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  1. 1 hour ago, Mikhail Liebestein said:



    But look at this:




    Taylor Hawkins' heart weighed DOUBLE that of men his age when he died: Foo Fighters drummer suffered 'cardiovascular collapse' in Colombia hotel room after binging on cocktail of drugs including heroin, marijuana, and opioids, investigators say


    Quick cover it up with a story about taking copious amounts of drugs. He relapsed and went on a drug crazed binge.  Rock star dies of drug overdose, nothing to see here, move along. 

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  2. 7 hours ago, jack121 said:



    Sounds strange that a good friend of bill gates should be suffering from satan juice injuries. Being an insider, thought nadal would have more sense that to take that satan juice crap.  Oh well, there's one born every minute.

    Wonder if federer may be tragically collapsing at any second, crying with tears in his eyes : But bill, how could you, after everything i've done for you, i thought we were buddies. Boo hoo sob sob

    Bill: I only suck satan's cock, and maybe klaus... Fuck you


    Perhaps his mate Bill persuaded him to take it. ''Hey Raffa, have you taken my vaccine yet?  No Bill, I'll take the saline.  OK,  saline it is. Are you sure it's not the real thing? Relax, Raffa.  Would I lie to you?  Trust me. Let me inject you with it''. (Evil laugh). 

  3. 1 hour ago, webtrekker said:

    Just for the record, we all had Covid over the last 3 weeks. Me 70, wife 66, daughter 43 and 1 granddaughter 11. All ok. No doctors or hospitals needed, not even a paracetamol for me, although I was very fatigued, aching limbs, and had a chesty cough. We all lost taste and smell.


    So, if this is the Pandemic then I, for one, have no fears at all.


    You had Covid? How awful for you all to have to suffer from an imaginary virus. I'm glad you're all OK now.

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  4. 12 hours ago, The itinerant shrubber said:

    I don't deny he's a degenerate but there's two sides to every story. 

    Most likely this girl was a prostitute out to make some money. 

    She was 17 at the time and of legal age. She was old enough to know what she was doing. Nobody put a gun to her head. 

    Of course the media will always take the side of wamen when they cry victim. God forbid a woman ever takes personal responsibility for their actions any more. 


    How do you know? Maybe she was threatened. 'Have sex with Andrew or we'll kill you'.  

  5. On 1/30/2022 at 6:25 PM, Martin1234 said:

    I got this in December 19. I never generally get sick. 


    I was out of action for 3 weeks and couldn't stop coughing for a month afterwards. I'm pretty sure what I had was covid and the Chinese were in the stages of covering up the leak.



    Covid? Chinese lab leak? Nonsense.   I was sick in December 2019,  I strongly suspect 5G because it coincided with it being switched on around that time.  I recall David Icke saying he was  sick during that month too. 

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  6. 18 minutes ago, DaleP said:

    Thanks @ink

    Clearly, Starmer was triggered by the look of his face and Bojo meant it.

    Bojo can fight his ground..... I thought he was going to be pushed away.


    They are both actors.  Almost everything that comes out of their mouths is scripted. 

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