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  1. That Carrie is a weird one- states that she's a practicing Catholic on Wiki. I'm sure she has failed all the cardinal sins. She's well into her climate crisis so Boris is doing her bidding too
  2. Oh no it isn't it's over 45's https://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/1340650/coronavirus-UK-lockdown-warning-over-45-stay-at-home-second-wave-latest-COVID-19-news
  3. We havent started the 2nd wave yet and theyre talking about a 3rd wave already. Do you reckon there will be 6?
  4. weird these all political parties forming, Laurence Fox and Farage are doing them aswell
  5. LOL that was funny. if she hadnt fucked around asking for peoples, name location and occupation she may have got a word in
  6. I mean Icke does have a lot of "baggage" and it doesn't sit comfortably with a lot of people. Whatever your thoughts on him. This is a global assault on humanity and not a "conspiracy theory" anymore. I think sometimes you have to remove yourself so nature can take it's place
  7. YEAH MARTCHES DO LOOK MUCH BETTER than "protests" they bring about a level of non compliance- because youre disrupting
  8. Sadiq Khans reponce to BLM PROTEST
  9. Science is fucked when we have to move the clocks forward 1 hour next month.
  10. As predicited we are being played on both sides here. On one side you have the vaccine- sorted by Gates etc through Imperial College They had a big part to play with all the figures etc and the fear -that was Round 1 Lockdown 1 On the other side you have Oxford who has challenged this- With Gupya and Henegan etc- cant forget their names One side pushes the vaccines The other pushes track and trace This track and trace agenda is being played out RIGHT NOW.
  11. to be honest I dont think this is for COVID But mentions racism https://www.spiegel.de/politik/ausland/frankreich-warum-polizisten-ihre-handschellen-wegwerfen-a-dea85009-63f7-4b85-b631-f89eea1222f5
  12. well having a read of this my french isnt that good anyomore says its false So not sure which of the police are doing this It's wrong ! The police are still not on the side of the people! Arrests and almonds are still relevant
  13. WOW, didnt they introduce fines if you are caught not self isolating??
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