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  1. Would it be an 'Independence Day' scenario played out? I think that film was predictive programming.
  2. I'm frankly surprised they didn't go with the staged alien invasion instead of the 'virus'. It would have elicited an enormous fear response from pretty much every human on the planet. People would surrender to and obey any order from TPTB through sheer fear.
  3. Faux outrage, because they saw it on social media and wanted to be part of it. They take their selfies to prove to 'friends' on Facebook that they were there.
  4. Winter would be an ideal time to create a second wave. It's a no-brainer for them.
  5. They are not conscious. They are merely walking software programs.
  6. David Icke says ''human race get off your KNEES''. The PTB are having a laugh at the sheeple kneeling.
  7. Why should people acquiesce to this nonsense.? Wear a defective mask? fine, but why must people be forced to wear one? The threat of fines make us comply. They are laughing at us.
  8. Face mask wearing to be made mandatory everywhere in public. This is where they are going with this.
  9. We're in the minority that are outraged by it, and can see it for the total insanity that it is. The most tragic thing is that the majority of people will cheer and applaud ( shit, more of that at 8pm) these new rules. I don't ever want to wear a mask, it doesn't feel natural to me, also the fact they do nothing to stop this 'virus'. We should have seen where they were going with this mask wearing crap, when the first pictures emerged of some people wearing them in public and the look on other peoples faces reacting to the mask. It was a unusual sight then, now they want it to become (new) normal.
  10. No disrespect to his work, but I personally find his posts rather convoluted.
  11. What is he trying to prove in this video? ''Don't fuck with me, I'm Brian Rose''? That laugh he does at the end is creepy. He's definitely arrogant.
  12. This is what David Icke calls 'repeaters'.
  13. It will be like incessantly banging your head against a brick wall. Those morons will ridicule everything you tell them. They think it's hilarious, I'd love to see their reactions if/when the truth comes out about 9/11 for the whole world to see.
  14. The police could do with a good mask, no reason for them to go without. This one would look nice.
  15. 'Rupert Murdoch' has all the cookies, the black guy doesn't even have a plate.
  16. Parents will tell their children that Santa has the virus and is self isolating in Lapland.
  17. Forced to watch BBC news 24, without being able to blink.
  18. Paedophilia is NOT a sexual orientation, never was, never will be. The elite want you to believe it is that so they can normalise paedophilia. Paedophiles can then demand rights and protection from laws as it is their sexual orientation. The elite don't care about LGBT people, they only use them to further their agenda.
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