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  1. yeah as mentioned, seen a few people i recognise as taxi drivers on a few FB pages saying he is a proper delta driver...
  2. having watched the so called cctv footage released via the daily mail this morning...i know the mail but they are the only ones showing it at present. here are my thoughts on what i know as a person that live in merseyside: 1. according to many who know the man he locked the bomber in the car and had a an ear sliced off and perforated ear drums and other minor injuries. From the same sources the bomber asked to go to the remembrance parade at the cathedral but due to getting caught in traffic he panicked and asked to go to the woman's hospital instead. 2. having watched the so called CCTV it is very clear a number of things. 1. the bomb only went partially off, maybe the detonator only. 2. The driver only left the cab after the explosion, so he never locked the bomber in the cab or anything else. If you watch the footage you can clearly see the driver still in his seat when it goes off and looking at the initial damage i would say that bomber was in the rear seat behind the front passenger seat, which is not unusual here in Liverpool. Maybe to hide their face etc. the press were not talking about a bomb for many hours and sky and BBC hardly mentioned it till about 3-4 o'clock on their so called news channels and us locals knew of a situation involving police negotiators within minutes yet the media didn't either release that or bother till about 8ish last night. As an ex serviceman that has seen the light and woke up many years ago thanks to David and others, none of this makes any sense to me. As a solider i served in Belfast and other places in Northern Ireland so have a good insight to terrorism and this story is bugging me....i know Irish and Islamic terrorists do things differently but none of it makes sense at all..... These are just my thoughts and opinions....nothing more....
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