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  1. This makes me fucking angry!! I want to do terrible things to those scum. It's absolutely sickening. What a world.
  2. Oh dear, how awful, which hospital is that? Is it like a war zone in there?
  3. Zahawi looks like a right evil bastard. Just look at his eyes. There is pure evil in those eyes.
  4. Wasn't her husband ill with 'covid'? I haven't followed the story, what happened to him?
  5. I'm just utterly shocked by James Whale's ignorance and stupidity. Listen from 1:14:30.
  6. Talk Radio deplatformed by YouTube! If only the bloody idiots allowed David on there to speak when they were still broadcasting. They had nothing to lose! They refused David a voice, now they've lost theirs!
  7. Ziggy, can you say it in your own inimitable way please? :)
  8. I paused it at 0:55 That's definitely NOT Gates.
  9. Imagine being a fly on the wall in those meetings? I wish someone would bug the room so we could have a listen.
  10. I just said something similar! Sorry, I didn't know you posted that!
  11. Great idea! Melinda could also administer it using her penis.
  12. I wonder what really happened to this poor little girl. I really believe she was murdered by the satanic Hollywood elite.
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