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  2. Thanks for sending the link. I think i may have found the one in recommended by David in his video - Word Magic by Pao Chang? Has anyone read this or familiar?
  3. Thanks for sending the link. I think i may have found the one in recommended by David in his video - Word Magic by Pao Chang? Has anyone read this or familiar?
  4. Does anyone know the title of the book about word origins that David recommended a few months ago on his weekly update?
  5. I think your on the money. The vaccines create a lot of disease and sometime the very ones they are vaccinating against. Such as when Jonas Salk the creator of the polio vaccine admitted publicly in 1976 saying that between 1967 and 1976 that his vaccine created two thirds of polio cases.
  6. The Covid 19 Dogma is dismantled in Dr Tim Oshea's Youtube video The Germ Theory: The New State Religion. - Dr Tim O'shea I have read his book which is brilliant too called; Vaccination is not immunization: The war on Children and Dr William P Trebing book "Goodbye Germ Theory" dismantles the virus money making dogma. I have tried to include the link for Dr Tim Oshea's but it would not insert.
  7. In Dr Tim Osheas words you cannot believe in covid 19 and not believe in the germ theory. For the past several decades the Pharmaceutical industry has grown bigger and bigger to this point it is a +$1trillion revenue per year while the West gets sicker and sicker while eating more and more toxic food. Vaccines are on the increase to combat the supposed cause of disease "the germ" while the autism rates have gone from 1 in 10,000 in the 1970s to 1 in 54 children diagnosed in 2016 in the U.S. Many parent have reported their child became Autistic shortly after being vaccinated. This is incorrect as Dr Tim Osheas recent presentation explains. This Theory has been used as a business model to make vast amounts of money out of population while the population gets sicker as a result of the toxic foods and the toxic medicine used to treat the symptoms that the toxic food and lifestyle create. Therefore Louis Pasteur was correct when he stated on his deathbed that the "germ is nothing. The terrain is everything." As Dr William Li in the book "Eat to beat disease" says "Strengthening our internal terrain/ Immune system/ Microbiome is the key to preventing/ reversing disease through the correct nutrition and lifestyle. People need to wake up and challenge the science underpinning this Covid 19 which is based on a dogmatic foundation of "Germ theory" which is just a business model and has no scientific basis. This is challenged by Dr Andrew Kaufman and Dr John Bergman also.
  8. when I try to post new topic on the forum its says I have been blocked from David Icke.com? why? anyone else getting this?
  9. Vernon Colde man is a great man. I have order 3 of his books should be coming this week. How to top your doctor killing you/ anyone who tells you vaccines are safe and effective are lying and the coming apocalypse. Ill be watching him on Richie Allen tonight. Thanks for reminding us. :-)
  10. Their is no proof of covid 19. This whole thing is based on the false "germ theory." Germs do not cause disease. Toxic diet and lifestyle do. Pasteur on his deathbed said "The germ is nothing. The terrain is everything." In Dr Tim Oshea's words "there is no covid 19 just reclassification of the flu." Dr Tim Oshea presentation titled "Germ Theory the new state religion explains this"
  11. Dr Steven Greer is very Knowledgeable about the technology, politics and economics and the way humanity has been manipulated and does speak a lot of truth. But I think he is trying to steer the alternative media in a certain direction. I seen him denied once that the royal families are running things behind the scenes - I think he was tied in with a lot of the politics of Washington but I haven't watched his stuff recently. What sticks out most in my mind is when project Camelot interviewed him and questioned him about what he said on stage in 2009. In was insinuating that all ET are benevolent and there no evidence of anything else. The project Camelot interview is quite infamous with him.
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