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  1. Why do they always have this bizarre shit? All of the opening ceremony gives us clues as to where they are going next with their agenda. Some of which will be many years away, same as with the London Olympics 2012 opening ceremony that had 'Covid' symbolism in it.
  2. That 'heart attack' story was never believable to me. When he died his wife said he had a 'strong heart'.
  3. The victims of child abuse are just having a 'dream' are they?
  4. As David Icke say, mass non-compliance is the answer. We all simply stop complying. But for that to happen there has be very large numbers of people involved. We haven't got enough people awake yet, I don't know if we will ever have enough people to do this.
  5. Why is this guy allowed to say what he does on Fox? It just feels strange to me that he gets carte blanche to speak the truth on the cult owned news outlet.
  6. Bias and propaganda on the BBC? surely not! So predicable.
  7. I'm dreading that BBC 'anti vax' documentary. They will be going all out on the propaganda, and yes, I believe they will use actors and the BBC will say that the reasons they will not take it is because they believe ''wacky baseless conspiracy theories, one being that Bill Gates wants to kill them because he wants to depopulate the world in some secret plot',' I can see it now. They'll probably have a psychiatrist on there, saying we have a 'mental illness'. They'll have Piers Corbyn and David Icke in it. Anything and everyone to support their narrative, and make us look like lunatics.
  8. This Dr is one evil looking bastard. Look at those eyes!
  9. That evil teacher should be arrested for child abuse. Child abuse masquerading as child 'safety'.
  10. It's from all the lying he's been doing. His nose is growing too much, and he needs surgery to reduce the size of it.
  11. That's his excuse, Andrew's got a date with a 15 year old.
  12. What better way to pull on the nations heartstrings than a sick child with monkeypox.
  13. That depends on the public. They are putting it out there and standing back to observe the reaction. Do they proceed or cease to continue this nonsense?
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