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  1. We would be doing the very thing we accuse the MSM of. That wouldn't help our crusade for the truth, It would only hurt it. By doing that, it would only damage our credibility.
  2. Lisa Marie tweeted as 'Lisa Marie Presley' on her offical Twitter page, so that tweet was most likely not her.
  3. I would be fooled into thinking this was really a woman if I didn't know this person was a trans.
  4. So did I, thought that too. I am quite shocked that a lot of celebrities appeared to have had the real thing, and not the saline.
  5. 'Disgusting and dangerous', he's describing himself there. Evil, lying, psychopathic, mass murdering scum.
  6. Midazolam murderer Hancock condemns Andrew Bridgen's comments. He has absolutely no shame. In his mind he's done nothing wrong, none of them have. Andrew Bridgen has planted the seeds now, even if the public dismiss him as a looney, which most sadly will, he will have made the connection.
  7. 'Dr' John Campbell is blaming obesity and junk food for the excess deaths. Not climate change or gardening then, John?
  8. It's clear that the psychopaths want to return to life as it was in 2020/2021. Masks, followed by distancing, then possibly followed by lockdowns.
  9. This is a good channel on YouTube, it exposes many that are possibly trans, some of them I'm not sure about. Interesting and eye-opening stuff. Here's a video of Chrissie Hynde from The Pretenders.
  10. This is what James did to an unjabbed NHS worker.
  11. That bloody climate change! Fuck climate change!
  12. They would rather live in blissful ignorance, than to accept the fact that people are dropping dead from the jabs. I've pretty much given up on any hope of people waking up. Unless the BBC tells them on the news that it's the jabs killing people, I don't see any way of them waking up, no matter how much information you present to them.
  13. So, Campbell has changed his tune now? BS! still pushing the official narrative. 'We're in a different situation now, we had the original Wuhan strain, we had the Alpha strain, we had the Delta strain, and they are dangerous strains'. 'Covid is a real disease'. Clearly he still on the Gates pay roll. I'm also disappointed in Bev Turner for not questioning anything he said. She has called Covid a 'scamdemic', so she knows what he is saying is a lie.
  14. How long before he has an 'accident'? I think he's signed his death warrant.
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