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  1. a few of my friends said they wanted to listen to a few of the getwisdom sessions and discussion pod casts .. with out joining the get wisdom web site and searching for sessions etc .. these audio sessions are free to all ( they hold back newer ones for paying members and release them after a time period ) ( i may have given this list/link before ) but here is a few links to recent up loads at my mixcloud account . . . ( i have also edited out the beginning and ending discussion on some of these between Denny and Karl )
  2. Karla Turner links to books and intro Masquerade of Angels http://www.whale.to/b/turner1.pdf Taken: Inside the alien-human abduction agenda http://www.whale.to/b/turner_b.html Into the Fringe: A true story of alien abduction http://www.whale.to/b/turner2.pdf
  3. i'm a sucker for losing my credulity .. what are all you none believers doing at this site ? can everything David ICKE SAYS be proven ? i want proof ! i'm gonna cry like a baby till the cows come home ! i want proof JUESUS IS A FRAUD Elvis never died .. THE Queen never * shits ! * it says so in the Jamaican movie " The Lunatic" , , , thats gotta be proof !
  4. i am not sure if Clif is running bots these days , but this is a brief video he did recently with some predictions ..... some doom but some interesting things he seems to think is coming ... link to video , with rough notes done by a friend of mine ...cc Immigrant's Guide to SciFi World . . . 47 minutes . . . Jul 27, 2020 clif high Description of the emerging data sets that describe & inform SciFi World . . -------------------------------- notes https://w
  5. HERE IS A LIST of most of the DEAD/BEINGS IN THE LIGHT Karl HAS CHANNELED with the group they call getwisdom .. they sure have gone thru alot of work to pull off a hoax ... ( i have listened to most of them ) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- GETWISDOM PODCAST LIST 2017 TO july 2020 Podcasts Roger Joseph Boscovich Channeled by Karl Mollison 26July2020 – AUDIO PODCAST R.J. Rummel Channeled by Karl Mollison 19July2020 – AUDIO PODCAST MAP (SSP) Abductee
  6. i have posted some full channelings and some edited down ones at this link .. as a few of my friends did not want to join the website just to listen to getwisdom ( Karl & Denny) ( also i am a big fan of reggae music and Bob Dylans old radio show posted there as well ) cc https://www.mixcloud.com/OldGreyOwl/
  7. you clearly don't understand where one goes after death .. even REPTILIANS are there in the resting place of GODS LIGHT ! DON'T worry Jeffery will have all the KARMA one could handle .. ( cross to bear) when he returns to a physical body !
  8. i might add a couple things .. i have NOT included JESUS in my thinking , thats fine if others do . but to me its been a carrot on a stick for too long ..getwisdom has respect for the name but very seldom mentions it .. also this may be real hard to imagine but the getwisdom material says too totally free our selves from our tormentors we must forgive them as well .....
  9. i've been following getwisdom.com for allmost a year now listened to nearly all podcasts with beings from the light & many of the Q & A podcasts .. they appear now to expand their membership by flooding the youtube channel with short versions of those podcasts as many are near 2 hours long ,,,,these short teasers are about 40 minutes long .. signing up for bottom rung is free , than you can listen to most of the longer shows . . . i believe a great deal of what Karl receives as true ,,, esp the fact that this
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