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  1. I don't think they can go to the moon or have ever been
  2. Israel is a friend of the west? That's a good one! They're probably our most dangerous enemy. King David hotel bombing, Lavon Affair, USS Liberty, Jonathan Pollard etc
  3. An obscure but controversial band is given a prime slot on TV. The presenter practically begs them to swear and be outrageous. Come on!! McLaren created the situation. He was jewish and raised by his gran who taught him the sabbatean frankist motto "To be bad is good because to be good is simply boring". it does all seem to be part of the attack against the European family started by the Frankfurt school and the American Jewish Committee's "Authoritarian Personality " report which decided our traditional family was the root of all "fascism " and needed to be subverted via culture
  4. I won't be filling mine in. I urge all here to not comply. Let's see what happens. I've never paid my BBC tax and never had any problems so I'm not too worried
  5. I hope I don't regret offering such deeply personal information and I hope you're not harvesting the ages of forum members for the illuminati ...
  6. I'm 50. Got into Icke about 20 years ago after watching that Jon Ronson Secret Rulers of the World thing (check it out on YouTube). Only seen him once... at Willerby Manor in 2008 during the Big Brother by-election. You can see that on YouTube too. I miss the old forums...
  7. Have you heard of a report titled The Authoritarian Personality? It was sponsored by the American Jewish Committee and carried out by 4 academics who were not Irish Americans in the 1950s. It found that our traditional white European family was the root of all fascism and suggested interesting ways of subverting it. This report is essential reading if you want to understand what happened in the following decades.
  8. Icke himself stood in my constituency in 2008 during the Big Brother by-election. I went to his presentation at the Willerby Manor hotel and I remember him saying that standing for election was pointless but gave him a platform to expose the hypocrisy in David Davis's actions. It was a great talk and you can see it on YouTube still. I was one of only 100 people who voted for Icke! Icke was treated badly and was even barred from a debate at our city hall even though he was standing! I've been thinking about it lately as it is entirely relevant to what is happening today. The whole thing was bizarre. David Davis resigned his seat in Parliament in protest if the encroaching Big Brother surveillance state! Well, Mr Davis, what we are seeing today is far worse than then so why aren't you calling a by-election now and standing down?? Davis has questioned the legitimacy of some of the more excessive Orwellian aspects of lockdown but not enough. It's hard to know who is on our side and who is not.
  9. You're the one who brought satanic into this!
  10. Number of the Beast was the first album I bought back in 1982. I went off them after that but the first couple of albums are pretty good. I think a lot of this satanism stuff is bollocks. Christianity doesn't belong here in Europe, it belongs in the desert. They destroyed my people's native philosophy and declared anything real and nature-based to be the devil's work. The real evil is the psychopathic elite's worship of their own power and of their crushing of our will through endless war, MKUltra, the destruction of our connection to the earth and our past etc. Iron Maiden were ordinary blokes who made some wild and sometimes thoughtful music for us to have some fun with. When you see Bruce interviewed (he's even been on question time) he talks a lot of sense. Hope he's doing well!
  11. As others have mentioned, this post is rubbish. I've heard loads of what would be lazily labelled by zionists as "alt-right" commentators taking apart the corona narrative.
  12. They keep just talking about "girls as young as 14". This whole thing is a smoke screen to make us think they just fancy young nubile girls. They are way more sick than this and no one is talking about it.
  13. The film showing the detonation of the atom bomb is fake. Probably made at lookout mountain. Hiroshima and Nagasaki were fire bombed like Dresden.
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