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  1. A message to the truth vibrations, fucking hurry up. What is it doing, binging on Netflix?!!!
  2. Good point. We do often say 'when are people going to wake up so we can end this crap?'. Perhaps millions do want a world like this, for them, their children and their grandchildren. They don't want freedom, they are happy being slaves for the 1%. After all, millions of people accept their loss of freedoms and liberties for them to stay safe, they want lockdowns, vaccines and more restrictions. You don't have to be awake to oppose such things.
  3. Exactly. If the internet is so bad then why the hell is this member using it? Doh!
  4. If we didn't have the internet, there would be no David Icke website, no forum to post on, we could not communicate with other awake people and spread the truth. In these dark times, some people would have had a breakdown if it wasn't for forums like this.
  5. If that arrest of the woman was on BBC 'news' then it was most definitely staged. It's made it into The Sun and The Daily Fail. There is a reason why they want people too see this, It must benefit the agenda in some way, or they wouldn't allow it to be shown, especially on the BBC. The question is what could they gain from it? Are they expecting riots? The police have been an absolute f'ing disgrace this year, their vile psychopathic actions has been utterly abhorrent.
  6. I also believe that the video of the ''old lady'' being arrested was staged. Is that the only video that exists of the arrest? There were other people taking photos and filming directly into the van when she was taken in , where's that footage? Why didn't we see her face? Why was it so important that they had to repeatedly tell us she was an ''old lady''?
  7. Has anyone challenged talkRadio on Twitter? I'm not on Twitter so I can't.
  8. Why won't they give David a voice? I thought they were a free speech platform. I've tried to leave comments under a couple of Talk Radio videos, asking why they have banned him, however, I've noticed something, whenever I include ''David Icke'' in my comment, it disappears, what appalling censorship. I edited my comments to delete his name, and the comment stays, but when I include his name it disappears!! Even his name is censored now!!
  9. It would be funny if Bill Gates went on TV and he was offered the vaccine , but he believes it is a placebo, as that was what he asked for, and he is looking so smug and confident. He gets injected and with a big grin says, ''see, nothing to worry about''. Then he walks off and says, ''I fooled them all!! Nice placebo, HAHA,!!'' Then the ''fake doctor'' who administered it says ''Placebo?? But Bill, that was the real vaccine!'' Bill replies ''Shhhhhiiiitttttttt''.
  10. I bet he won't be having the vaccine. Hollyweird elite will be exempt.
  11. Nor could I blame them for doing so. The stress will be immense.
  12. Lorraine Kelly, such a nasty piece of work. She'd report her grandmother for breaking the rules.
  13. It's going to be so difficult to even function relatively in society. I think they want those that are not vaccinated to be totally ostracised . Virtually everywhere you go will require you to be vaccinated. The vaccine allows them so much control over those that refuse it , much more control than those that accept it. The onus will be on us to resist as best we can.
  14. The antioxidants found in superfoods can help prevent cancer. He's absolutely right.
  15. The way he's got his hand on his hip, it looks like he's saying ''Ooooh, well hello there big boy. Have you been behaving and following my orders? if not, you'll get a spank on your bottie''.
  16. Bernard Manning was bloody hilarious. I still like to watch 'Shootin' From The Lip' on YouTube. He told jokes about everyone. He was right about Rolf Harris as well, the nonce.
  17. Sky News1 day ago England could face nearly a month-long extra lockdown in exchange for five days' release from restrictions over Christmas, it has been suggested. Read more here https://news.sky.com/story/covid-19-e...
  18. I don't watch or read the MSM. I assumed this 'Great Reset' was being talked about on the BBC, ITV, Sky? So this will be new 'news' to a lot of people?
  19. The misinformation on the vaccine is that it is safe and is good for your health.
  20. Of course they want to force this vaccine, they don't want to give people a choice! These bastards are not going to waste a second of this opportunity to inject everyone they can.
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