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  1. The trouble with the MSM is that they are just too predictable.
  2. Robert Kennedy Jr in Berlin and David Icke in London. What a momentous day.
  3. WOW, such an impassioned speech by David. Truly inspirational.
  4. I'm also getting this. I have to tick a box to prove I'm a human, (could be a lizard) then I proceed to check boxes of bloody motorbikes!!
  5. I would bet that James Daunt has never read a David Icke book, nor watched any of his talks. He is merely repeating what he has seen in the MSM about him. Look at this, they are happy to stock books by the war criminal, Tony Blair! https://www.waterstones.com/book/a-journey/tony-blair/9780099525097 This book is being sold to kids. Absolutely disgusting. https://www.waterstones.com/book/while-we-cant-hug/eoin-mclaughlin/polly-dunbar/9780571365609
  6. They believe they are powerful, but when confronted by a few people they want to run away like cowards. They were all shitting themselves.
  7. Sad to read that, all the more reason for him to tell the government to screw themselves.
  8. I'm surprised and disappointed in James Whale,. He used to have David Icke on as a guest on the old Talk Radio UK. Here he is telling this woman that ''you will do what you're told by the government''. I've lost a lot of respect for Whale. I used to like him.
  9. Here we go again! David spreading truth is dangerous.
  10. If you were to put on the ''They Live'' glasses, that's what you would see.
  11. http://www.camelotdaily.com/spirit-cooking-alleged-pedophiles-robert-de-niro-podesta-brothers-hillary-clinton-marina-abramovic/
  12. If did go over on those rails, I wouldn't care. He's nothing but scum.
  13. I didn't watch it either. What did David talk about? By the lack of discussion regarding the content, I don't think it was a particularly great interview. Am I wrong?
  14. ''We're not going to sit in silence, we're not going to live in fear''.
  15. Why couldn't the interview be done via video link? Rose doesn't say a lot, It's David doing the talking, which is obviously a good thing. David could just say it to a camera instead, like he is used to doing in his dot-connector videos. I don't understand why Rose needs to travel to the Isle Of Wight when they can sit in the comfort of their own homes and do the interview.
  16. Looks like all those muzzle wearers need to find ''The Answer'', too.
  17. Hancock: ''Look into my eyes, when I count down to 1, you will feel very sleeepppy. ''
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