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  1. They use Homeopathy, they don't take Big Pharma 'medicine'.
  2. I vagely recall him saying that her eyes were 'black'? I'd be interested in seeing David Icke speak with Michael Fagan. To my knowledge he hasn't. I don't know if he is still alive.
  3. That elderly neighbour of theirs that will most likely freeze and/or starve to death this winter, they won't give a fuck about.
  4. I doubt it. Most of the family have , or are continuing to arrive at Balmoral. I think she has already died, and they are waiting to announce it.
  5. Apologies for posting a Charlie Vietch video, but I think he is right.
  6. They are sucking Satan's cock. They'll be back soon.
  7. Some great comments. I like this one....
  8. I genuinely thought he had died years ago. I had no idea he was still alive.
  9. Neighbours' Nicola Charles claims she didn't appear in finale episode because she's 'unvaccinated' | Daily Mail Online
  10. I am still unconvinced that Dr Steve James' confrontation with Sajid Javid was genuine. He can't help but laugh when saying that it was.
  11. I'm disappointed in Mike Tyson, he took the jab to travel, now he's in a wheelchair and is saying his ''expiration date is expiring''.
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