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  1. I'm not giving my credit card details to YouTube. Verify you age? Fuck off.
  2. Hell has a special place for Fauci and Gates.
  3. It seems to elicit a very strong emotional reaction in me. I saw my neighbour's young grand daughter the other day wearing a muzzle, I was in a good mood until I saw that, then I was raging. It was like flicking a switch, one minute I am feeling OK, next I am experiencing a myriad of emotions. The initial feeling is one of great anger, then it's frustration and sadness.
  4. She just oozes malevolence from her every pore.
  5. I can't imagine what kind of karma awaits for the psychopaths that did this.
  6. I don't believe that image has been photoshopped!
  7. I think Killary and Harold Shipman, having met, would have really hit it off. They had so much in common.
  8. Boris building £9,000,000 bunker for national emergencies | Metro News
  9. Is there any video footage of this attack?
  10. I don't like to say this but they shouldn't be having children.
  11. Some seem to have lost all human compassion and empathy.
  12. Her real last words...''I wish I went on a diet''.
  13. I never liked his shitty films, not that I have watched many of his. He always did come across as a total prick. Sean Penn says being unvaccinated is like 'pointing a gun in somebody's face' | Daily Mail Online
  14. Jabs, masks, 'Clearly overcome with emotion' LOL. Clearly overcome with the giggles.
  15. Faul having the fake vax. What would Paul and John say about this silly fool?
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