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  1. the white queenLIZ vs the black queenoprah and we as the pawns have to takesides or dolly will take you OUT wit jolene IM BEGGING YOU NOT TAKE MY MAN
  2. the white queenLIZ vs the black queen oprah and we as the pawns have to takesides inplain sight
  3. the white queenLIZ vs the black queenoprah and we as the pawns have to takesides
  4. Whenever they roll out the monarch or especially harry and Meghan, then always look at what they are distracting us from, in this case, meghan and harry, while the council tax bills have just been issued, the white queen vs black queen chess game, when they all piss in the same pot. 6000 a day consultants for test and trace, pierS MorgAn walks out, after challenging hancok for months on GMB who never appears. and then the council tax bills arrive, last year it was 1200 , this year its 1700 thats a 40% increase and there wasnt a single notice or news report. Whenever they use these stooges there is always a sick opportunist agenda going on. My bets, as therw is clearly an attack on the wealth of the people.there is second covid coming, They just made trillions out of the covid (manmade gravy train and amazon, and microsoft made billions, then the vaccine in israel first, and the sudden israel space programme that cost trillions, even more than the us space race in 1969, its one massive western union money laundererstax payers gravy train scam.
  5. the white queenLIZ vs the black queenoprah and we as the pawns have to takesides
  6. which one the wikipedia word for word description or the word smiths in yourface observations im intrigued by your blanket dismissal of every part awaiting a response pray tell what is the nonsesne you are questioning.
  7. Twitter Holds An Inauguration Celebration For Michelle Obama’s Silk Press (msn.com) Today marks a new chapter in United States history: Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have been inaugurated as our new President and Vice President. Though circumstances are unlike ever before, with the array of familia faces in masks as a constant reminder, it hasn’t stopped the new administration and its supporters from attending the 2021 inauguration in incredible style. %7B© Provided by Refinery29 Among the notable guests are former President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama, who set the internet ablaze for looking fly (per usual). Obama walked alongside her husband in an elegant burgundy Sergio Hudson power suit, with an equally powerful beauty look to match. The former FLOTUS arrived suited and booted with a side-parted silk press styled in bouncy, flipped-out curls by her stylist Yene Damtew. Obama began trending on Twitter mere moments after gracing our livestreams for the first time today, and it didn’t take long before the word “LAID” (yes, in all caps) also began trending as an ode to her hair. “Michelle Obama is so perfect! That hair, that outfit, the pure class….she’s just everything!!,” one Twitter user wrote. “So far my main takeaway from the day is that Michelle Obama’s hair will be undefeated.” Fans also pointed out the stark difference between her style choice (a low, messy bun) at Donald Trump’s inauguration and her hair for today’s ceremony. “Not Michelle Obama with a modest low bun at Trump’s inauguration vs. a fully laid & slayed look at Bidens . We love to see it,” one Twitter user wrote. “Never forget when auntie #MichelleObama attended #Trump inauguration unenthused in a messy bun,” tweeted another. We honestly expected nothing less than perfection from Obama, who consistently delivers, and her look — along with many other memorable moments from the inauguration — felt like a breath of fresh air on this historic day. Politics aside, we hope stylists get their barrel curlers and rollers ready, because the Michelle Obama blowout is about to be in high demand after today.
  8. Kali For other uses, see Kali (disambiguation). Not to be confused with Kali (demon) or Mahakali. Kali (/ˈkɑːliː/, Sanskrit: काली, Bengali: কালী, IAST: Kālī), also known as Kālikā (Sanskrit: कालिका) or Shyāmā (Bengali: শ্যামা), is a Hindu goddess. Kali is the chief of the Mahavidyas, a group of ten Tantric goddesses who each form a different aspect of the mother goddess Parvati. Kali Goddess of Time, Creation, Destruction and Power Member of The Ten Mahavidyas Samhara Kali by Raja Ravi Varma Affiliation Mahakali, Mahavidyas, Devi, Adi parashakti, Parvati Abode Cremation grounds (but varies by interpretation), Manidvipa Weapon Scimitar, Sword, Trishula (Trident) Gender Female Festivals Kali Puja Consort Mahakala (a form of Shiva) Kali's earliest appearance is that of a destroyer of evil forces. She is the most powerful form of Shakti, and the goddess of one of the four subcategories of the Kulamārga, a category of Tantric Saivism. She destroys the evil in order to protect the innocent. Over time, Kali has been worshipped by devotional movements and tantric sects variously as the Divine Mother, Mother of the Universe, Adi Shakti, or Adi Parashakti.[1][2][3] Shakta Hindu and Tantric sects additionally worship her as the ultimate reality or Brahman.[3] She is also seen as the divine protector and the one who bestows moksha, or liberation.[1] Kali is often portrayed standing or dancing on her consort, the Hindu god Shiva, who lies calm and prostrate beneath her. Kali is worshipped by Hindus throughout India and Nepal.[4] SymbolismEdit Interpretations of the symbolic meanings of Kali's appearance vary depending on Tantric or devotional approach, and on whether one views her image in a symbolic, allegorical or mystical fashion.[17] Physical formEdit In Bengal and Odisha, Kali's extended tongue is widely seen as expressing embarrassment over the realization that her foot is on her husband's chest.[18]:53–55[21][22][3]:237 There are many varied depictions of the different forms of Kali. The most common form shows her with four arms and hands, showing aspects of both creation and destruction. The two right hands are often held out in blessing, one in a mudra saying "fear not" (abhayamudra), the other conferring boons. Her left hands hold a severed head and blood-covered sword. The sword severs the bondage of ignorance and ego, represented by the severed head. One interpretation of Kali's tongue is that the red tongue symbolizes the rajasic nature being conquered by the white (symbolizing sattvic) nature of the teeth. Her blackness represents that she is nirguna, beyond all qualities of nature, and transcendent.[17][18]:53–55 The most widespread interpretation of Kali's extended tongue involve her embarrassment over the sudden realization that she has stepped on her husband's chest. Kali's sudden "modesty and shame" over that act is the prevalent interpretation among Oriya Hindus.[18]:53–55 The biting of the tongue conveys the emotion of lajja or modesty, an expression that is widely accepted as the emotion being expressed by Kali.[21][3]:237 In Bengal also, Kali's protruding tongue is "widely accepted... as a sign of speechless embarrassment: a gesture very common among Bengalis."[22][2]:xxiii The twin earrings of Kali are small embryos. This is because Kali likes devotees who have childlike qualities in them.[19] The forehead of Kali is seen to be as luminous as the full moon and eternally giving out ambrosia.[19] Kali is often shown standing with her right foot on Shiva's chest. This represents an episode where Kali was out of control on the battlefield, such that she was about to destroy the entire universe. Shiva pacified her by laying down under her foot to pacify and calm her. Shiva is sometimes shown with a blissful smile on his face.[18]:53–55 She is typically shown with a garland of severed heads, often numbering fifty. This can symbolize the letters of the Sanskrit alphabet and therefore as the primordial sound of Aum from which all creation proceeds. The severed arms which make up her skirt represent her devotee's karma that she has taken on.[17] Mother NatureEdit The name Kali means Kala or force of time. When there were neither the creation, nor the sun, the moon, the planets, and the earth, there was only darkness and everything was created from the darkness. The Dark appearance of Kali represents the darkness from which everything was born.[2] Her complexion is black, which is more black than the darkest night ever. As she is also the goddess of Preservation, Kali is worshiped as the preserver of nature. Kali is standing calm on Shiva, her appearance represents the preservation of mother nature. Her free, long and black hair represents nature's freedom from civilization. Under the third eye of kali, the signs of both sun, moon, and fire are visible which represent the driving forces of nature. Kali is not always thought of as a Dark Goddess. Despite Kali's origins in battle, She evolved to a full-fledged symbol of Mother Nature in Her creative, nurturing and devouring aspects. She is referred to as a great and loving primordial Mother Goddess in the Hindu tantric tradition. In this aspect, as Mother Goddess, She is referred to as Kali Ma, meaning Kali Mother, and millions of Hindus revere Her as such.[23] There are several interpretations of the symbolism behind the commonly represented image of Kali standing on Shiva's supine form. A common interpretation is that Shiva symbolizes purusha, the universal unchanging aspect of reality, or pure consciousness. Kali represents Prakriti, nature or matter, sometimes seen as having a feminine quality. The merging of these two qualities represent ultimate reality.[8]:88 A tantric interpretation sees Shiva as consciousness and Kali as power or energy. Consciousness and energy are dependent upon each other, since Shiva depends on Shakti, or energy, in order to fulfill his role in creation, preservation, and destruction. In this view, without Shakti, Shiva is a corpse—unable to act.
  9. Look KamALaharrIs is KALI the god of destruction and mayhem. Look GeOrge winDsor is God Look David attenbOuGh is GOD backwards look Arma GeDOn is God mixed up Look vote for Biden is vote FORBIDDEN Look a deep clean of the Whitehouse to get rid of the stains and bugs subliminally charged Look the last trump card has gone Look it's all systems go to Armageddon and the rapture of God Look Israel is rejoicing it's about to be destroyed with USA blessings and yet they rejoice as they head to Nivea Evian heaven haven holidays camp sites Kali brings in its destruction and Biden I'll give him 120days before Mali malintent Michael arrives and earths haters blessed are the meek scaVENgUS they will inherit the land property assets pensions heirlooms legacy and the emotionally challenged gay men conspiracy theorist anyone against the gods word Armageddon as yet another Satan's device are the Mavericks in gematria Hebrew Jewish calculations and trump was the last Maverick all will fall in line now for their final war with ........ Satan North Korea China and the EC the europeancommunity
  10. The words of the rabbi were vailed but obvious the EMOTIONALLY CHALLENGED THE SAME GEMATRIA ENERGY AS MAVERICK AND YOU ARE SAFE. WE DONT SAY CONSPIRACY THEORIST S ANYMORE THEY ARE NOW EMOTIONALLY CHALLENGED. Listen up people they are going to take out the Mavericks the emotionally challenged the ones who don't follow their agenda. Forbidden fruits and seeds the deep clean of all those bugs in the Whitehouse the divorce of covid the final trump card the fall from grace the rash of executive orders. The war games you will get your North Korea war the Harris plot the Truman show Ed Harris the god director all on camera. No more president respect the sacrificial lamb the exit of trp the target finger pointing of a kid a single solitary kid as he leaves. We are going to set the agenda no more emotionally challenged that's immature people no anti their agenda no more kids time you as a three year old accept your date. Bye kids the divorce is now complete.
  11. Trump is the first president in living memory to not invoke a war that's why he's gone The priest rabbi benediction spewed out emotionally challenged so subtly hypnotically loud and suggestive it was obvious so check gematria emotionally challenged is the same energy numbers as Maverick and you are safe. Trump cards the final card the final solution the war is coming the chrsitian right the Jewish puppetmaster the covid divorce the brexit and get this the 2021census. A sudden rise from 48million in 1945to 65million since the eighties to 85million this year that's a massive property portfolio boom paid for from European money that's why brexit was rigged there's a scam coming that is so big it needs a huge property Baron to pull it off. The price of a property portfolio will literally go from billions to trillions. The deflection continues brexit Trump the oil Islam pipeline and I'll give vote FORBIDDEN sorry for Biden 6months and the first black Asian American African mixed race woman will be suddenly in office to th left and back to the left and back to the l ft and back For Biden has served his death knell and it's been a while since they took out a president to get their own at agenda trump didn't deliver North Korea Harris will
  12. Ons surveys for the swab testing is one hell of a gravy train They just sacked those earning 13quid an hour for collecting swabs for the ones iqvia survey and replaced them with locum plebotmist on 45quid per blood They are going to bbig households ten plus Such that it's 45*10*5days*1000plebs*52weeks =124800000 That's 124MILLION with just 1000plebsb or 1billion with 10000plebs smell the gravy and NOONE can say anything as the one is a goverment quango and no accountability's
  13. Blood and swab workers are going to be taking it in 3yearsbtrained plebotmist are going to be paid 35quid per hour 35hrs per week 85 k per year to collect bloods from people in their own home. That's more than Drs dentists and even midwives. Locums can apply NHS staff can't unless they lose their job and thus their poxy paultry civil servants pension
  14. if the eu is the great whore of babylon and we are leaving her as adam the first born, the great DIVOrCe COVID from the whore is going to unleash the hell of hels noone leaves the whore ever and this is a bigger divorvce deal than even ivanka trump and donald yes dear trumpet did we get a prenuptial before we serve our wedded bliss herald/ harold/ 1066 anarrow in the eye from the france pope , and his hustings/ hastings, announcements in a hurry, and the age of sagitarius the archer and coveting eyed hunter looking at the land grabs , , the scoripio crushing the law, libra the scales, and taking huge chunks out to stare at the great exposed virgin, virgo while the lion stalks her, the birth of christianity burnt and eaten by the lions, 2150 years ago, the rage of stds in neros times, cancer and the crabs of stds , , the age of split personalities gemini the raging of the bull after taurus, ramming up the arse, aries, till it spills it seeds, pisces, and is then washed away the waterman the urinal pisstakers, , until the peaceful life again as farmers and simple folk the goats awaiting the covetous eye of the archer hunter man on horse once again. repate over and over. only this time orphicus the snake is speeding it all up with his entry at scorpio sagitarrius, so thats why the rape of women men and kids has exploded, its all cosmologically driven, as above so below,
  15. Brexit is a smoke screen journalist have not been allowed to see the final drafts of any negotiations and yet noone is asking about our commitment and involvement in a pipeline from turkey the islam pipeline to italy and then across europe and we are going to be walking away with nothing in stone, except our oil will be crossing multiple borders and bp have been blown out, we have no say in a line we helped build, imagine the taxes from each border and the cost of border controls is 750 billion, no this is the burden now on the uk people by the eu brexit tantrums stage, plus covid the great divorce costs and the fees to get us up to the first trillionaire status of debt
  16. the symbology of the zodiac, first discussed in zeitgeist scropion is on one side of the libra LAW and the virgin is the other with the Lion licking its lips, as it approaches the virgin the birth of christianity and the burning and feeding of the lions. Libra is shrinking black holes and disapppearing and the scorpion islam is now running to destroy the virgin and it is being pushed at high speeed by orphicus the new star signs, with that the law is being mocked, removed attacked and destroyed so they can rape the virgin of everything, all cosmological sagitarius the horse archer the hunter is opening up so the snake can chase and eat the virgin virgo. Libra is the crux the cross and was first mentioned and identified by constantine. who created christianity. a narrative to explain the fall of the roman empire and moslems are racing to destroy it all. after the beast lays down with the maiden the virgin, the daniels lions den, it opens up the crabs and stds, of therin actions, and a fire in the belly, that causes split personalties and stds, gemini the twin personalitys the splitting of the brain the male and female sides, until the madness of the bull and the insanity of stds they then ram the state up the backside sodom and gommorah, and that causes the fishes to spill their seed pisces, until the water man comes and cleans them for spilling their seed. and the old goat the farner starts again, until the archer the war man starts coveting riches and land and we start again. covid is actually the great divoce same letters, and this is the great separation the revelation sof the seals the great harvest. and separation of wheat and tares.
  17. potassium chloride which causes spasms and convulsions and heart attacks and is used on death row lethal injections
  18. yes thats right the whole of our gdp is being put into borders and fisheries, as mentioned unwittingly i assume, on question time or newsnight, and yes its billions not millions
  19. C3PO OPEC cretaed by George lucas, shares company with princess leia a princess lie, hands solo, han solo, obi WANKenobi and the r2d2 tutu dr coke dr sex and drugs in space, sure that was the working title divorce is COVID, the great separation the annullment the great divorce, the great beheading of the serpent king, brexit, the bP arab pipeline for the islam turkeystate, that leads to rome, the end of the peace, the lethal injection using potassium chloride and the great decieit and deflection BP built the pipeline and now to get the oil, it has to go through italy, then europe and each will tax it until we are pushing wheel barrows everywhere. Quantitative easing the queens shilling 1000 billion in printed 50 notes that are then burnt to allow the banks to raise money on imaginary cash, and the great revenge by the rest of the world for our bankers screwing it all upand giving the dragon China all our bad debt Icesave the 7percent interest rates paying the civil servants and councils pensions and the 12 year anniversary on northern rock all that symbology my head hurts.
  20. Potassium chloride is used in lethatl injections, K-lor on prisoners, it causes the heart to stop and its the key ingrediant in the vaccine, and its got pig proteins too so thats one group that wont be getting int, if the KCL doesnt get you the bacon will
  21. the nice man at MHRA says we will keep you from harms way its just another con
  22. On the inner sleeve of revenge she has a lizard eye and on bright new day she is so masculine She is fem butch but still great music
  23. A bank cannot open an account if it is illiquid, knowing it is technically broke thats FRAUd and severe, so they wont open up accounts for that reason. Its to do with knowingly intending to defraud, so businesses cannot open, too risky, charities or causes for money laundering and personal because they bear the brunt and if they lose their money, due to illiquidity, the bank must compensate them all or the bankers will be arrested. mortgaes cannot beraise on none funds this is the biggie though zero interest rates, the banks want everyone with a mortgage to pay it off asap, to collect assets for FRACTIONALISING AGAIN, no interest is technically a SHARIA or ISLAMIC ORTGAGE, and that is supposed to be paid in full at the end of the trem, a b it like a buy to let mortgage. Martin Lewis is NOT CEMAP qualified or FCA compliant he wont say anything, the banks are broke. the Lloyds BANKING GROUP is TLBG or LGBT, and the wealth have their money in Coutts or Cutns
  24. yep, jamie curtis/ annie lennox all adrogny
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