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  1. How do you know? Maybe she was threatened. 'Have sex with Andrew or we'll kill you'.
  2. Covid? Chinese lab leak? Nonsense. I was sick in December 2019, I strongly suspect 5G because it coincided with it being switched on around that time. I recall David Icke saying he was sick during that month too.
  3. They are both actors. Almost everything that comes out of their mouths is scripted.
  4. Yes, if you lock this thread then you give them exactly what they want. They want to shut us down exposing the scamdemic, and all those involved in it.
  5. Disgusting behaviour from this odious cretin.
  6. Be careful with Lemsip, it contains Aspartame, well it used to, I don't know if it still does. I haven't taken it for years.
  7. What annoys me the most about Rose is that he talks time and time again about how he champions 'free speech' and is a staunch supporter of it. The comments section of his channel reflects something vastly different. He outrightly censors and shadowbans people, including me, sure that's his prerogative, but it's the flagrant hypocracy that I have such a distain for him.
  8. They also didn't show the the young girl on her knees in front of Andrew.
  9. I think he's on a wind up. He hasn't answered any questions pertaining to his encounter with the big bad Bogey man virus. If you didn't think your life was in danger then why did you believe it was 'Covid'? Was it the fake test that convinced you? Lingering loss of taste and smell can be a symptom of, wait for it, not yet, ready? OK, drum roll please.....the FLU.
  10. ''Dr Fauci give me that ouchy, I want it in my body''.
  11. I'm surprised this hasn't been posted. David will be back with Brian Rose for Rose/Icke 6.
  12. It was very well done, I thought it was real.
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