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  1. This woman is talking nonsense. None of these 'variants' exist.
  2. They don't need to. Positive test = unwell, in the sheeple's mind.
  3. The Consultant psychiatrist looks like a nasty bastard.
  4. It matters not what he thinks, he's a puppet, a mouthpiece for the cult agenda. I, for one, will not be feeling sorry for Johnson, after all, he was the one that got us into this appalling Convid situation, by following his script, blackmailed or not, he shoulders that responsibility. He will ultimately pay the price for his extremely wicked deeds at Nuremberg 2.0.
  5. I don't know about that, but he was sacked from TalkSport.
  6. Jon Gaunt, fucking fascist prick. Who's the 'Nazi' now?
  7. Why would somebody film the evidence? 'In a years time', how did he know it would be 'in a years time'?
  8. I ask because there was a mod on that forum that would delete posts and ban people for the most absurd reasons.
  9. Was 'JumpRogue' a mod on the first forum with a different name?
  10. That Savile thread was a behemoth. So many posts lost forever. So sad.
  11. If you believe she took it. I'm not so sure she did.
  12. Dion is a Satanic witch. Did you see the NWO filth she was promoting to children? She's fully on board with the satanic agenda.
  13. What happens when they try that in the UK? I understand that a mandate is not law, so we just refuse to pay and that's the end of it?
  14. If (when) the evil bastards make the jabs mandatory, we need to support each other as much as we can because we are going to need it. It's going to get tough, really tough. I'm not looking forward to 2022.
  15. Crocodile tears. She went back inside and laughed her arse off.
  16. He'll be sorely missed, like a haemorrhoid removed from an anus.
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