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  1. Forgot to link my drawing https://www.instagram.com/p/BZZQbyiBFrr/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=
  2. I would never trust a freemason. My advice is never have anything to do with them. We formed an anti-lockdown group a while ago and it was completely wrecked and divided by a local masonic scumbag. It was fascinating watching how skillfully he worked and how stupid most people are. Here's a drawing of mine: Masonic the Hedgehog!
  3. No such thing as covid 19. The elites didn't take anything
  4. Nothing is surprising if you've been reading David Icke books for 20 years
  5. Funny how the European Court of Human Rights has stopped the Rwanda flight where people will be looked after but doesn't seem to give a shit about this.
  6. Amazing to think there are still people who consider themselves "awake" who think men walked on the moon!
  7. I remember a few years back when Artemis was announced. I decided to follow it and predicted there would be delay upon delay until it was quietly finally buried. Hope I am wrong. It would be fascinating to watch them faking another moon landing, given the high quality camera footage they'd have to supply nowadays. I think this is the reason they haven't tried it again and why space exploration is dead. Because space travel is impossible, space is not what we're told, and it's too difficult to fake these days
  8. I know, it's horrific. This one quote is enough to change anyone's opinion. Felt bad showing it to my mum but it's kind of like the WTC7 moment. Once you've seen it you can't go back.
  9. My mum said she believed the McCanns until I showed her the quote from their book about Maddy where they're imagining "her perfect little genitals torn apart".
  10. Used to love Abbot. Listened to him on Virgin and the original 90s Talk Radio. Used to crack me up with some of the callers. Elizabeth from Cheddar, Ade who can't get laid etc. He's good mates with Carol McGiffin who is questioning this and Nick himself hasn't really spoken about this madness. I like to think he thinks it's all BS.
  11. This insane obsession with getting everyone injected with this toxic junk is just bizarre. It should be blindingly obvious to everyone by now that there is an agenda at play here.
  12. This has to be one if the most monstrous ghouls ever to get knighted. He's far worse than Savile
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