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  1. Brilliant . You're right. Just one look at her, he knows a shill when he sees one. Her face at the end was a picture.
  2. ''To protest against the governments handling of the Coronavirus crisis'', what crisis?? ''There may never be a vaccine''. ''You either have herd immunity through natural infection or through vaccination, and that's the position of Brees Media''. She says this to a man that believes that the virus is real. She is promoting Gates' vaccine. I can't believe people trust her, and think she's doing a good job.
  3. David is such a brilliant orator, he knows to project his voice. He speaks so passionately. It's not just what you say, it's how you say it. I did think the crowd were more subdued though, they cheered and clapped louder at the last speech David gave.
  4. After her comment about his father being a ''nutter'', Gareth should think twice next time he sees her.
  5. Anna Brees talked about the vaccine not being ready. She'll be first in line for it then? Not a word about Bill Gates, has she ever mentioned him? Disgusting how she spoke of David being right about death and fear but then said her mother doesn't like her talking to ''nutters'', implying David was one. I'm not surprised David didn't speak to her, he probably knows that she's not to be trusted.
  6. I totally agree. She really comes across as a horrible woman to me. She thinks she's a big celebrity now, everyone wants to talk to her. Who does she think she is, apart from being a massive shill?
  7. Sure, It could possibly be a deliberate attempt to hijack the thread and steer it off topic. I'm not saying that is the case here.
  8. Yes, please make another thread for that. When it goes off topic like that, I wonder if it's deliberate.
  9. No, David wasn't arrested according to Gareth Icke.
  10. What's that going to achieve?? A new government that's ''different than the last''? They are all controlled by the cabal. A new government means business as usual. Meet the new puppet PM, same as the old one.
  11. Is this person trying to discourage people from going to this protest? Hmmm. That sounds like someone trying to deter a protest to me.
  12. Most people are welcoming fascism with open arms. They will fully embrace it and love their enslavement.
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