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  1. https://www.airliners.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=1471347&sid=a6778aeea23380843046c55a4f0185df While it's too early to speculate about the cause(s) of this accident, a stall looks rather unlikely. Based on FR24 data, the speed remains very constant, as the rate of descent. A stall would require a drop in airspeed, followed by a rapid onset of a descent, followed by significant variations of speed and descent rate. Performing an emergency descent you wouldn’t be able to descend with 30,000 ft/m. An emergency descent is only about a 10 degree descent angle. Looking at the falling timing, the fall looks like a free fall to me. Doesn't seem to be any control whatsoever. The lateral distance seems also consistent with a free fall hypothesis. I hate to speculate but even a plane with both wings ripped off wouldn’t be heading straight down toward the ground, it would be tumbling. The only way I can think of a profile like that is an aircraft deliberately being put into that state. The only way to be forced into a direct 90 degree dive is absolutely deliberate action by whoever was behind the controls. There have been instances where recently vaccinated pilots just dropped dead of a heart attack. But China is not using the Pfizer vaccine that causes sudden heart attacks.
  2. https://debatepost.com/world-news/schwarzenegger-accused-of-breaking-promise-on-ukraine-by-worlds-strongest-girl-video-reuters-news-in-france-and-abroad/?msclkid=d16b134ea96211ec9b31c3c1d4198eb7 Schwarzenegger accused of breaking promise on Ukraine by ‘world’s strongest girl’ (VIDEO) Former Arnold Classic powerlifting sensation Maryana Naumova addressed Arnold Schwarzenegger in a video response to the American's message to the Russian people
  3. Ron DeSantis Bullies Kids Into Doing Whatever They Want FLORIDA—Governor Ron DeSantis has come under harsh criticism for bullying a group of kids by forcing them to make their own choices and do whatever they want. The college kids were just minding their own business, wearing masks as instructed when DeSantis rudely offered to let them consider other options. “Take those masks off right now, or keep them on—just do whatever you want! Hey, you're an American and America is a free country! You do you, man!” said a scary and imposing Governor DeSantis, intimidating the kids and leaving them with no choice but to choose whatever they wanted. “In that moment, I felt pressured to make a decision for myself instead of being forced into mask compliance by parents and teachers—I’ve never been bullied like that,” said James Klevins of the kids victimized by the Governor. “He literally MADE me do whatever I wanted to in that situation, fully my choice. So evil.” Many have been quick to point out that masks are safe and effective, and DeSantis was wrong to give them a choice. Ron DeSantis has responded by stating that he follows the science and just recommends the same thing that Congress did by ditching masks. At publishing time, Ron Desantis was spotted bullying coffee shop patrons by telling them they didn't have to stand 6 feet apart, that it doesn't help anything. Ron DeSantis Bullies Kids Into Doing Whatever They Want | The Babylon Bee
  4. In 2016, Putin warned of an international push for a New World Order that would end national sovereignty. Putin said that Western states were abandoning their moral values, that are rooted in Christianity, So Putin wants to create a list of countries which sanctioned Russia. It’s easier to make a list of which countries haven’t declared sanctions: China, India, Brazil, Mexico, Turkey, Serbia, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Argentina, Venezuela, United Arab Emirates, Israel, South Africa, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Syria, Cuba, Nicaragua, Bolivia, Iran, Algeria, Eritrea, North Korea, Mali, Central African Republic, Ethiopia, Angola, Burundi, Panama
  5. A Week Of War In Ukraine – Russell Bentley Update From Russian Operation Z Front Lines By Russell Bentley March 4th, 2022 The liberation and de-nazification of Ukraine continues apace. The resistance is strong, and the Russian and Republican Liberators face a desperate and ruthless enemy. The ukrop nazis’ most effective tactic is the use of civilians as human shields in built up urban areas. Russia’s extreme precautions and deliberate pace to avoid the kind of bloody “collateral damage” that is the trademark of every US and NATO invasion, has cost the Russians quite a lot in time, treasure and blood. But the advance continues, and will continue until all Russian strategic objectives are achieved. As of 3 March official military reports for the entire Russia/Ukraine operation are as follows – Ukrainian soldiers killed and missing – 8395 Russian & Republican soldiers – 498 dead, 1,600 wounded Civilian casualties throughout the area of military operations exceed 300. • 1,612 targets were hit by Russian artillery and precision missiles including 62 command and control centers and communication centers. • 39 S-300, Buk M-1 and Osa anti-aircraft missile systems as well as 52 radar stations. • 49 military aircraft were destroyed on the ground and 13 in flight. • 606 tanks and other armored fighting vehicles were destroyed. • 67 Multiple Rocket Launchers destroyed. • 227 howitzers and mortars. • 53 drones. The fake news report about Russians shelling a Ukrainian nuclear site is completely false. On Thursday night, a fire broke out at a building near the six-reactor Zaporozhskaya nuclear power plant, with Ukrainian authorities accusing Russian troops of “shelling” the nuclear site. Moscow had informed the international nuclear authorities on Tuesday that Russian forces had secured the territory around the plant and it was operating normally. The Russians had already taken the plant under their control, when a Ukrainian sabotage unit fired on a Russian perimeter patrol with small arms. During the attack, a fire started in an office/storage building on the plant grounds but not connected to the actual reactor. The fire was extinguished and the Ukrainian sabotage unit was eliminated. There is currently no danger of radiation leakage or explosion at the plant. The fake news report about Russian forces shelling the Jewish Holocaust Memorial at Babi Yar near Kiev are also completely false. A Russian missile strike was carried out on a main Kiev TV broadcast antenna located about 500 meters from the memorial. The TV antenna was destroyed, the memorial was not hit. Below is a map of the military situation as of 3 March, 2022 courtesy of Erwan Castel The strategic city of Khersan has been liberated by Russian forces. Though sporadic fighting continues in the city, it has been liberated and will remain so. The three main areas of active combat operations are currently Kiev, Kharkov and Mariupol. Kiev is blocked by Russian troops on the north and west, and Russian troops are actually operating inside the north and west parts of the city. Russian troops continue their advance on Kiev from the east, and will soon begin encircling the city in a southern direction, in conjunction with Russian troops to the west. Strategic missile strikes continue to target Ukrainian command centers, troop and equipment concentrations. The Human Shield tactic is being used in Kiev, but to a lesser extent than elsewhere. A Week Of War In Ukraine – Russell Bentley Update From Russian Operation Z Front Lines | The Cariboo Sentinel You have to be there to see whats really going on... Then we have another refreshing clip on MSM..
  6. Ukrainian Woman Interview Upsets French News Scripted Agenda. Link to video https://rumble.com/vwgyx4-ukrainian-woman-interviewed-on-french-news-exposes.html?mref=qnz9d&mc=6f8oi Ukrainian Woman Interviewed on French News Station reveals on the ground information not aligning with French interviewers puppet masters spin-doctoring script.
  7. Russia claims 498 of its troops killed and 1,597 wounded in first admission of Ukraine invasion casualties (msn.com) BREAKING... Russia's ministry of defence has claimed 498 of its troops have been killed in Ukraine and a further 1,597 wounded. Major General Igor Konashenkov rejected reports about "incalculable losses" as "disinformation", as he revealed Russia's own count of military casualties in Ukraine for the first time since the attack began last Thursday. The ministry also said more than 2,870 Ukrainian soldiers and "nationalists" have been killed, and about 3,700 wounded. However, these numbers have not been independently verified. Ukraine-Russia news live: Russia launches major assaults on key cities as civilian death toll put at 2,000 Major General Konashenko said the families of those killed have been receiving necessary assistance. He also dismissed media reports that conscripts and cadets had been involved in the invasion.
  8. Lovely dry day today even a chilly easterly wind...Havn t seen that for along time..
  9. US embassy just REMOVED all their Ukraine BIOWEAPON LAB DOCUMENTS from the website... Here they are... - Strange Sounds There is something fishy going on… Yesterday, the US Embassy removed around 2p.m. all their Ukraine Bioweapon lab documents from their website.
  10. https://www.facebook.com/mixmasterxl/videos/939426450050054 A huge UFO showed up at the Capital of Ukraine to get front row seat of the craziness.
  11. Fearmongering.. Nuclear weapons will never be allowed to happen on this planet ever again..
  12. Putin Tells Trump, “We’re Burning the Trash.” Biolaboratories Destroyed.. https://realrawnews.com/2022/02/putin-tells-trump-were-burning-the-trash-biolaboratories-destroyed/ Vladimir Putin has kept frequent contact with Donald J. Trump as Russian soldiers, aircraft, and warships continue to bombard eastern Ukraine, targeting not civilians but Western-sponsored bioweapons laboratories that zigzag the countryside like a child's connect-the-dots puzzle, a Mar-a-Lago source told Real Raw News. Our source emphasizes he is reporting only what Putin has told Trump; he is not attesting to the veracity of Putin's statements, and Trump, he said, has yet to independently verify Putin's claims. On Thursday Trump reportedly took a third telephone call from Putin and was told the Russian military had obliterated 13 bioweapon facilities across Ukraine. Some were subterranean and struck several times to ensure their destruction. According to Putin, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy knew about the laboratories and had received kickbacks in exchange for letting them operate clandestinely and without official oversight. "Putin told Trump he gave Zelenskyy many warnings to dismantle the labs, as far back as February 2020, and warned he'd do it himself if Zelenskyy didn't comply. He admitted to minor collateral damage, but told Trump that Zelenskyy had only himself to blame, for putting the people of the Ukraine in danger," our source said. Putin also namedropped Israel. He said the Israeli Health Ministry and the MOSSAD ran a biolab on Snake Island, a land mass that belonged to Ukraine, located in the Black Sea, near the Danube Delta, with an important role in delimiting Ukrainian territorial waters. On Thursday, a Russian Slava-class cruiser approached Snake Island and warned the inhabitants to surrender at once or be fired upon. "We are a Russian warship, proposing you put down arms to avoid bloodshed and unjustified deaths. In worst case, you will be hit with bomb strike," the Russian's warning continued for five minutes. The occupants replied: "Fuck you, Russian warship." The Slava cruiser opened fire, pummeling and razing the island's structures until only dust and rubble were left in the wake of the attack. There were no survivors. Putin said to Trump that the biolab on Snake Island had been involved in researching a weaponized type of airborne rabies that, if aerosolized, could have ravaged the earth with nearly a 100% mortality rate. "He assured Trump he'd taken precautions to guarantee all pathogens were hit hard and effective enough to render them inert. He wouldn't say if he used thermobaric ordnance, but that seems a likely possibility," our source said. "Make no mistake, President Trump. We're not hitting cities. If we were, more than one building in Kyiv would be hit, and there'd be no electricity, no water, no nothing. We're burning the trash," Putin purportedly told Trump. RRN is an independent publisher that relies on reader support. We fight for truth and freedom of the press in an oppressed society. We use GiveSendGo, a Christian-based fundraising company, through which to collect donations. Every dollar helps.
  13. The resident PoleShift expert on solar flares notes that Musk launched on Feb 3 when solar activity was already present. It was not considered a risk by Musk! But it worsened by Feb 4. Musk did not see this coming, nor did any of mankind’s monitors. A series of strong magnetic field variations did take place Feb. 3 just as much on Feb. 4. It is claimed that a geomagnetic storm took place a day after the liftoff at 1:13 p.m. EST, Feb 3. Why did they launch shortly after what was the first major magnetic blow to Earth's magnetosphere on Feb 3? Solar Cycle 25: Activity is Heating Up February 9, 2022 https://www.almanac.com/solar-cycle-25-sun-heating Solar Cycle 25 activity is heating up and surprisingly stronger than forecast! Will this new solar cycle be a wild one or a washout? Solar Cycle 25 began in December 2019 and is expected to peak in mid-2025.
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