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  1. Mark Rayner: Angela Rayner Husband, Age, Wiki, Job, Net Worth (celebpie.com) THis is the husband of someone who didnt even eneter the mp until 2016 stratospheric rise, but he works as a union official for unison the health care union HOw does he aquire 5mill in wealth
  2. Now get all the chinese to jump at exactly the same time and whoops thats a 1 degree shift and it lands on some unsuspecting farm in USa(supeman) or India (krishna), mecca has its metoerite in the Kabaah we have peas in India lol
  3. so much for spy sattelites if it falls in the hands of the enemy lets test if those little yankie blighters can indeed shoot a pea sized meteorite from a billion miles away, and we are all in safe hands or whether we go it alone corona is just another distraction albeit very lucrative for those who got the dividend companies memos while the big pharmas all start falling at high spped the sacrificial lambs, bored now its all about those pea shooters
  4. tax fiddle, he leaves 50% to his wife and then distributes to his kids the remainder and so avaoids inheritance tax, hes a goonna soon and his wife has to keep the illusion going, these people hate the tax system more than they do humanity, so we get divorced but carry on as before, tax fiddle in tx fiddle out like prince andrew and fergie.
  5. Paul is chastising the greeks for therir culture of men and lovers while the women stay at home, as a roman he was actually mocking the greeks how their civilisation collapsed he was a general afet all and hit bruised their machismo and they succumb to rome it was awar game because eunuchs held great secrets and blackmail became a way of manipulation. he didnt make woman in the garden he made spirit of man eve, he made wombman to procreate afterwards.
  6. the ifferent genders arent an issue, we are all freaks in some way, ovaries in males, sperm ducts in females, thats just 2, its when they set about changing thta to fit in rather than embrace it, thats the issue.
  7. the lloyds banking group TLBG is LGBT, BGT britains got talent, TGBL the gold bullion listings, its all inversion and deflections lying cunts all of them
  8. transgender is part of the eugenics programming, confuse someone so they voluntarily destroy their own gender and thats another route to depopulate to the earth. drugs for castration become willing volunteers instead. many coming into the LgbT as trannis dont even get it was Transvestites first and they were accepted in the community, it then became trans and many have issues with sex and sexuality but its all eugenics. and the biggest buzz in sadism, et them to change gender then increase the sale of body parts of woms and sacks and its one complete mindfuck whatever happend to the turkey basters instead
  9. adam booted out, all that line removed, noah flood, sodom and gomorrah barren and bereft then abrahamthe new line the hebremhebrew religion, and his wives were barren
  10. Providers of day 2 and day 8 coronavirus testing for international arrivals - GOV.UK (www.gov.uk) maybe thats why everybody else is on red alert these costs are just eyepopping, and then the hotels on top, this is not a disease its pure greed the highest is 575 each for a family of 4 thats more than a holiday itself , the speed it came about, the michael ryans of this world were ready at the outset. I had a dream about 2017 when i heard earth is going into quarantine, and ohboy did it, and money greed was there too with bill and his husband mel
  11. well heres a surprise is david dimbleby dead gematria = coronavirus
  12. define a woman with a womb is a wombman, eve Walked Out of MAN woman the spirit, it also is plural in our image, isnt the baphomet a hermaphrodite which is hermes and aphrodite, the alchemist and the woman
  13. I went to bed late last night about 1145, normally they have election on from 1030 with david dimbelby with the rush to get the first votes in 45 minutes, nothing at all was on this was really odd so now they can give what ever result they need we just wake up in the morning all done and dusted. after brexit whane they changed the votes results before our eyes i guess its not a priority anymore
  14. cain and abel is cannibal, Cain is shunned away because he doesnt burn the animal offerings instead he offers the fruit of the land, abel offers burnt sacrifices and cain kills him, and his then bannished for killing the blood libel or sacrifice. the first jews
  15. so Noel is the death of the noel child the death of the christ child killed by two faced liars with a nasty sting, he explains he tried to get the best out of his actors like kubrick, chaplin or even hitchcock, but today they run for the cash and trash the ones who did it.
  16. look at the symbology, Noel is NOEL, clarke is Superman, Elon is NOEL, MUSK is SKUM, so only one NOEL can survive, noel gordon, noel fielding, Noel is LEOn or LION, the lion falls for sex, on the cosmos lion leo is chasing the virgin virgo who runs to the law libra, which is stung in the back by scorpio. Look at the film prometheus and David and when he destroys the colony by releasing death, theres a huge scorpion tail floating above them. can someone find it
  17. The eunuchs or gays were trusted with secrets and were able to extract secrets, ofr the benefit of their bosses, and so became untrusted by those who shared their secrets, thats when the persecution happened, and thats why Hitler started rounding up gay men who couldnt hold their tongue or started selling secrets of state to the enemy. The section in the gardenpre cruxifixion, when a naked man runsaway suggest naked men were everywhere.
  18. isnt the cherubim who remained at the gate of the east, tasked with never let man become immortal for they shall be as us and know good from evil and all the weapons of MAss destruction, an order that was served in simple english watch your post, stay at your post, and isnt satan still there with the garden cause he doesnt throw satan out he tells him to watch the gate, watch the door, watch the entry watch the tunnel for the ass entering the hole tunnel cherubim are they not eunuchs, and are the tasked with making sure man never returns .
  19. God made eve, and it was only AFTER they got booted out of the garden, so did they procreate before then, he then decided to give her a womb to produce offspring, , so there was a genderless entity/ the spirit/ then there was woman or wombman on stage 3 . Secondly didnt the flood wipe out everything except those in the ark, the removal of Adams line completely, thats zeus and prometheus who made man. So noah is the start of the new line and thats where the rainbow covenant comes in. Are they trying to return to the garden of eden where the cherubim and the light flash from left to right, thats a comet9 Giotto/the Magi, the 3 kings)im bucher, mouth bouche or butcher, without the T, and a childlike (munchkins) entity , and did he banish the snake, he didnt even mention satan, and dont babys crawl on their bellies like snakes first. sodom and gomorrah moodswings, women and haemorrages men at war, were all barren and asked to mate with the angels because there were no more children, even if lot had two daughters. Its also a huge explosion at megiddo or armageddon, that wiped out the mediterranen or meds. The warmongers are jews in control are not hebrews or hebrem, they want the secrets of mars to build a big death game. genocide( everything) is Not eugenics(sex), or euthansia( groups or murder( libra) or suicide, the return to eden will reveal all the good and evil they need to get back to the tree, and the adama line to complete their jigsaw. isnt the man iesus, deus,zeus,gesus that enters a tunnel of jerusalem JaMES RULES, on an ass. donkey an asshole saying he is adam returned. Thirdly doesnt he start again a third time with Abraham or hebrem or hebrew, and makes all the people barren so only one line survives
  20. and just as theyrolled this out they put the large bottles back on the shelves again no more semtex slippers or show terrorists, and the duty free shops are the big boys again, its all about the cash the travellers have to now stump up 120 per kit for a family of 4 thats over 500 quid before they even get out the airport its extortion and its all the exploitation of the goy
  21. Ive got a very simple semantic for the meaning of the word Nazi: Authoritarian control freak. I've come across jews like this and Ive come across non-jews like this. I think the number of Nazis in our world today is shocking. The noyion of liberty and human rights is currently a minority view ranked within circles referred to by the media as 'conspiracy' while fake human rights are pulled over the eyes of audiences where only children could be deceived to think real. THATS THE MISSING LINK NAZIS AND ARSEHOLES ALL THE REST ARE IRRELAVANT
  23. if Michael ryan is involved its dodgy as fuck, just wish they didnt keep boasting over the airwaves we can see you , maybe thats what plain sight is ll about.they are Leaking like a sievve, and then attack the ones who can see them or hear them, for even being in their airspace, neurotic cokeheads with a smackhead as their link and we get attacked for their little femi leaks
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