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  1. How strange I noticed this too. People that were matey and liked a laugh and joke have gone all grumpy and a little bit aggressive and rude. It doesn’t bother me personally, they weren’t close friends, after all they willingly rolled up their sleeve for it. I just wonder if they can see the change in themselves.
  2. Skip forward to 38 minutes
  3. The same person that won it the last time.
  4. I’ve seen that too, people either on their own or with there other half driving all facemasked up and surgical gloves in their own car. Loads of traffic today and the heat....I think the traffic was caused by the bewildered driving around with low oxygen levels. Low oxygen levels cause drowsiness and gives you the sensation of drunkenness. Had issues driving today like you said for the same reason. Bus drivers roaring towards you in facemasks in central London in a heat wave does not make for a fun time.
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