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  1. Great to see that thread again, just wish we could access the whole of it. So much information in there. Made me feel quite sad seeing some of the posters that are no longer with us. I do recall seeing that Haut de la Garenne piece about Savile on DI's headlines page before he died.
  2. I think it was just after the news broke into the MSM . It was started by a forum member called Anders that sadly passed away from cancer.
  3. I hear he's got a nice mansion too! Looks similar to this doesn't it?
  4. Died of old age? Fact checker said that was harmful misinformation.
  5. 12 years of more brainwashing and dumbing down people has finally worked. Those three girls with the megaphone have probably had the Covid 'vaccine' and are wearing masks.
  6. I'm going to read the comments for the Grohl/ Jagger video on YouTube, should be interesting.
  7. The song is not bad at all! A piss take out of us? Not a very good one is it ?That ''Bill Gates in my bloodstream'' line is very good. I wonder if the true intention was to try to get truth out there, but sell it as a anti-conspiracy song.
  8. What's this about? Strolling Bones frontman wrote a song? Is it Covid related? Sorry, I didn't see the link above!
  9. Phillip would have shedded all his skin, revealing his green lizard Back to her duties already and the corpse is barely cold. Stoic lady she is.
  10. I think the BBC should show this as a beautiful tribute, along with the national anthem.
  11. There's lots of vitamins, minerals and herbs that can boot your immune system, here's just a few Vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin E, Echincea, Garlic, Ginger, Iron, Selenium, Zinc. That professor is talking out of his arse.
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