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  1. You got me again with the click bait title. LOL.
  2. Did Elton ask him to blow his candle in the wind?
  3. Neither was Freddie. Chris Spivey, says it all.
  4. I wish he wouldn't post these click bait titles.
  5. On the Drama channel they are showing repeats of EastEnders, I recently caught a scene in which a character was reading a newspaper called the 'Walford Gazette', and on the front page it said something about a ''mystery virus'', there was nothing said about this virus by the character reading the paper, which I thought was odd. This episode was from 1993, could this be predictive programming?
  6. I don't like the way he treated David. David promoted his show but then Richie decided to disassociate himself with him, for reasons I don't fully know, but I recall one of the reasons being that he didn't want people to be put off from being a guest on his show, hence the ties being severed with David Icke.
  7. So many people living in fear. As David says ''A few people can't control the world? It's a piece of cake''.
  8. Most people believe everything they see on TV. Even the BBC, there are a lot of people that will watch BBC news and believe, without question, what they are being told. There is a apparently a great awakening going on, but how many are awake or waking up? I'm afraid we are still in the minority.
  9. Magnesium Glycinate is very helpful. Most people are deficient in Magnesium. I find it gives me a nice sense of well being. It is also good for sleep, anxiety, stress, etc.
  10. Good point. Nobody is legally obliged to disclose their health status to a bus driver.
  11. May 12th? I'm very surprised they have allowed it to stay all this time. I wonder what the reason is for that?
  12. How long do you think it will be before YouTube deletes the video?
  13. We are seeing the annihilation of all non-pc comedy. Are black people offended by black jokes? Do they want to see Little Britain deleted from Netflix? I don't recall black people demanding this to happen.
  14. I think his balls were removed and put where his brain should be. LOL.
  15. Watch at 14:31 The black guy was so offended wasn't he?
  16. Not long to go before he reincarnates as a coronavirus to do something about overpopulation.
  17. What about the mantra ''Stay safe''? It's in so many YouTube comments. It drives me mad!!
  18. The way things have been so far in 2020, it wouldn't surprise me if they did launch an alien invasion. The elite seem to be on a roll this year.
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