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  1. Alice in wonderland syndrome...Well thats the official name of it,think it goes far deeper than this with the nature of reality. When I was young just on the offset of going to sleep,not just this but something else with it a loud rushing sound in the distance coming closer and closer as it starts off,also mixed in with night terrors and also being crushed by something huge. It happened in the daytime too cold weather or having colds. Anybody else experienced this. https://medium.com/@ongoingwow/alice-in-wonderland-syndrome-curiouser-and-curiouser-9934034965b4 Alice in
  2. This is one reason. By the way what did happen after.....
  3. Talk about double dutch speak. https://fullfact.org/online/460-vaccine-deaths-yellow-card/?fbclid=IwAR2YrAxmZxC26y47jBLtXQvRYfKU143sFpR5D6HyQUX0PTbYX-y4KVDxOAM So this was fact checked...it was censored in reality. https://www.globalresearch.ca/460-dead-243612-reported-injuries-covid-19-vaccines-reported-uk/5739033
  4. Its a shame I don`t know anybody who is truely awake around here and actually interested in whats happening with everything. Most people are just too weak and afraid and lazy minded and depressed and afraid of the subjects like they just talk about little things or little me,they are 12 years behind that being the best of them.
  5. Some exposure interesting,she`s into the metaphysical too. Chemtrails first seen in 1997 as I remember seeing,even then why are they spreading all across the sky blocking the view of the skies looked horrible was my first opinion.
  6. Ian talked about the bird flu later in this classic video,I first seen this 10 years ago on Edge media. Tribute very sad on his passing.
  7. Yes I thought that the author was much too kind,thats why I quoted those bits more effective. Meanwhile we have the sun out here and stronger and killing all those nasty Covy bugs and vitamin D is returning also. Did also see the main article on the front page too with the PCR scam and its going down in other countries false postives etc. Yet we still have the sheep still believing the nonsense,lucklily not eveyone around here are falling for it,the older people are though with their mind controlled boxes and had the jabs,not my mum though we watch UK column,she`s never had the
  8. The Israeli Mutant, the IDF Prophecy and the Reality on the Ground https://www.unz.com/gatzmon/the-israeli-mutant-the-idf-prophecy-and-the-reality-on-the-ground/ And here he is the mutant. The Israelis who have been the Guinea pigs in this experiment are asked to keep in line for at least one more month. Israel's Covid-19 cases per capita spiked sharply and were amongst the highest in the world (if not the highest) during the first month of the ‘successful' mass vaccination campaign. Within two months of intensive inoculation with the Pfizer vaccine, Israel managed to d
  9. Interesting what the percentage will be put it this way it`ll be all the awaken people and twice or 3 times that so 40% to 50% that won`t get it.
  10. The queen would only take herbs if she took anything,fake MSM with a robot.
  11. Good eg. https://www.sott.net/article/449249-Germany-sees-biggest-temperature-swing-since-records-began Germany has seen its its biggest temperature swing since records began - with an increase of 41.9 degrees in one week. Climate researchers at the German Weather Service (DWD) on Tuesday said the country had never before experienced a swing like the one that occurred at the weather station in the central German city of Goettingen. A low of minus 23.8 degrees Celsius was recorded there on February 14. Seven days later, on February 21, the high was 18.1 degrees Celsius,
  12. The magnetic pole shift is definately causing big wobbles in the climate,look at the USA now record cold in Texas. After except for a mild 3 or 4 days to start this month we had the most notable february cold spell since 1991,but now its flipped back to very mild,looks like early spring coming later this week. Spring will probably see cold return again,there are no seasons now.
  13. videos havn`t come out but on the link. These tests get much more sinister everytime I look,saw UK column gulag earlier also,got 20mins left to watch yet Exposed! Cows Are Vaccinated With A Swab In The Nose. Dr. Carrie Madej & Dr. Lorraine Day Both Confirm That COVID-19 Test Could Technically Be Vaccinating You Through Your Nose. Live Nanotechnology Found In The Covid-19 Swabs Test! Must See Videos!! COVID-19 test could technically be nasal vaccine. The vigilant are aware of DNA-modification capabilities of the COVID-19 mRNA-vaccines. The distrusting deem it pla
  14. We are getting more extremes of all weather record hot cold record wet spells these are becoming much more frequent since 2006/7,record dry spells record high temperatures record low temperatures and thats just my recordings since 1990 something is definately going on and there is a much bigger picture that we are not being told about.
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