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  1. Makes you wonder doesn't it? A lot of handlers are women They're up there with the most evil people in the world. When it comes to equality etc it's a con trick. There are women in very high places A
  2. Just go round smiling at people. Don't confront Create leaflets
  3. This is going to be rammed down our throats with EVERY company All very much part of the Great Reset and opening up conditions
  4. i posted this on another thread. France is certainly one to watch this Winter, although there will be mass discontent over Europe. He's inciting hatred here and his tweet was deleted. However expect a lot of riots, beheadings etc similar to BLM
  5. Some people are a discredit to the truther community. I dont believe 5G causes the symptoms and i believe people like Kate are there to muddy the waters
  6. it occured to me because we have had so much immigration does that dilute the true british spirit. Could they have gotten away with this say 20-30-40 years ago. People from other countries have different values
  7. he led a lot of people down the garden path and has made a lot of money out of it. He is an opportunist but at the same time, how do we know he's not paid by GOV types to play along with the agenda or as an influencer. 5G doesn't cause COVID But COVID is very much part of the 5G The Great Reset. So it't there to blacken the water. To be honest I think Rose needs to be cancelled
  8. Defo, she's pushing an agenda there. Shes there to change perception. change agent maybe? she's being caught out here
  9. lack of smell and taste so need to eat it too
  10. there's a lot of money to be made with the COVID scam
  11. Yeah, here's midge ure having a go lol Ritchie Allen caught up with her
  12. Trust me, you are not far off. Not sur if you have read the thread but it is seriously interesting reading, people have wished her dead etc. She's head strong and gives back too. But trhe abuse is off the record If people aimed as much hate as they did the Gov we wouldn't be in this mess.
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