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  1. I'm frankly amazed that he hasn't been assassinated.
  2. If the elite are not worried about these freedom protests, and they see them as no threat whatsoever, then why doesn't the BBC, ITV, etc dedicate at least 5 minutes of their news programmes to covering them? If they don't change anything or make a difference then they will have no problem with that. I suggest they DO have a problem with it, hence the lack of coverage.
  3. What on earth are they putting in the water in Australia?
  4. Omit the word 'Covid' and you have the truth.
  5. Another inspirational speech by David Icke, he never fails to relight that torch of optimism and hope for me. Though I didn't like Kate Shamari walking across the stage during his speech, seemed a bit disrespectful to me.
  6. I just watched the brilliant speech by Dr Venon Coleman, however, I was disappointed by the crowd's response. He should have had a rapturous applause, not a meek cheer.
  7. This is brilliant. Having a big and influential artist like him saying he won't play to venues that require proof. It doesn't matter if you are a fan or not, this will have an impact.
  8. The banning of non vaxxed from nightclubs is just the beginning. If they can get away with doing that, then they will not stop there. Football stadiums, concert venues, pubs, restaurants, supermarkets, cinemas etc. It's the cults way of punishing those that will not obey.
  9. Hi Ho Hi Ho , It's off to work we go!!
  10. Where are the women protesting over the murder of Sarah Everard? Where's the outrage from them? This woman is being subjected to a violent attack by vile thug police. Is this OK by them because they were 'anti' lockdown' protesters? 0:21 in the video, look at that police officers cold dead eyes.
  11. They are more likely to catch Gonorrhea . 'Covid' is the least of their worries.
  12. Who? I don't wish to click on anything from the BBC.
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