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  1. The majority of his crimes happened way before he became "internet famous" Before he was just a 2 bit theatre reviewer He built up a "cult" following during lockdown and told his followers what they wanted to hear And tried to blame everything on the BBC gaining followers using victimhood, whereas in reality other people were the victims. He used his following to harrass other people and DOX them (I always knew something was fishy about people going to Vines house) How Jeremy Vines case against him and others ended up in the same court case I don't know. Now this has set a dangerous precedent and his actions are going to fuel other peoples reaction PROBLEM REACTION SOLUTION He wasn't about free speech,
  2. well you could have put a sad emoji on, instead of quoting it
  3. No, he didn't get sent to prison for what most people believe. He constantly harrassed people. he's setting everyone up for the online harms bill https://web.archive.org/web/20200812010741/https://www.thatstageyblog.com/post/stop-alex-belfield
  4. Seems to me he's opened up a can of worms. He's a total shill and this is a psy-op
  5. oh well after a search of Belfield on this forum i suppose the icke forum hasn't gone down hill as much as i thought. So either you're a spook or you're on the wrong forum
  6. There's no act from me. Was hoping the DI forum would have shed a little more light. To me, there's more to this than meets the eye.
  7. this isnt goose gander though, only thing i would expect is for him top come and track me down and try to destroy my livelihood, contacting my customers and telling them not to do business with me.
  8. those 5.5 years are consecutive, I think 5 charges against him. running after another. He'll be out in 2 years or so, and his deed has been done, and people paid him money to do so. This wasn't just saying hurty words and emails but also actively trying to destroy some ones livelihood and income. Alex is deep down is nasty bit of work and is mentally ill. The same type of people that the establishment use as stooges. As the judge and witnesses said "he weaponised the internet" which is more telling
  9. Before Kung flu i think he was just making "review" videos. Tring to make money through that. If you look at his old videos he was a nothing and made videos of reviews of pantonmines etc, Nothing exciting. What he did and what he was sentenced for happened way before he became "internet famous" i think he grifted his way into new territory and started blaming the BBC. And for him being arrested 4 times and have his goods taken by police, I just don't buy it. Anyway he's got £350K now
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