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  1. do you now what to by this days ?? i mean what is going up besides the libido of the neyboors i have around ??
  2. Yee i m being me only at some times on the day... Maybe i olny live some times only must be some kind of moster dreaming about a house just for my self and seeing the possibilites around ..
  3. Being a loneny bastard since my 15 sure does t help
  4. My bigest troble whit david.. Is the things he said about frequencies atoms and energie Come to realize t my ingles at this point is having some interferencies in this paper walls on rented rooms in lisbon some times i wonder is this love or it is a dove... The brazilian people that live were think i m crazy ..
  5. Music cospiracy guru from flat earth says the same about that topic he got some nice songs also I Wonder whit Who i were in Portugal cud listen some real good Music, all i have around me is brain deads
  6. I there , só what do you think. The earth is flat or not?
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