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  1. It could be someone in the studio not realising her mic was on and it being audible. I would like it to be something else, but I think this is what happened. As for the 'death is irreversable' part, It could be her way of trying to internalize her death as being final.
  2. Guarding an empty box is bloody hard work. Numpties. 'Highway To Hell' by AC/DC would be more fitting.
  3. If Jimmy Savile was there, he'd jump the queue and try to get to the Queen, and try to shag her.
  4. 'Papenfuss'? What kind of bloody surname is that? 'pen', a reference to Charlie's dislike of pens?
  5. Joe Biden: ''This is a sad day, I'm so pleased to be here. My condolences to Queen Victoria's family''.
  6. This seems much bigger than Diana. It's mind boggling.
  7. What makes people do this? What is their thought process? It's just bizarre.
  8. Why don't they close all the hospitals while they are at it? ''Out of respect for the Queen's funeral, we shall be switching off all your life support machines, and buggering off home to watch the funeral on TV. Thank you for your understanding''.
  9. The first thing I noticed in that picture was that hand sign.
  10. Another day, another temper tantrum from the King...
  11. I suppose Childline is inundated with calls from distraught children now they are told about the Queen's death? They may need extensive counsellling.
  12. It's a very creepy place to me. One can only imagine what kind of horrific things went on there.
  13. Charles survived an assassination attempt in 1994. It took two shots for security to act.
  14. She does all the work in the bedroom, he just lies back and thinks of England.
  15. I suppose he gets a servant to brush his teeth and wipe his arse? Prince Charles has flunkeys iron his SHOELACES and squeeze toothpaste on to his brush | Daily Mail Online
  16. Imagine that Phillip told his neighbour that he wanted to reincarnate as a deadly virus to do something about overpopulation? Who says such a thing?
  17. Andrew Lawrence, this guy talks some absolute bollocks. A 'comedian' apparently. I've never found him funny. Don't disagree with him, or he'll turn his comments off and sulk.
  18. ''She was a really nice lady, and I wanted to meet her''. She needs to watch some David Icke videos.
  19. I think we can confidently say that we won't ever be having a 'The Queen has died? but I thought she was already dead!' moment.
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