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  1. ...for anyone that has ever rolled their sleeves up and focussed on the job tasked to uncover the truth through independant research and attention to detail and devoting their life to others welfare then your question is worth asking as all questions are ....but you would need to look and research the man you question. Couple that with an acute awareness then blend that with instinct, intelligence, an open mind and an understanding of humanity, its progress, its beauty and its capacity to love, then your question has indeed been answered through his action, words and books. There are many out
  2. ....there is a really cheap and easy way i was told years ago...often also used in horses too. I was told that to cleanse worms etc just take quarter to half teaspoon of snuff in food....and thats it....the snuff has a certain length to its tobacco strands and whilst totally harmless to the gut, it does pop the outer membrane of the parasites and only the parasites thereby effortlessly dealing with the infestation...they used to use way back in horses and put it in a bran mash before modern high tech pharmaceutical wormers .. think there used to be a tobacco/snuff manufacturer in the lake di
  3. ...well they shouldn't be so nosy with their 50 questions then. I don't give a flying f..k as to their 'rules'. Those rules were null and void the moment they started playing the covid scam, lockdowns and all that gene therapy shite they pushing. The digital system is so ludicrously easy to hack given the most basic of ability that its a joke....I used to know a guy that could change what was written on a computer whilst sat yards away eating a cheese and cucumber sandwich with no access to keyboard, software or anything else....so....given he could do that, and this myopic government focus
  4. If she leaves hair in the bathroom plughole, uses your posh razor on her legs and eats pickled onions in bed straight from the jar, you got a serious problem ....otherwise it stays between you two i would assume .... but then its a very cosmopolitan place where we all are, with all sorts brushing shoulders and trying to get along, so no doubt it would be a surprise to her if you hadn't already cottoned on yet
  5. Its indidual choice....and no i havent filled anything in, refuse to give my information to a load of criminals...the 50 questions asked on census no doubt will be pawed over by the 'nudge' units to ascertain where to take it next...doubt it has anything to do with holding your hand or supporting you...just a snap shot at where they are at with their propaganda. So, whether anyones pulling my leg or not, i feel most content to have refused,... at one with my conscience, my views, and happy to walk the walk without cherry picking from my beliefs, have not capitulated to such daft intrusio
  6. I expect they'll keep mostly the females for breeding...put most into hibernative state ready for implantation as a vessel for incubation as in the future there potentially will download big data via synthetic neurons that grow alongside the natural ones then given a high shock to kill the natural neurons leaving the artificial...once replaced, the deletion of all previous memory, replaced by authorised download which will also download to foetus.during its stay in the womb....however, the soul overrides 'the deletion', and overrides the synthetic...how it does that i dont know. Children are
  7. My father had copy back in the 1960's...very old and well read and pages all yellowy....quite interesting though flicking through it one afternoon back in the day before computers
  8. Zurich, switzerland eh? ...passing through Berne on the way i expect via the postmasters of the International postal union no doubt...now theres a rather misguided delusional organisation with pompous assertions as to any rights to anyones data under any of their fabricated patse syntax grammar encoded om any document....but then when their sticky fingers are covered in so much shite, then they wouldnt be able to tell a pulse from a mile off....they need to wash their hands with some good soap and water and keep standing at the sink till they clean....could take centuries of course.....mea
  9. I also am not comfortable filling in the census and the amount of information they are requesting. I not happy either with the contracts awarded to the dozen or so companies to deploy the census and data gather....Leidos is one of the main ones and given their infrastructure and links, I'd rather not hand out info on a plate to these data thieves and I am also a consienscous objector to those companies that support the military arsenal, weaponry .and cyber agendas.....the other companies are i think...sensible code co, kainos software, iChild F&E, Networthnet ltd, etc etc with Serco manni
  10. ..listened to this guy...havent checked it all out but they pretty much seem to be a rather unpleasant alliance of company .... so i'd rather not support them with my taxes....it just doesnt fit in with my 'agenda', and completely wrong shoe size
  11. ...i was just checking a video out on serco....the extent of that company's tentacles beggars belief....it appears to be in fact a government behind the government and what i've read allegedly, being made up of 3 companies, crown corporation ltd, quinetic, and pirbright institute, and with patents granted to pirbright through serco themselves who manage amd run a patent office (lol...no links there then,), and pirbright having offices in wuhan, and serco running skynet, nuclear militsry systems , prisons for profit, air traffic control, detention centres, fema xamps , nhs and bloodbank and
  12. 80 billion to fight wars of the future? Against who exactly? I dont think so Boris....i'd like to remind him that I have a say in how my hard earned taxes are spent ... if my 'no' falls on deaf ears, i will give the percentage of what i owe direct to those who need it the most, cutting out the middleman, as the governance exhibited this last year has been demonstrably neglectful and not fit for purpose, and i choose not to support any war, violence or manipulated attack on any country, population, man or woman. I refuse to be part of or support such mismanagement or such a pre meditated unho
  13. Thought I'd do my version of a protest song with amazing help from some dear friends. I can't make the rally later this month but a sort of contribution and in love and support of those that can Still going about my business as usual, seeing friends, meeting up, hugging, not wearing a mask, not having the gene therapy poison, refuse to be tested and upholding my human rights... its all good xx Unmask Mary.mp4
  14. Hi, I have been told you can buy a fabric shot through with silver thread, that you can hang over the bed like a mosquito net, but have to make sure its tucked under the bed too...bit pricy, but very easy to do...works similar to a faraday cage apparently
  15. You can go back, forward but also sideways. When stepping sideways you enter a parallel 'time' then return to that point in time that you require that correlates with 'co-ordinates' before stepping once more back into the timeframe you require, hence the geometry. No blue fluids, no spacesuits .... the only energy and vibration that can do that is Love. Telomeres rejuvanate and respond to that vibration as does the body as the body is just a 'denser' form...the form can become lighter ie disappear or become heavier and appear. Through the chutes and tunnels of space without the need for ti
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