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  1. huge proof covid vaccine biedn the president fear biden beast i have no idea how these correlations on a supposedly holy calculator are so synchroniced if the numbers are the same, unless its some sort of altered perception mind fuck if you see the same numbers and what i see reply, or i might just be tripping on the eyes see what they want to see, leave an emoji so i dont reinterpret words, maybe thats why emojis were creted so we blank all those letters and DVLA a dvl a devil rigger numberplates and NIKE JUST DO T subliminals
  2. huge prrof covid vaccine biedn the president fear biden beast
  3. huge proof the 666 mark of the beast is the covid vaccine
  4. oh look 666 is a covid vaccine and joe biden beast
  5. those little blips could also be the final nail they are all bankrupt up to their eyes in debt, and the banks are calling their loans in, this was a stay of execution before the final nail arrives, imagine ronaldo working at asda or these top managers now walking with the ones who pay their wages. correction used to pay their wages, till the greedy twats went for bank loans and debt instead for fast cash and pure greed.Anyone with an unlimited credit facility can sponge off the banks until they call them in. Maybe all those exclusive appratments like hilton beetham owned and empty by celebrities and footballers might be seized by burnham as he drives for his homeless 0 goal. cant pay lose it losers.
  6. they save millions on policing so hey little goy people we shafted you again
  7. Football Club Share Prices (advfn.com) LOOK AT ALL THOSE PRETTY BLIPS< EXCEPT ARSENAL DIDNT MOVE SUGGESTING THEY WILL TRY AGAIN LATER as they did with the id cars oops sorry covid passports.
  8. see glasier made 20%inctrease in his shares for 2 days and thats just man united, they shorted for quick profit, they lied about the super league and hey we dont need fans, weve proven that over covid, its all about the shares and vampires
  9. For two days they had superleague fever the shares rocketed and then drop back down and then they scrapped it. Thats a big short inside dealing scam, the owners are all american or arabs and they made a lovely huge wad, then back to normal, im becoming so bored with the money greed grabs its become sickening boring now They are syphoning off trillions but wait they cant starve us all, they can and they will this is not about money its about energy vampirism using the manipulation of energy its egregore and its manifestation, to get them to mars, to reveal its genocide death stage, in army tech and eugenics If we get there we will know how to build the death star and the energy is quadzillions , so its all about syphoning the python or snake literally, the billionaires are all front men for army technology, you dont build multi billion conglomerates as a snotty nosed geek fromharvard unless daddy is in the military The activation is St Mary, antifreeze gemetria and the queen needs her own darth vader escape pod, to get off planet, thats why their greed is going exponetila, glasier of united just made 500 million in just 2 days. from shorting his own stock.SCANM SCAM SCAM
  10. watch the eugenics witch Eugenie and Beatrice , they want the young next, the oldies have been droned the babys being vaccinated serves sterility and catsration, leaving the middle ones thick as shit while they continue breeding the kids are eunuchs, dont want you to wake up until its too late obviuosly
  11. Antifreeze gematria is st Mary and the date is 15_17th may when full lockdown is opened
  12. There is an activation coming when they hit a certain number of jabs we know how much they love their numerology. It's coming early may and antifreeze polyethylene glycol in vaccines peg is a clue pure evil genocide. It's a hunch but try gematria links for more info
  13. Genocide is complete destruction eugenics is the irradiation via sex and sterility murder is murder and slaughter is slaughter do they have the right to serve a death star genocide while running to Mars while killing sex via eugenics and castrations
  14. The royal fily in plain. Sight have a very ugly reality energy profile George and Charlotte mountbatten Windsor have genocide in their names George Saxe gotha Coburg Windsor the queens father also has genocide in his name then the queens grand daughter is Eugenie or eugenics and Beatrice is BEAT RICE..you will also find slaughter suicide and even mass murder in Mary Elizabeth Alexandre Saxe gotha Coburg mountbatten Windsor so they are holding a very dark secret. And the power of the pens and words.
  15. in the same time as the evergiven gets stuck, and pharoahs red sea exodus arrives
  16. its a canal, on a sandbank, with no walls on either side, just shifting sands, it highlights the canal has never had solid protection unlike panama and these huge ships are stirring sands and its going to be happening regularly, the breach of contract belial liable lawyers are all over it.
  17. vaccines from india blocked and then destroyed as out of date, on their way to turkey, syria, africa and europe. the crossing of the red sea, the moses pharoah released into exodus. watch they will say dont eat shell fish now, they are running back to biblical stories and after exodus its leviticus GLENDA genesis leviticus exodus numbers deutornamy, adam
  18. The red sea, the bridge, moses, pharoah and the leaving of egypt for israel. Its them playing biblical epics Astra zenaca vaccines millions of doses delayed by a week, and then must be destroyed as out of date, on its way to greece, turkey syria and europe. oh what a wicked web they weave.
  19. when covid started i was collecting swabs from houses under the ONC oxford survey and met a guy who worked in the industry, I asked about asta zenac shares, and said their shares were dropping , not going up, he said how odd, shares are going through the roof. I thought i had walked in a alternate universe, obviously you would expect shars to go up. In my reality they were dropping like a stone on his going through the stratosphere. i heard however my little voice go just watch, and i immediately saw the astra zenca was going to be the sacrifice, and now with this jab being halted for under 30's that makes absolute sense, the shares were dropping because the lawsuits are going to be huge. So now its here and astra zeneca will be hung out tor dry so they can go for moderna, american and pfizer german, the evergiven suez fiasco was carrying stocks that will need to be abandoned as past their sell by dates, and thats contract lawyers going for breach and damages. Astra Zeneca which is originally ICI, the inventors of nylon and most plastics uk based in northwich and runcorn will fall, they will buy shares in the others and how they weave their wicked greed. So now they dont want to give under 30s a drug that is intended to make them sterile as part of the eugenics programme, but rushed to give it to all those over 55 at high speed. If i had had that vaccine, and now its been blocked id be very anxious and concerned now, the sheep have npow been served, a ticking time bomb.
  20. If ts been a while since we had snake lisard references then tonight's news dressed as a snake in plain sight george floyd and croydon council corrupt landlords were the main stories so what's the snake link and who's the hypnosis aimed at this time
  21. so nice of lorraine kelly to do a 25 year anniversary review the same week piers morgan starts spouting his double standards about meghan and harry, distraction, council tax bills go up 40% real news, and think about prince philip piers morgans own words, reminder his tabloid helped kill diana harrys mother so i cant take them seriously. When ever they get these news return to the scene of the crime, ego trips its quite gnawing, Lorraine kelly gets to show her caring side by reading the first name and then it cuts to her finishing off the last one all others are irrelevant. As if the 20 year marker wasnt enough now its L's every 5 years , to rub salt in the wounds. Cullen report closes the records for 100 years and thats because they dont want to name the children involved not IN DUNBLANE but the CENTRAL POLICE REPORT 5 years earlier, you find out cullen is part of a secret masonic lodge the SS and that smells of a cover up. They cover up the post mortem of Hamilton himself, wasnt there a rumour or two bullets one to blow his head off the other to make sure he was dead, that suggests a second gunman or it was a sacrifice, make sure he doesnt waver and talk when he blows his own head off , just in case. priMary sCHOOL, has Moloch the god of child sacrifice in plain sight, Now today i went to Asda and they had sweet child of mine playing by guns and roses, the day after the revisit,3 mins or so the same amount of time taken to kill those kids.it was chilling it felt like gloating because they got away with it. Meanwhile HAM are playing black queen white queen chessgames as massive distraction. 28 lords are part of that ss group Dunblane Whitewash Catalogue Quiche Lorraine Queen lorraine corraL h ii to corral to hem in to block all exits, he walked out of the fire exit, into the grounds then walked back in and shot himself, after corralling the kids in. corral [kəˈrɑːl] VERB gather together and confine (a group of people or things). "the organizers were corralling the crowd into marching formation" THEND
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