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  1. I'm not sure, it could be. It does sound a bit strange.
  2. I'm having a lot of fun with this. I just got Joe Biden riding a bike on Paris rooftops. LOL.
  3. I just typed the 'giant blue chicken riding motorbike on Paris rooftops'. The image doesn't appear to work on here though for some reason.
  4. I found the video of him talking about Fauci by searching this thread.. Pink Floyd's Roger Waters...The NWO SELL OUT (fakeotube.com)
  5. Another who jumped on the truth movement gravy train is Carl Vernon. He also has click bait videos, and sells T-shirts. Also, apparently someone who knows him said that Vernon was fully jabbed in the comments section under one of his videos.
  6. Did you see that interview he did with Joe Rogan? Joe Rogan was talking about Epstein and Roger Waters went strangely silent as if he knew more than he was letting on. He said to Joe, 'You sound like a conspiracy theorist'. To keep this Covid related, why hasn't Roger Waters spoken out about 'Covid'? Is it because he believes the official narrative? I don't want to be seen as attacking him because I'm not, he does speak out on other things, like the war in Ukraine and Assange which is all fine and good, but I just wondered why he hasn't called out the elite on 'Covid'. There was a video of Roger praising Fauci, but I can't seem to find it now.
  7. I thought the price would be £23.33!
  8. 'Domestic abuse'. Are they implying that Nicola was also a victim of domestic abuse at the hands of her Husband Paul?
  9. Get the psychic Jason Rothwell on the case, quick!
  10. Interesting comment taken from the comments under Jason Rothwell's only video on his YouTube channel..
  11. If the family didn't want press intrusion and the public asking questions then they could have asked the media for a blackout on the story. Instead we got wall-to-wall press coverage. Why did it become such a behemoth of a story?
  12. Another number 33. Video length is 3:03. Just a coincidence!
  13. Page 23 of the thread, 23 days missing.
  14. He always censored any dissenting voices on his YouTube channel, including my own comments. Feck him.
  15. This is what is so odd. You'd think the police would appreciate the help from people offering to find Nicola, as it could hasten their chances of finding her. On Crimewatch, they were always appealing for help from the public in finding a missing person.
  16. Perhaps she'll do a 'Dirty' Den Watts or a Harold Bishop and return years later with amnesia.
  17. Sorry, but I'm not convinced by any of them frankly. The sister starts laughing at 3:12. What is it with this family? what's so funny about a family member going missing? It's possibly a stretch, but could all of them be crisis actors?
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