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  1. make others aware you are awake & they are not alone..... bang some lids - ring a bell - fireworks - car horns the louder the better 7pm every night make some noise .
  2. ziggy Have you tried the ‘ if I have to pretend your masks work , you can pretend I’m wearing one ?!
  3. some trolley stickers anyone................"Every little no helps" Aldi https://gofile.io/d/ZhUCIR Asda https://gofile.io/d/KRN58L Coop https://gofile.io/d/ZEfU3f Lidl https://gofile.io/d/Tj1CkT Morrisons https://gofile.io/d/rYJ2zf Sainsburys https://gofile.io/d/VSViNF Tesco https://gofile.io/d/jMWFte
  4. In a few months, it will be ONE WHOLE YEAR that the big club (and this government) have stolen from your life. We only get one life. You okay with that?
  5. We can only wish the penny drops!!! & the lights turn on.... i wouldnt hold your breath though.....ee-aww
  6. This is a united kingdom video appeal on behalf of our members of parliament.... please dont forget -dig deep for your mp's this xmas
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