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  1. Hi, I have been told you can buy a fabric shot through with silver thread, that you can hang over the bed like a mosquito net, but have to make sure its tucked under the bed too...bit pricy, but very easy to do...works similar to a faraday cage apparently
  2. You can go back, forward but also sideways. When stepping sideways you enter a parallel 'time' then return to that point in time that you require that correlates with 'co-ordinates' before stepping once more back into the timeframe you require, hence the geometry. No blue fluids, no spacesuits .... the only energy and vibration that can do that is Love. Telomeres rejuvanate and respond to that vibration as does the body as the body is just a 'denser' form...the form can become lighter ie disappear or become heavier and appear. Through the chutes and tunnels of space without the need for ti
  3. When you love, what it means to me is you're travelling light...with no baggage....that in essence allows immense freedom to choose your path free from the addictive emotions of fear, anger etc etc.that can be all consuming. Love allows you to break every corrupted rule that has ever been made, overcome obstacles, find solutions of the most gentlest in nature and to move forward with faith and confidence in your own abilities to handle situations with the highest of intents and integrity towards all others. In essence, it defuses situations before they get up a head of steam. It makes s
  4. Well you've given them a long resume.... not sure I'd employ them....unfortunately they seem to be all employed by public health england wales and scotland, which kinda makes sense of why they feel so humiliated by their lack of progress with humanity ....no ones really interested in their masks. But to give them some hope with their deep dark plans, there is a planet z....its a long way away...but much more up their street. Lots of signs for them to follow, lots of white lines, and not a traffic warden in sight....thats cos their counsell has long since seen the lights. Well don
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