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  1. The guy has been spouting the Convid propaganda and promoting the fake jabs since the beginning. He may have acknowledged the heart inflammation connection, but it won't stop him doing what he has always done, and that's talking out of his arse. He's concerned about the 'O' variant. 'It's a bit of a kick in the teeth to be quite honest''. LOL.
  2. Johnson will announce the toughest restrictions ever, with a new lockdown commencing as soon as possible. He will say how sorry he is and he does it with a heavy heart, but he has no choice, it's all about keeping us safe you see, and he hopes that we all understand. The sheep will throw their arms up in the air then shrug their shoulders. 'Oh well, I guess we must listen and follow the rules. After all, we need to protect ourselves from this frightening new variant. Thank you Boris''.
  3. I'm still amazed that so many people, even those that claim to be awake, think that elections make any sort of difference. I totally agree that they are actors playing a part, it matters not who is in charge, because the cult is in control of who gets to be Prime Minister, or President. They are selected ,not elected. Boris Johnson has done his bit for the cult, he has played his part in the Covid scam, now it's time to pass that baton to someone else. That 'someone else' being who the cult has already chosen and is lined up to take his place.
  4. Notice the word 'with' not 'from'. So she didn't die from Covid. Not that she would anyway, since it doesn't exist. So what did she actually die from? Funny isn't it, that her Father now calls for people to be fined, just as Austria and Germany is making the poison compulsory. I've never seen any MSM story about anybody calling for people to be fined in the UK for not having it until now. What a coincidence.
  5. I'm not surprised to be honest. Mine always gets removed. If I include the name 'David Icke' it automatically gets censored.
  6. James Whale, yet again attacking 'anti vaxxers'. He is nothing but a arrogant, ignorant bully, so his his sidekick, Ash, who looks like he just rolled out of bed and hasn't had a wash in years.
  7. The horrible bastard wasn't expecting that was he? Well done to those guys!
  8. Do NOT believe a word this psychopath says.
  9. I saw an advert for the 'Vax' vucuum cleaner a few days ago. What caught my attention was at the end it said 'get the vax'. How blatant is that? They are trying to get into people's heads.
  10. This is the global script playing out. They want to do it in the UK, and I think soon. This is why we had talkRADIO, Good Morning Britain, and the Jeremy Vile show asking ''Should we lock down the unvaxxed''?
  11. Controlled opposition talkRADIO are asking the same...
  12. Also at 2pm on Christmas Eve, they were showing Rolf Harris 'Cartoon Time'.
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