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  1. Great! I’m the owner of Project Awake and made this film with my heart… It sums the whole scam very well. :)
  2. https://rumble.com/vkegjd-the-mass-awakening-the-pandemic-hoax-and-agenda-21-david-icke-with-doctors-.html A summary of the deceptive pandemic and Agenda 21. Featuring David Icke with doctors… SHARE!
  3. They started rolling out the new vaccines in the UK right? Now they have found a mutated version of the virus in the UK also!? Ofcourse we know that these vaccines that are rolling out are not safe and potantially is being used to depopulate the world. Are they using this cover story to manipulate us in believe that people are now dying from a mutated strain of the covid-19, but actually it's from the vaccines? Think about it! So the more people that are vaccinated around the world, the more they will say that the mutated virus is infecting everyone, "so we need to hurry vaccinate everyone (mandatory)!" But actually people are dying from the vaccines! It's so easy but yet so genius! Correct me if I'm wrong but I think this is what will happen. What do you think?
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