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  1. As the UK is only an island don`t expect this low of temps because of the warming seas but thats because of rising volcanic eruptions 90% of which are underwater thats what started causing el nino back in 1997 a new phenomena then thats why the seas are warming. As it was called global warming from the late 80`s of course in the 70s there was global cooling,but now as the weather is so erratic the jet stream in recent years is up and down like a yoyo and we are seeing snow down in places down in the equator with record cold that never expect to see snow,then alaska and the north pole are
  2. There was this movie many years ago in the 70`s or more like the early 80`s about a man going round wiping everything down and putting gloves on and taking them off(no masks though),and the rest of the people thought he lost the plot,he thought there was a virus looming around every corner and basically he looked like a parnoid freak.I can`t find the name of that movie of TV show it always sticks in my mind. Onto 2020......
  3. Greta needs to go to spain in a once in a lifetime snowstorm widespread 50 years,the cold only came from here to start.
  4. It exploded it didn`t go well at all,am I missing something or... Was SpaceX Rocket hit by a Drone? Shock Claims Elon Musk’s Falcon 9 was 'Attacked' September 3, 2016 http://www.dailystar.co.uk/news/latest-news/542878/spacex-rocket-explosion Now conspiracy theorists are claiming the space rocket was “attacked”. The “reusable” rocket was destroyed after suffering a catastrophic explosion on launch at Cape Canaveral in Florida. Billionaire SpaceX CEO Elon Musk said the cause of the explosion, which was caught on camera, is still unknown. Elon Musk Now Has a Total of
  5. Flashback he`s not having much luck is he,or somebody doesn`t want him to go to mars. Watch Dramatic Moment SpaceX Rocket Explodes at Cape Canaveral – Blowing up Facebook’s £150 Million Internet Satellite September 1, 2016 https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/1710969/elon-musk-explosions NASA says SpaceX was conducting a test firing of its pioneering unmanned rocket when disaster struck. The Israeli made Amos-6 communications satellite was, according to Tech Crunch, carrying technology to allow Mark Zuckerberg's firm to spot beam wireless internet directly to smartphones in sub-Sa
  6. I`ve always been interested in astronomy but that is certainly a new phenomenon in recent few years. As for those monoliths looks like the second 2 were fake,first one was genuine as it was well hidden away,unlike the second two.
  7. Its a message thats for sure and now its vanished completely. https://www.foxnews.com/science/mysterious-monolith-disappears-from-remote-utah-desert
  8. Record highs and record lows yep sums up the chaos thats going on. Temperature extremes: Severe fire danger for Australia as November high temperatures smash records Heavy snow continued in northern India yesterday, Nov. 26, as southern regions continued to register anomalous, often record-breaking cold. As originally reported by sify.com, the city of Shimla, Himachal Pradesh was greeted with a fresh spell of snow and sub-zero temperatures on Thursday, November 26 (see featured image), with Keylong district clocking the northern state's lowest temperature, a nippy -2.6C (27.3F).
  9. There was a blackout from this new unexplained lights hitting the upper atmosphere earlier this year US. https://www.fox19.com/2020/01/14/red-orange-flash-reported-skies-above-clermont-county-i-thought-it-was-an-explosion/
  10. More dead animals and dead birds falling from the sky this ain`t normal and its not climate change either.
  11. George Soros ARRESTED for election interference, in federal custody. https://www.conservativebeaver.com/2020/11/23/george-soros-arrested-for-election-interference-in-federal-custody/
  12. Females are curvey and much more to male says it all really. Coming out of the Dark Ages, man believed the Earth was flat, and that the heavens revolved around the Earth. Evidence that contradicted these assumptions was ignored until the weight of evidence became so heavy that the comfortable assumption was eroded. How could such a theory as the flat Earth even evolve? To man today, this theory seems laughable, but when it evolved, the edges of the horizon always seemed at the edge of a flat plane, so this was the newborn child's first conclusion. But did not the fact that the stars moved
  13. Snow and Ice I would think. But the magnetic north pole is moving fast thats the real problem you should look into.
  14. NASA is lying theres no doubt about that, but its certainly nothing to do with the absurd there is no such thing as space.
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