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  1. go on youtube loads of videos show you how to do it. I love knowing how magic is performed. then you have the masked magician who shows you
  2. anyone know od this guy. something doesn't seem right think he's an agent
  3. anyone can buy twitter,facebook etc accounts- 1000's are made daily just for these bot services
  4. Makes you wonder doesn't it? A lot of handlers are women They're up there with the most evil people in the world. When it comes to equality etc it's a con trick. There are women in very high places A
  5. More bullshit from Hughy I am damn sure loss of smell was only a symptom later on in the game
  6. the place is full of weirdos. league of gentlemen XR originated from there
  7. Liverpool -everyone to be tested https://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/news/liverpool-news/everyone-liverpool-tested-covid-19-19210041 Everyone living or working in Liverpool will be offered regular covid-19 tests in the first whole city programme in the country - with rapid turnaround tests available across the city from Friday. Two thousand military personnel will arrive in the city later this week to roll-out a huge programme of hundreds of thousands of tests as Liverpool becomes the centre of the government's new strategy to fight the virus. Prime Minister Boris Johnson has talked of rapid mass testing as offering a "moonshot" solution which could help bring the UK out of the coronavirus crisis - and the key plan will begin in Liverpool this week. Local leaders have been working with government and put the city forward for the crucial pilot programme in the hope it will drive down infection levels and potentially mean an easing of restrictions before Christmas.
  8. This woman is absolutely amazing and cracks me up She's calling out Kate Garroway on twitter She trends on Twitter and all the papers slam her. This is full on war now and we don't have time
  9. Just go round smiling at people. Don't confront Create leaflets
  10. Big players in this pandemic https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/26720928-governing-global-health Devi Sridhar is Scotland;s COVID Advisor
  11. yeah im waiting for their recovery plan All recovery plans I have seen so far seem to want to implemet track and trace. Which is a big no go for me
  12. This is going to be rammed down our throats with EVERY company All very much part of the Great Reset and opening up conditions
  13. whilst everyone is locked up Kim Kardishan hires a private island for a party and gets a hologram of her dad from heaven
  14. Yeah, it will be a very controlled conversation and given the upmost respect. Can expect it to be some shit-show
  15. Anyone enjoy Mark Devlin He resonates with a lot of what I think, not everything I mean he's a big fan of QANON
  16. i posted this on another thread. France is certainly one to watch this Winter, although there will be mass discontent over Europe. He's inciting hatred here and his tweet was deleted. However expect a lot of riots, beheadings etc similar to BLM
  17. Leaving Paris before the lockdown
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