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  1. Funny how those that have lost a loved one from a jab still urge other to get it. Where's the fucking outrage over a needless preventable death?!
  2. A Christmas lockdown? Well I am absolutely shocked, I never saw that coming!
  3. The MSM are extremely reluctant to cover the protests, and when they do(which is rare) they always lie about the turnout. They don't want the masses to know these protests are happening. Why? because it doesn't fit their narrative.
  4. Why is the video quality so bad? Hmmm, is this legit?
  5. In my opinion, bad acting. It all sounds scripted.
  6. Very funny, but the original video shows a gorilla.
  7. The all-powerful elite. They have me shivering in fear.
  8. I believe we will win. there is a reason for the pushback we are seeing all over the world. Humanity is not dead on its feet, far from it. 'Covid' we be the end of the elite. 'Covid' we be what will finally expose these evil bastards once and for all. The light will be shone on to them and the world will finally see who and what they really are.
  9. I think, ultimately, that's what they want. The problem is there are far more sheep than awake. They are many, we are few.
  10. That's odd. I can't find a single video on YouTube covering today's protest.
  11. Wasn't there a protest in London today? There's been nothing said about it on this thread. What was the turnout like?
  12. Jab roll out for kids, now suddenly kids can have heart attacks and strokes. But it's all a coincidence, nothing to worry about!
  13. I've also noticed it was updated at 06:33
  14. I'll ask you again, since you ignored it before. What is your opinion of Bill Gates?
  15. Didn't you know that? goodness me, you've been out of the loop, haven't you?
  16. Why isn't Gates smiling? Up until now he's been looking ever so smug and confident, here he looks like a worried man.. Things not going to plan?
  17. I like David Icke's 'Jackboot Johnson'. :)
  18. He seems to be very useful to the cult. They like him to read their script. I honestly don't understand why, as so many people despise the monster and he is a known war criminal. Even the sheep don't like him.
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