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  1. David Jason says he no longer speaks to Nicholas Lyndhurst. I was quite surprised, as they have been close friends for 40 years. It could be simply a case of them having grown apart, but it could be something else. Does Lyndhurst know something?
  2. I was watching GBNews, they said McGreevy had signed an NDA and that it was going to expire very soon. It will be interesting to see if he does then speak about what happened, and when their sexual relationship started, and I have a feeling it was before he was 16.
  3. Children can sleep a little more soundly at night now he's dead.
  4. There was also a 'credible threat' made against him a couple of years ago, Jason even had bodyguards on the set of 'Still Open All Hours'. Now, why would someone want to make a threat against someone regarded as a much loved national treasure? I hope these rumours about him being a paedophile aren't true, because if they are, I personally will not be able to watch him again in anything, as I cannot, or will not, seperate the character from the actor. As for Phillip Schofield, I think what we are seeing is just the tip of the iceberg, and that there is much more to come out. Another Savile? possibly. Why are the media saying that he met MC when he was 15, when pictures show him to be much younger than that, when he would have been 10! So ITV bosses didn't know? Holly Didn't know? but people on social media knew. Are we expected to believe that those closest to him didn't know? It's BS. They knew, and it will come out.
  5. 'Hello, is it sausage fingers I'm looking for?'.
  6. I just saw this on YouTube. What a disgusting nonce.
  7. Jeff Goldblum after taking the vax....
  8. It seems to me that It's YouTube up to their dirty old tricks to censor me, and anyone else that speaks the truth. I sent them a message back telling YouTube what I thought of them.
  9. I've just had a message from YouTube warning me that my channel may be terminated if I continue leaving comments which pertain to 'harrassment and cyberbullying'. WTF is this all about? I haven't been harrassing anyone. Unsurprisingly, They won't provide any evidence of this. Is this what they are doing to silence us now? Anyone else had this message?
  10. Wasn't that involving two children that claim to have been abused in their school? I remember watching a disturbing video on the old forum that featured a young boy and a girl, I think they were brother and sister, they spoke about abuse.
  11. Never forget what this prick said. ' I don't even think we should allow people on the streets unless they've had the vaccine''.
  12. Astrologer 'Mystic Meg' dies after 'short illness'. Who is Mystic Meg? Astrologer Margaret Lake dies aged 80 (yahoo.com)
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