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  1. 300 million cases, and each and every one of them fake.
  2. I think it's staged. Here's Hugo's take on it.. https://brandnewtube.com/v/AhpdlD
  3. Children in hospital with Covid? Another lie.
  4. No, no , not a conspiracy, while they do everything that was predicted by people like David Icke decades ago.
  5. I would bet serious money that she is a member of the Mumsnet forum.
  6. Remember that freemason ''Grandmaster'? He was always saying how nice Savile was, and denying he had anything to do with paedophilia, and always commended his 'charity' work. Steppewar is much missed. RIP.
  7. How does David Icke always appear on Infowars? Skype.
  8. David Icke is very optimistic. He says 2022 will be our year.
  9. I would suggest that is exactly why they do it. ''Oh my God, it's those crazy conspiracy theorists again, they need help before they kill someone''. I see Corbyn was there, why aren't I surprised that he would be involved in something like this? Did they expect us all on this forum to cheer them? I deplore their actions, they are not helping the cause, they are hindering it.
  10. I used to like him, since he was knighted he's changed. He's one of them now, just like Lewis Hamilton.
  11. SIR Andy Murray saying the jab is safe! You are full of shit, Murray. Murray speaks on Djokovic vaccine status ahead of Australian Open — RT Sport News
  12. I would have given him a medal had he been successful, alas, he was not.
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