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  1. Forgot to link my drawing https://www.instagram.com/p/BZZQbyiBFrr/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=
  2. I would never trust a freemason. My advice is never have anything to do with them. We formed an anti-lockdown group a while ago and it was completely wrecked and divided by a local masonic scumbag. It was fascinating watching how skillfully he worked and how stupid most people are. Here's a drawing of mine: Masonic the Hedgehog!
  3. No such thing as covid 19. The elites didn't take anything
  4. Nothing is surprising if you've been reading David Icke books for 20 years
  5. Funny how the European Court of Human Rights has stopped the Rwanda flight where people will be looked after but doesn't seem to give a shit about this.
  6. Amazing to think there are still people who consider themselves "awake" who think men walked on the moon!
  7. I remember a few years back when Artemis was announced. I decided to follow it and predicted there would be delay upon delay until it was quietly finally buried. Hope I am wrong. It would be fascinating to watch them faking another moon landing, given the high quality camera footage they'd have to supply nowadays. I think this is the reason they haven't tried it again and why space exploration is dead. Because space travel is impossible, space is not what we're told, and it's too difficult to fake these days
  8. I know, it's horrific. This one quote is enough to change anyone's opinion. Felt bad showing it to my mum but it's kind of like the WTC7 moment. Once you've seen it you can't go back.
  9. My mum said she believed the McCanns until I showed her the quote from their book about Maddy where they're imagining "her perfect little genitals torn apart".
  10. Used to love Abbot. Listened to him on Virgin and the original 90s Talk Radio. Used to crack me up with some of the callers. Elizabeth from Cheddar, Ade who can't get laid etc. He's good mates with Carol McGiffin who is questioning this and Nick himself hasn't really spoken about this madness. I like to think he thinks it's all BS.
  11. This insane obsession with getting everyone injected with this toxic junk is just bizarre. It should be blindingly obvious to everyone by now that there is an agenda at play here.
  12. This has to be one if the most monstrous ghouls ever to get knighted. He's far worse than Savile
  13. There is no "legal" way out of this. The system was built by them from the ground up to implement this tyranny. There is only one way out of this. And unfortunately it doesn't involve sitting back and watching legal proceedings unfold. It involves us all taking our lives into our own hands and standing up to these scumbags on a huge scale.
  14. There's something else behind this story other than simple authoritarianism. I've long felt smoking protects you from some element of their plans, be it chemtrails or other toxins. There's clear evidence that smokers are less likely to suffer from alzheimer's. I don't think smoking 40 packs a day of your usual processed crap is healthy. But I think having a couple of your own rolled cigarettes a day could potentially be a positive thing. I'm talking about organic American Spirit tobacco, 100% natural, and those RAW organic hemp papers along with natural RAW cotton filters. Just a thought...
  15. Interesting. Never seen that. Many of the founders were masons and they say the whole movement to destroy the European monarchies (who stood in the way of secular globalism) was masonic. Especially the French revolution and Russian and even the English civil war (funded by Dutch Zionist). The Tsars were a huge thorn in the NWO's side. They scuppered Rothschild plan for global government at the 1815 treaty of Versailles and the Rothschilds then swore to destroy the tsars. But I'm rambling now
  16. I heard Rantzen's Childline was set up to identify and filter out potentially troublesome victims.
  17. They know people like us will never take the fake vaccine. They know people like us understand the bigger eugenics picture behind this fledgling New World Order. This is a genius way to identify us get rid of us in one fell swoop. Mandate vaccines across the whole of society. Thing is, there are hundreds of thousands of refuseniks in Austria. A lot of them are hardcore seasoned street fighters too. I really don't know what the elite's plan is here. There is not enough room to lock them all up. Maybe they are trying to force a civil revolt? Which would hand the government the holy grail of martial law. And martial law is the ultimate tool of the tyrant. Actually, I am sure the elite are all scratching their heads wondering why we haven't revolted yet! They have literally crushed our society, stripped our human rights with the covid laws and mandates and destroyed millions of lives. "What more can we do to get you sheep to rise up!?" Honk! Honk!
  18. You can tell a real terror campaign. They go for the leaders of the regime. Baader Meinhof, IRA with the Brighton bomb and Mountbatten. These lot attack ordinary people which just makes the public hate them more. Which is the whole point. Divide and rule. Imagine if they tried to take out some of the paedophile Masonic elite. Too many would be cheering. Never gonna happen. And we all know why.
  19. I know someone who purchased a £20 ticket but the stream would not play at all on her phone. She was really upset as she's housebound and was looking forward to it.
  20. We can't assume he was killed. This is a psyop as is everything in the corporate media
  21. I'm amazed it was an immigrant and not a white supremacist conspiracy theorist. That "group" will certainly be targeted next. Was the MP taken out by a "Sirhan" to send a warning shot to other MPs thinking of not playing ball? Remember we are at the beginning of the end of our old "free society" and moving into the endgame of a brutal surveillance prison state. These are terrifying times for people like us who understand the seriousness of the current restrictions on our human rights by the Johnson regime. Most in parliament won't be aware of the bigger picture and this is a dangerous time for our enemy as they have now shown their hand. Everyone in parliament will now be fully aware that something very, very wrong is being played out but like us will probably not know exactly what it is. A few will be prepared to oppose it and those people must be made to understand that resistance has extreme consequences. This could also be a totally staged psiop. Maybe a continuation of the racial division agenda, the fracturing and weakening of society with "Islamic terrorism"? Politicians will probably now become more and more remote and removed from the people. More details will emerge so we'll have to follow the legacy media closely. My gut reaction is that this is an intelligence operation and a warning shot to anyone in parliament considering not playing ball.
  22. I used to think that show was so cool and subversive. It looks like a totally set-up piece of intelligence propaganda now.
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