over humanity we can’t remain in naivety so I take advantage of any education I can get regarding the larger picture. Lisa has helped me expand my world view.
  3. QueenRia. I essentially agree with you. I have also read Isabella Green and am currently working to get myself out using the Quantum Travel approach. I’m just starting with this though so will have to see how it goes. I’m not sure I’m confident enough, should I die tomorrow, that I would have the where-with-all and be spiritually mature enough to KNOW I AM, (beyond agreeing with this conceptually). I’d like to think I’d know, but the rule set changes in the after death space, and we have to be very aware of our free state in order to hold out against all that is stacked against us. Isabella says that it’s good to be practicing while we are alive so we are in fact prepared to navigate our way clear. I agree that the portals (Aqua Portal and Trinity Gate according to ES) would be most useful for those who are not self aware enough to KNOW they are free, but also for the ES acolytes who know they are there, and are working as starseed here (apparently) as representatives of varies species who MAY be instrumental in collecting their species home, and or working to train them to raise their frequency, etc. I know not. It’s been the ancient galactic history and the David Icke style disclosure of what’s been going on here for hundreds of thousands of years that I have been most attracted to in the ES material, which is basically revealing the Negative Alien and AI anti human agenda. I agree totally that there is nothing in the ES material regarding the outside assistance that we can prove, and can only hope for. I’m not buying into all of that either. We know there have been wars going on forever in this sector, and apparently the good guys didn’t win when we were targeted which is why the human project got stolen. The only part I am ok about ‘hoping for’ is that the original founders ‘are back’ to reclaim the project and get humanity out of this hell hole and pulled out of this low, loosh sapping recycle bin, since we’ve been here for so many thousands of years... and NOT able to get out on our own simply because the truth of who we are and access to our power has been wiped, inverted and trapped, and therefore the Divine sparks, or most of them, have headsets on and are buying in to the illusion. BUT, like you, I have wondered about the soul evolution component, which is why I stated that there has to be something of the original plan still in existence in the after death state because so many come back with a plan, and a mission AND they remember it, or are somehow triggered by assistance. So likewise I feel these are things that Icke hasn’t addressed. Nor has ES. Yes, that would be the understanding. Escape routes been shut for millennia and NO ONE has been able to get out. Hotel California, remember. Precious few anyway, and certainly no one following our hijacked religions, or those which don’t at least teach about the Bardo. Religious followers are the most prone to going into the tunnel of light and ending up in a consensus reality on 4D. The religious imposters are staged by the Galactic Federation, and I would be suspect of Bernhard Guenther in this regard. The portals mentioned wouldn’t have been the natural way out, and are ‘apparent’y’ new, so that we have a means to circumvent the control system of reincarnation as it is now. The founder races ‘apparently’ have put these in place recently to help get us out, even those still asleep. Apparently not. Not since Earth was conquered and fallen. We’ve all been mind wiped and deluded by the false imposters. WE ARE the Divine Sparks after all, the ones trapped on the 4th dimension under the spell of the frequency program. BUT like you said, there seems to be some soul evolution going on, but IMO, from my understanding this doesn’t necessarily get you out, (or hasn’t up to now). I can imagine this is one of the lines used to get souls to return.... “Ah, but you have a mission to help save humanity”. However, there is something it seems about being an older soul that can get you clear enough to at least come back with a true mission. All those missions combined, over all the eons, seems to me to be triggering a mass awakening now that we are at this critical point (as ES calls it, the End of an Ascension Cycle)... OR we are getting some help. ?? Cheers. FF9
  4. PS - Links https://ascensionglossary.com/index.php/5D_Ascension https://ascensionglossary.com/index.php/Tara https://ascensionglossary.com/index.php/Guardian_Host https://ascensionglossary.com/index.php/Before_the_Fall_of_Humanity ES Home page: https://energeticsynthesis.com/ The Ascension glossary site is a sister site.
  5. Hello QueenRia. This conversation got well past me, but first of all to answer your question ”I would also like to read how others would describe 5D - @FireFly9, does the ES material describe 5D-reality? And does it say whether Earth's 3D and 5D state are existing simultaneously?” I would say that it doesn’t. THe ES material is very complex, is not meant for mass consumption, and has gotten past me as well. You certainly can’t pick it up starting from the end, newsletters, etc. since it would be like reading a foreign language if you haven’t started with the blogs and newsletters from the beginning. According to Lisa, the ES founder, we are not aiming for 5D which has also been hijacked. We have been hijacked well past 5D as the AI and negative Aliens captured not only humanity, but portals, star gates, DNA, human records, timeslines, and more. The 5D ascension, as we were expecting it to happen, say back in 2012 and all that, was abandoned because it was not possible for it to happen. We are now on ‘plan B’ for getting us out of here. The 5D ascension we hear so much about is all coming from the Galactic Federation imposters and their ilk which is the ‘new age’ hijack, leading us down just another false path to the same old deceptions. I don’t think I have a full understanding of Plan B, but it’s more along the lines of getting out through the inner portals, which perhaps Isabella Greene is helping us with as well. Since finding her, I’m really focused on Quantum Travel to get MYSELF out of here. BUT, the ES material says we are getting help, (and even have access to new portals at death to avoid the tunnel of light trap). I can’t say one way or another on that since we never get to see the results of this help in 3D. (or perhaps ever so slowly over time). But, when I take in what any help is up against to reclaim this human project from AI, repair the damage, reclaim portals, stargates, DNA, other planets and galaxies, and all that is beyond the unfathomable reaches of our imagination, I can only hope that it’s true and the battles being waged are making some headway against these alien captors. All in all, the original founders of the human project are creator beings, not the divine one SOURCE GOD, but creator beings using their divine access to God. All well and good. They come from dimension very high compared to here - like 28D or higher. I’d have to look that up. They are far beyond physicality but are finding ways to embody here to help. I bow out of trying to explain ES. I will try to put a couple of links below. Back to your question, yes, as I understand it, 3D, 5D, 7D all exist simultaneously. Tara was exploded, she was much larger, and earth is part of what she was, now adrift here in 3D where she fell. Gaia (7D and our future) was also destroyed in this battle, but it’s not exactly like that, because we are still potentially headed to regaining those dimensions where they in-fact still could exist since there is no time. Mind bending, and beyond me, but the 3 of them are like nesting dolls, all in the same space. So ultimately it’s our frequency shift that gets us there at some point. I say, when we can give this phantom overlay the royal send off, and get back to the original human project, then the shedding of the dense mud of frequency we are swimming in here at these depths, will allow us, and Earth, to reach a healthy new frequency far more easily. Anything beyond this murk is going to feel like heaven in comparison. Will this happen suddenly at some point when the overlay projector is turned off??? Or will it happen incrementally as we seem to be in a process of now in this never seen before awakening on the planet. Do we have to do it slowly so more of the sleepers can get with the program? I know not, and it’s a big question. When D.I. refers to the bad copy, I reinterpreted that, as I’m reading, as the overlay, that he hasn’t quite understood yet, as he’s not familiar with the same history I have absorbed, but none-the-less he’s taking people in the right direction at least and thinking WELL past most of humanity regarding the bigger picture. The invaders, as he does explain, do not have access to God, so they use us to create and to gain life force from. They have essentially captured ONE timeline here, and because they cannot create, they simply keep replaying it over and over and over, thus all the resets. We are headed to the final reset though, I feel, because we truly are in the final battle for humanity. If they can rob humanity of their very soul connection to the divine, which I believe they have never been able to truly erase, via AI, injections, DNA alterations, etc which is now in the works, then I don’t think there will be any humanity here left to save. We are dealing with the Borg in that sense. So it’s now or never if this human project is going to get reclaimed by the good guys. I say they have never been able to erase our God connection (yet) because look at all the hero’s here in our NOW, who have reincarnated, gone through the memory wipe, etc, yet still are able to stay on track with a mission in this lifetime (perhaps planned between lives, which means that some of the after life is still intact as the original creators intended...but the memory wipe was added by the captors.) Look at David Icke for example, reincarnated, mind wiped, but still able to wake up to do what he does here. He doesn’t explain just how it is that we get this outside help from the prime creator realms. Somehow, the divine sparks trapped within the headsets on 4D are waking up to the program, and somehow we are getting fed the assistance we need to trip up this negative agenda here. Could it be that, as the ES material states, we are at the end of an Ascension Cycle, so NOW help can and is getting through, and our prime creators are embodying here to give us the leg up, or some like Isabella Greene who have been here a long time, are also triggered through their DNA to wake up at this time to do what they originally came here to do. Maybe. I’ll have to do a PS to add any links I find. Here’s a history one: https://www.ascensiondictionary.com/2017/08/history-of-human-race-truth.html
  6. PS - And David summaries it nicely here regarding taking back our power. https://davidicke.com/2023/11/05/we-have-the-power-authority-has-no-power-except-that-which-we-hand-to-it-in-the-form-of-acquiescence-where-are-the-solutions-staring-us-in-the-face/
  7. Yes, it's in the book - chapter two. Also, see the quotes at the start of my particular part of this discussion. I gained an expanded world view from the ES material which offers the information of the invasion of this planet, and the subsequent overlays and inversions put in place to control us for loosh. I can't say that the original project wasn't also a simulation (who knows), but it was all about spiritual growth and human evolution, maturing over time into creator beings. I think when the overlays (negative matrix) and the negative alien agenda are understood, is seen for what it is, and the truth revealed (coming out fast and furious now) then humanity can truly begin to take back it's creative power and reconnect with prime creator, which most people aren't doing with all the false religious teachings, imposters, and clones infiltrated into just about everything. As I understand it, Earth, before it fell due to being conquered by Negative Aliens and AI, was call Tara and was on the 5th Dimension. When it fell it moved to 3rd. I would like to think that if we weren't suppressed here by the Negative Agenda, and could get back to our true blueprint and design, then we could return as a frequency to at least 5th. Our higher goal is 7th dimension, where Tara then becomes Gaia.
  8. No. This hasn’t been part of my discussions. Further on my topic, as I am re-reading the book I found a passage on pg 106. where Icke seems to be talking about the simulation as being an overlay over the original project .....(using my terms not his). ”...but isn’t what Lovelock describes perfectly explainable by AI as an interconnected and interacting system run by software? An Earth spirit as PRIME EARTH? Okay, I can go with that. With simulated Earth? I don’t think so. Is the spirit of Prime Earth seeking to influence us through simulated Earth? Very possible and maybe, as with nature, that is what people feel when they talk of connecting with the Earth and Gaia. Prime Earth reality shares the same ‘space’ as the simulation and is only a different frequency away. WHEN PEOPLE TALK ABOUT A COMING ‘NEW EARTH’ COULD THIS SYMBOLISE PRIME EARTH REAPPEARING THROUGH THE DISSOLVING OF THE SIMULATION?” Exactly, IMO. The overlay phantom reality is what is being imposed/perpetrated upon us. The overlay / inversion / fake ‘simulated’ reality is what needs to be dissolved so we can get back to the Prime Earth as it was meant to be. Even though we are close to being completely Borged here (assimilated by the AI ‘borg’) pieces and sparks of the original creation get through since it still occupies the same space.
  9. I am not here to criticize Icke. I think the human population would be a lot more malleable and deceived without those who speak, and that includes those who speak loudly. It takes loud to get through and make a strong point, especially considering what we are up against since everything about life here has been so masterfully manipulated to steer us into a corral. We truly are in a war over humanity itself. I agree that those proclaiming to be a god are not.... ie Enki and the entire Galactic Federation of deceptive players and anti-human species. I agree that channeling is most often just from astral entities or disincarnates, and also used as deceptive tools. We do have to develop our own inner tools and be discerning. We are not all going to agree as we go along, but the truth in the end will still be the truth. Some additional Cathar info for your pot. Take what resonates, leave the rest. You would have to make up your own mind about that. Astral Cat posted them on another thread. My main point is that the Earth project/simulation was stolen from the founder races. It was vulnerable and the blackhole AI and reptilian beings that separated themselves from God invaded and took it over eons ago (along with many other planets). They cannot create so need and use humans to do that for them, while they collect the loosh to survive. What we see here now, and the illusion and deception we live under, was not the original design (IMO as I have come to see it), and if the overlays and inversions they (the invaders) created were to be removed then we (humanity) could live and evolve as was intended. The Divine Sparks could be influenced by the Infinity Reality instead, as it was supposed to. I think the earth project would, as intended, be a wonderful place to 'incarnate' into physical form for the experience for young and evolving souls. Perhaps the human body was not a 'Wetiko' creation to ensnare consciousness (pg 37), but was dumbed down to be used by the 'Wetiko' or whatever you want to call them via applying the 'headset' (frequency) to the Divine Spark captured and confined to their Allegory Cave. The software program was changed from one 'project divine human' (divine creator beings in the making as they matured over the processions of the yugas), to that which fell, entrapped in a very deep density to serve the invaders. Perhaps, the Earth would not in fact have to disappear as a Matrix, but just the negative overlays, frequency fences, controlled perceptions etc. removed, and invaders expelled forever. I am dreaming perhaps, but is this the world we could possibly have BACK if we can climb out of this deception en mass, wake up, and take back our power, properly reconnected with Source and our original creators. This was not always my world view. I expanded my conceptual framework after I was introduced to the ES body of work, as quoted above in my original post. If there is truth in the revealed history brought to light, then Icke might find it interesting to ponder. Easy reading it is not. Do I believe all of it, no. But the history part is fascinating.
  10. If information can't get in then how do people like David wake up within the simulation to expose it, and thereby wake up others in the simulation. Isabella Greene can get clear of the whole simulation (Quantum Travel as opposed to Astral Projection) and travels nightly to the void where she comes back with answers to the questions she asks. She can also travel to other systems, Andromeda for example, and I expect that beings there would know and could fill us in on some of our forgotten, and highjacked history. I assume then, that people like Lisa Renee can likewise gain insight via higher states of consciousness. David states the Divine Spark can intervene at a certain level of wakefulness and begins to influence the program. Pg 46 "There is one point to stress, though. I have said that a focus of attention on something makes an energetic connection with it. In this way the focus of the Divine Spark on its illusory AI-projected 'world' and experience means that its energetic signature or essence can also pervade the simulation. If it is perceptually asleep it will not intervene in the program that it believes to be 'real'; if it is awakening, it will intervene and impact the program." David also talks (pg 44) about stilling the mind, which is the AI program, to remember the true form. I assume the true form remembers or has access to universal truths and our history. David gets downloads, and I gather this comes from assistance from 'outside' the system. This information I quoted is not 'channeled' according to it's source. It used to be, as I have come to understand it, that our system couldn't be reached from the outside, but that it now can be. Things are beginning to break wide open in most all arenas here as we can clearly witness. (Thanks to people like David and others.) This could also include our becoming aware of the entrapment at death, which is also obviously happening, if you listen to stories of people who have near death experiences, but catch on during the process that the whole thing is a scam from start to finish. "Gnosis comes from a Greek word meaning secret or spiritual knowledge. One definition says that gnosis 'signifies a spiritual knowledge or insight into humanity's real nature as divine, leading to the deliverance of the Divine Spark within humanity from the constraints of earthly existence'. Gnostics are believers and carriers of that knowledge through the centuries. Gnosticism says the only way o escaping 'Hell' is to expand spiritual awareness beyond what they termed Nous (Mind) and into Pneuma (Infinite Self)." "They gave us their mind by hijacking perception with the AI Astral Mind. The fear of discovery is the knowledge that once humanity awakens to its plight - the Divine Spark awakens - the game is over." (There are likely better quotes) So I contend that someone with access to infinite self can also have access to history, where we are originally from, and how our system (the original simulation project) has been invaded and stolen since the invaders cannot create. They instead stole this simulation from the original creators. Also the reptilians and other hijackers of this system would know of our history, and THEY apparently are coming and going from beyond it. So the information can get in. Those who know of the portals and star gates can also make contact with information for the infinite self.
  11. I read ‘The Dream’ with great interest, and will read it again to make notes. Besides being a wonderful concise summary of what is occurring in 3D here and now and in recent history, it also sets many things out in concreate terms which is very much appreciated considering the complexity of what there is to be known. Nothing surprised me in the least and I have no problem believing we are trapped on the astral as Divine Aspects and manipulated to create the lives we live here to feed the archons, build our own prison and perpetuate the cycle of reincarnation. Nonetheless, life here in 3D is very real, as it’s set up to be that way, and thus it entrains and derails us as the book explains. My world view has included these concepts for a couple of years now, after digesting much of the body of work linked below that has been talking about our lost history since about 2009. I don’t think I believe in John Lamb Lash’s version (but I know not) regarding the mistaken creation made by Sophia (pg 87) because this is NOT Sophia’s (Divine Mother’s) creation but a stolen inversion of it. However, just about everything else is bang on IMO. It just doesn’t go far enough into the history of our true origins and where we are from. Although we are very likely living (dreaming) a simulation as Icke states, suppose the human experiment was initially a very advanced project created by very advanced creator beings. What if we (and this simulation) were originally ‘created’ to be the beginnings of a new race of ‘creator beings’. We know about the Draconians and their control here, but perhaps there is also a lot more to be divulged. Was the Earth (the Human project) in fact invaded and conquered, as was this entire sector, along with many other planetary systems, and the creator beings lost control of their simulation and Human project. (This by the way was not Enki – who only claims to be our creator.) As stated in the ES material, we were originally seeded on Tara, in that time line, but Tara was conquered and destroyed. The remains of the advanced civilization (project) and genetics spiraled downward from 5D to this very low and dense 3D ‘physicality’ called Earth, around which frequency fences were eventually constructed to keep us imprisoned here. The invasion was AI in nature and originated from the fallen Wesa system. As the book states the headquarters are in the 4th Dimension, the astral realms, and the moon was hauled in as a base and projector. __________ I grabbed a few snippets to paste below. The ES material is complex beyond belief and requires a lot of reading and unravelling, but my point here is that although we are now just projecting the human experience under the distortions created on the astral by false gods and controllers, we perhaps didn’t start out that way. __________ Negative Alien Agenda (NAA) https://energeticsynthesis.com/library/negative-alien-agenda/2662-negative-alien-agenda-naa __________ https://ascensionglossary.com/index.php/First_Christos_Humans_on_Planet_Tara Many millions of years ago, several Founder metaterrestrial races (Christos Beings) from this Universal system and beyond into the Omniverses, came together at the Royal Houses of Lyra. This meeting was for the purpose of contributing their most advanced genetic material in the creation of our First World, which is known as the planet Tara. The Cosmic Trinity are representations of the first, second and third emanations of the God Source and thus, are the Universal Founders of this particular time matrix. The Universal Founders are nondimensionalized Solar Body expressions from outside of the time matrix located in the pre-matter fields. The Cosmic Trinity protects the promise of Ascension for all living things travelling in the Universal Time Matrix, by ensuring they eventually are able to return to their source frequency and spiritual home at the end of evolution cycles. Returning back home into the Zero Point field after completing the time matrix evolution cycles are the areas of nondimensionalized realms, where the free Cosmic Christos Citizens travel and live in the highest creations that exist in the eternal God Worlds. __________ Wars in the Cosmos – And Fallen Races See this link for interesting fragments of potential galactic history https://ascensionglossary.com/index.php/Historical_Timeline_Trigger_Events These specific Historical Timeline Trigger Events are directly related to the seed or causal events of the main Galactic War histories involving humanity. The NAA war against humanity originated from the timelines of the Lyran and Orion Wars from the higher Harmonic Universe. When the Cradle of Lyra and several planets exploded this further destroyed the Andromedan Stargate, leaving humanity trapped in a fallen system. Those histories of Galactic warring eventually descended into many conflicts for power and control over the 3D Earth. The Belial Sons Luciferian Covenant and the Black Sun Program ultimately united to form the NAA artificial intelligence and the 911 Timeline Agenda that is playing out today, in the Timeline Wars. __________ https://energeticsynthesis.com/library/negative-alien-agenda/2664-negative-aliens Negative Aliens: These are extradimensional beings that have lost their Consciousness connection to god source and are utilizing human and other beings as their food source (like a parasite) to live thousands of years. They do not have emotions as humans have but are highly intelligent as they are working on higher mind principles than the human Three Layers of Ego. They are similar to a Mad Scientist that manipulates and genetically modify human beings, similarly as a farmer interested in gaining more resources out of his herd of cattle on the farm. Many of them are inherently violent. They consider humans an investment in their energy resource portfolio. The NAA or Archons can be best understood as a Psychopathic personality or identity profile with a Lack of Empathy that has no feelings of remorse and no caring towards human beings. They regard human beings as inferior, stupid and many times use forms of mockery to create intentional harm and violence for their own amusement. These beings have been manipulating the human world of affairs for thousands and thousands of years, since the Atlantian Cataclysm for their own purposes. See the Ages of Humanity. These are inter-dimensional and extra dimensional beings known as Fallen Angelic in ancient history and they use many technological manipulation methods to Mind Control and negatively manipulate the future direction of the human race. Once such negative manipulation is installing the Armageddon Software into the planetary brain in order to install False Father Negative Alien Religions based on serving the Yahweh and JehovianAnnunaki Collectives. See Dark Force Manipulation Methods and Mind Control. __________ https://ascensionglossary.com/index.php/Ages_of_Humanity https://energeticsynthesis.com/library/negative-alien-agenda/2672-false-alien-gods The Fallen Ones infected the God-King lineages of the planet and replaced beliefs of sovereignty and freedom as Universal Truth to concepts of Hierarchal Enslavement, genetic discrimination and karmic retribution. As they proclaimed and defended themselves as the True God Creator, the War over God and God’s Natural Laws became the main power conflict in our system. __________ https://energeticsynthesis.com/resource-tools/3675-the-vatican-and-dark-mother Lunar Matrix, Lunar Female Distortions, Dark Mother Thousands of years ago, the NAA and the Power Elite Luciferian bloodlines discovered that in order to gain access to the planetary staff and spiritual-energetic gateways, stargates, portals, interdimensional links into different timelines, they would need to find ways to capture the Mother aspect of the Godhead, by gaining control over dark matter and gravitational or magnetic field manipulation. The insertion of the Lunar Matrix was accomplished in part by dragging in the moon satellite, to be used as a base of operations and for transmitting lunar broadcasts for achieving magnetic field manipulation and mind control. This makes the earth a bonafide prison planet. This also serves to gain control over the Sophianic female Christos expression on the earth, by inverting the solar female staff current in the human lightbody, and forcing the inner female principle to run energy reversals with lunar force overlays from the Lunar Matrix. _____________________ Isabella Greene’s videos, which I am very happy to have found here on this forum are a wonderful part of the whole picture. https://in5d.com/meditations-kundalini-third-eye-activation/
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