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  1. I used Blair as an example of what happens when millions of people sign a petition and the result of that is that nothing happens. So, what is the point of these petitions? What do they change exactly? 'Change.org' is the name of the website, I suggest it should be Changefuckall.org.
  2. I've signed so many of these petitions over the years, I signed the petition for Tony Blair to have his knighthood rescinded? Did it make one iota of difference? NO.
  3. Sorry, I have to say that I don't buy that video. He comes across as a bad actor to me.
  4. Midazolam murderer Matt Hancock looked guilty as sin in that video when he was confronted. He wanted to run away. His vulnerability was on display for everyone to see. I sincerely hope he gets many more encounters like that. When out of their comfort zone, and confronted by angry members of the public, they are terrified. They are not in control, and that is what frightens them.
  5. Just like what happened to Dr Andrew Wakefield.
  6. We would be doing the very thing we accuse the MSM of. That wouldn't help our crusade for the truth, It would only hurt it. By doing that, it would only damage our credibility.
  7. Lisa Marie tweeted as 'Lisa Marie Presley' on her offical Twitter page, so that tweet was most likely not her.
  8. I would be fooled into thinking this was really a woman if I didn't know this person was a trans.
  9. So did I, thought that too. I am quite shocked that a lot of celebrities appeared to have had the real thing, and not the saline.
  10. 'Disgusting and dangerous', he's describing himself there. Evil, lying, psychopathic, mass murdering scum.
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