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  1. I hate martin lewis and how he keeps telling us there's light at the end of the tunnel the electric companies are going to reduce your bills by 50-100 quid When they have doubled and added an extra 1000 to. Everybody's bills. They gave us all 600whether you are single person or a billionaire and then get us all to go aren't the electric companies so nice they reduced the bills by 50quid When they have raised by 1000 it's like the veil falls down and the memories just disappear. How does a race of thieves and criminals Martin lewis included get to steal all the wealth of the people of Russia and Europe and now Britain The Messiah is Libra the war is already on . The deliberate population destruction making young girls and women sterile welders without eggs The removal of eggs milk and bread from supermarkets all serving subliminal the ai are here soon The black negger swazenegger are bringing in the terminators. The blacks are bringing in the agenda of castration and eunuchs n transexualism and mutilation of the genitals endorsed by the state like the brisque of the Jew. They hate tvs transvestites but love castration that's the pharonic Cleopatra mindset. They are heading to total self destruction and us with em Now if you think there's no significance in the bible for these psychos it s the be and all Adolf shukelgruber is GOD he was the only male on a stage of transsexuals and lesbians Stalin mao Roosevelt tran . We know he was male as he only had one bollock. The lie is this planet shift is actually hermaphroditic. Look again they just don't care. They are already the Jew the blue angel the blue star the balance of male and female in one body. Just walk in singularity and hear then go bored now you find you are holding up the agenda. By staying alive. So rather than murder you as they could they serve persistent none stop harassment and attacks so you terminate yourself in suicide. They can't kill the fool the ignorant the none initiated. The feeling of it's totally useless becomes all consuming. And they can't get on with their next stage while we males are still their by staying alive it gets even more obvious. How ironic I'm holding up your pathetic agenda and by noticing it falling apart before your very eyes. You realize it's not going as they expected. One man can change delay their shitty hermaphroditic reality shift by JUST Staying ALIVE . The gang stalking targeting and deliberate intent to starve the single man for delaying it so spectacularly is now so obviously pathetic. I hold you hate by STAYING ALIVE. Shitty women shitty men and the womb is gone. There are at least 5 total barren phases in the bible. Sarah Rachel Rebecca eve as Lilith and Elizabeth. These marry up with the 5 main extinction events or deaths and barren stages of the planet. From dinosaurs to the mammals.. Imagine your earth mother HATER after 600million years barren and her next stage she's getting older the women are synchronizing with her next growth spurt and evolution. She needs to populate the rest of the cosmoss before the hell fire arrives she's swallowed up by the sun eaten alive like cronos . That's why born again Jews are so focussed on the pit of hell it's the sun engorging and eating up the solar system. Where did they hear it from Icarus mars on the Titans and Olympians stage. It's all true. Now those 5phases of extinction the rejuvenated Jew is suddenly inspired and motivated by their 5barren women their elders and the raise the great women that they trashed to the lofty heights. There's no stopping the newly rejuvenated empowered Jew who sees the. Planets future in hermaphrodite shells with neither womb sperm or brain. and the men are obsolete that's why young women are attacking single older men me included into suicide and harrassment. If you are sensitized to signs and energy. I will share with you and experience recently in my local supermarket. They had no milk eggs or bread and I saw a woman walk in and she literally put two fingers up on the aisle I thought it was to me till I looked again. There's an alternative reality dimension building the new hermaphroditic stage in plain sight and we the men have al ready lost. The aggression of the woman knows no bounds they are on track and can't be stopped. Beware the rejuvenated Jew and their realigned purpose . Anyone else wouldn't notice it and put it together but when you are complete synchronized. You get an affirmation confirmation corroboration and acknowledgment and see I have just witnesses a barren eggless milk sexless breadless manifestation walk in and declare an aggressive war. Against those on their newly aquired turf That's a wombless sperm less brainless apparition and these manifestations are being spoken into existence by masons and other sorcery practitioners. They are the planets next stage of evolution and we have but a short time left. They know it which is why the highly sensitive and that includes your kids are already in their sights. Your kids are a threat to the agenda and the newly rejuvenated Jew women. The kids have a rainbow aura but the hermaphrodite is a blue yellow star . David was a hermaphrodite in the bible.david who changed his name to Edward the 8th was a eunuch and could not be king so that made way for Elizabeth2. It's been a long time coming but is coming to a close very soon When the leopards lions eagles and bears are all in Ukraine that's prophecy and revelations the new Jerusalem James rules then it's bye bye . The day of the welder is here. We can't stop it and the kids are sadly being destroyed by these manifestations and lucipharians selfish satanists . It is what it is They know it's coming they have tried to scapegoat individuals and single men but still can't stop it. They are summoning the creator he she it would be highly radioactive and toxic. Like silver surfer If he gives the message he can't step over the threshold the vail because he would make the planet barren and they want it to happen. Then let's send a positive affirmation to this apparition the ignorant women want it the lilac Moslem men want it the straight bullying women and men want it the fags and ULEZ want it . So what you waiting for Get on with it finish it and deliver them all into immortality Marked with the symbolic star of David the symbol of the hermaphrodite male female Aphrodite religion. So who the fick is this Yahweh and remember jehoover Jehovah j Edgar Hoover was a trannie dresses in women's clothes as against a trannie with no knackers. Balls Having been on the gay stage and noticed the trannies the Brenda's and beryl's booted away and the fags destroyed and stalked off to be replaced by fake masonic manifestations then we need to see why. Fags are grace and favour squatters and these shithouses manipulate language thy will be done. The Jews want absolute control and when they find the Talmud can be decoded as death they can't and won't be stopped .to eternity and immortality . Stop bragging get on with it you are playing at it ladies You serve the Aphrodite hermaphrodite Satan. So stop ducking and diving and lying when everyone is in there with you. Even the one splaying devil's advocates and temporary intercedes are tired bored and accepting it is finished so just ducking finish it . THY WILL BE DONE SO JUST DO IT FINISH IT The act ends and then it's eternity all the way. ARE YOU READY WHAT YOU WAITING FOR. BORED NOW
  2. The four headed beast the eagle Europe Germany Bear Russia Lion turkey Leopards kazahckstan Astana is Satan Now we are sending in the leopards as tanks Prophecy is coming and those who have done their road trips and got their affairs in order will watch everybody who have clearly made it obvious we just don't care be left with all the planets shit. Revelations just needs the Euphrates river to suddenly dry and the fines and gates arrive
  3. The energy crisis after the banking crisis is yet another Jew riddled wringing of hands and grabbing greed If everyone on benefits is starving cold and damp then who's bringing the money in for all these energy firms. All the bad debts from all those malingerers that couldn't be taken to court as they had no assets has left a void that they are now going after. It's been obvious for years the banks have deliberately withdrawn the capital while the assets have been accumulating value. Now it's going to be a massive grab and second charges on mortgage free or equity release properties. You have paid your mortgage off and on 120k properties you could raise on eyquity release for a granny annex or stair lift up to 30% it's now down to 24% that leaves 6% to play with that is 7k on a 120k value. Now the asset rich pisspoor will be hit with up to 7k in electric bills added as a second charge on the asset left by your granny for the kids. It's going to be very busy in the courts soon and suddenly because the qouta anyone on benefits and has a good lawyer as they all do will have no bills to pay but you having inherited will be hit with all their bills instead. In2008it was bad debts rounded up with good debt that dropped the banks now it's the same with British gas and it's bad debt to Paribas and eon energy french nationalised companies. So after Brexit the big short that prices will drop is now being attached to the British newbies aquire wealth. When you see smirking neighbours you can bet their bill has now been sent to the landlord you are responsible for your tenants heating and water. Or granny's bequeathed assets. Traitors one and all The Jew coveting knows no bounds. We are with death so before they get their staairlift or electric car let's grab the asset with a second charge as they wring their hands connivingly that they can make you sell to retrieve their debt if they want to. Call in the loans the muggles are going to pay for everyone else's commie ducking lies.
  4. As part of the nwo depopulation programme. ULEZ an acronym for your a lezza you lez is inviting applications for any Lambeth council or Southwark self proclaimed Lezzas to bring their dungarees push bikes and cats to stand shoulder to shoulder with Sadiq SADDICK KHAN ultra low emissions zone no potty mouths or naughty free speeches here. In plain sight MYASS murder your autistic silent subjects
  5. revelations requires the four beasts to arrive Eagle, west germany Bear Russia Leopard Iran Lion Africa then they need to find the antichrist it has to be a jew of power, Zelensky Z the tanks of russia and nancy pelosi lets him speak to the assembly senate, its like OMEN and Damian ANTICHRIST
  6. https://www.newstatesman.com/spotlight/regional-development/2022/12/essex-thurrock-council-bankruptcy-finances Wtf, how does a council lose 500m , or half a billion smackers, which sounds less sickening half a billion, that pays for everything locally including fire, police, local services, and get this the cEO says we can assure people that essential services Like GRITTING and POTHOLES will be taken care off. So gritters will be paid but everybody else will be losing billions pensions, wages etc, and YET AGAIN UTTER BOLLOCKS DIVERSION TACTICS, like strikes everywhere, by the common purpose retards that fucked it up completely. The dickheads going lets divert attention on to retards going on strike, and steal the last bastion, if its broke and bankrupt bye bye goes your pensions and the local services. Stupid women and nazi men with their own agenda , 2008 all over again. Then the local landlords who have hundreds of properties each, have already given their properties to the councils under licence, so they have to do the repairs and return the properties back in a habitable and updated state, just as they bring in the last nail in the coffins, with energy, cladding , mortgage and no evictions obscessions. These councils are bust becuase, 1 they have a black hole of belials lawyers draining the councils of money with jumped up complaints by traitors and sboteurs, 10k per complaint, 2k to the complainant and 10k to the lawyers. 2 The housing associations are already bust having allowed the stock to run into squalor, and the councils have to bail them out. 3 Local private landlords, with huge portfoilios have already licenced their properties just prior to the new regulations, and the mortgage lenders cannot get their money back as the lawyers and landlords have used the classic limited company switch, licence to the ccouncil, and then return in 10 years. This stays any actions by the lenders, but also means the council must return the property back with everyupgraded for it to be habitable. They took me out for observing this utter bollox boys club so i guess my letters to the top, went unheard . stupid tenants, stupid, women, vicious lawyers and vile councils.
  7. Go with me on this one Everything has already happened before and this is a rerun, how else do we explain these idiots and imbeciles always seem to be ahead of the game and the rehearsals become so draining and pathetically obvious. Thats why its all synchronised to the stars planets seasons and moons. Its just a little peice peas ( peados ) of history repeating itself. Now lets surpose these idiots repeat their same nihilistic arrogance on every planet they land on( yes they are aliens , starbeams, starhildren) and they end up at the stage we are entering soon, remove the race, species that was here before( satans/lucifers fallen children), and then create their master raceof scifi babies that all look act and think the same HUXLEYS nightmare, (where have we seen that before). So upto now we are heading back to their pre apocaplypse stage and there is no such as sci fi its ALL science FACT. There is a film about mars, called something like escape from mars or mission to mars, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mission_to_Mars( the species on mars killed itself in arrogance by building destruction on the same planet they inhabit. The people of earth saw the explosion and its in the conscious psyche, hence the gods and titans golden age babylon, ancient greek stories. Now the film ends with the aliens leaving and being dispersed across space Now just suppose the last stage they did this on was hmmm a destroyed nearby dry planet ( lets say MARS, remember the flood story, I will never destroy the planet by flood , their god isnt lying, its just a double hidden meaning, you cant flood a planet that has no water. It never happened on EARTH9 or EARTHS(HATERS) Now the evident onslaught destruction of sex and masculinity, is also in the collective psyche. Imagine the comets phallic hardward( into egg software) earth is the anomaly, after the comet Gomorrah and Sodom(haemorrages and moodswings) a pregnant hormonal woman/female is created, the VIRGIN, before that there was no sex. Animals that reproduce remember (male phallus, into female hole) , are all manifestations of the comets from the end of the golden age Yes we really are talking millions of years ago. So animals are not real either, they are merely manifestations, once you grasp that, then we are all irrelevant, we dont pay animals, we dont pay robots, we dont pay manifestations, similarly we dont feed or offer shelter to MANIFESTATIONS, this explains why even when we the supposed awoken are screaming at these imbeciles to STOP AND WAKE UP, you are heading into total destruction and nihillism they just seem totally unstoppable. Now if earth and sex are the anomaly( phalic obelisks across the planet. then what we are heading to is the ultimate destruction of the ANOMALY the phallus, the hardware, leaving the software the egg, which can then self reproduce and create panthegenesis. EARTHS HATERS Self fertilisation Panthegenesis, enjoy it males, while it lasts the sexless dickless genderless, have worked it out, and YES THEY ARE UNSTOPPABLE. Complete your bucket list,embrace your loved ones, take your kids to disney land and tell them this is the end of the history of man, but also males, females and SEX., the aliens have it all sown up. But this is the end of the road, in Mission from Mars they destroy the planet and have to leave after creating nuclear suns to harness and copy the sun, pre flood,on mars, remember nomore floods on a dead planet, we are now at the stage where they are creating four suns and a wobble to move the core. Who in their right mind would create total destruction in your own backyard, the same species that cannot think in indivudal thought, the sheep themselves, the voidless psychopaths, heading back to the EGG and EARTHS, so HATERS are merely egregore thought manifestations. Its a repeat like a bad curry, only as DI says they gave us their mind, but also that unquenchable destructive mindset to be near and impress their genderless , cometless, phallusless earlier reality gods The tomorrow children clones and syths are already here and the genderless mind is NOW UNSTOPPABLE. Icarus is Inarus iranus, uranus, inarns, i nnars, I mars,I AM RS Sodom Uranus Mars Gomorrah. Now the zodiac( Zeitgeist is the gospel( the only none natural constellation is LIBRA (CHRIST BALANCE) , to the left scorpio, to the right VIRGO the virgin, and to her right the lion LEO, both COMETS, trying to enter therefore rape the woman, virgin EARTH< GAIA, ,from the east (the moslem, arab mindset), from the west the incas and mayas The CHRISTIAN RELIGION is all about protecting the virgin from the rapists to the left right, above and below.,earths watchers earths protectors and they screwed it completely when they made it personal, while staying in THE FISH< PISCES, are started removing and attacking the neutrals the librans the librarians the bibliotechs the learned the BALANCED. Now eat me drink me and call me alice The star children either will wake up before its too late or we really are at the end of road and all that wasted space literally becomes a WASTE OF SPACE OR MORGUE< MORTUARY GRAVEYARD> goodluck starkids you took out balance,LIBRA, the CRUCIFIX< THE BAR< now both races have complete access to rape pillage and destroy the VIRGIN, the egg, the woman, ENJOY LADIES your fantasy is almost here
  8. Tell it as it is strep a is meningitis don't mention the menegele programme . strep a comes with measles and in adults it causes infertility so it's another nwo population programme. and lo they suddenly have a shortage of antibiotics and the price goes out of the stratosphere. they removed calpol which reduces the fever and suddenly strep a is now a killerm why are stupid women stilling slowing this bullshit. woe is me crocodile tears ambubanlce ghouls and social media fame . this is our destruction bigger empires died after wars disease lazyness and the seven deadly sins. ours died because dickheads removed the calpol to serve their shithouse pension dividends blinkered minds.
  9. Aloud hixley your up next Funny the spokes person is Jewish And watch again We deliberately sabotage the womb with vaccines and tech We then play the neg card it's on mainstream Corrie but others too the woman cannot be trusted with her womb so BUY FROM US INSTEAD. Then they play adouble negativespeak like dishwashers save the planet. So use dishwasher tablets to avoid the rinse. Meanwhile the pods are here and natural survival skills and immunity are removed to give multi lingual sex toys sorry babies Ahwell it's all progress but the Jew is there in PRS. Cheques and balances how they love to take the piss.
  10. https://www.msn.com/en-gb/lifestyle/other/world-s-first-artificial-womb-facility-lets-you-choose-baby-s-characteristics-from-menu/vi-AA15bwM5?ocid=entnewsntp
  11. the nurses are going on strike, but the average wage is now 35000k, they have just admitted they still use two indexes the rpi at 15.61 and the cpi 10.67, the banks and these idiots are using RPI, they have just taken the people , theirown neighbours, family and friends, into starvation and destitution, , while deliberately robbing the new middle classes, who have attained assets over the last 70 years, , and these turds have been licking their marxist rob the poor lips , then make the middles classes the new poor, and all those asets they have accumulated.ROB AND STEAL the jude marxist trait . Now RPI is why the mortgages and the food have just gone through the roof, the banks have used this to deliberately to fleece the people, they are the JUDE,JEWs, not the hebrews hebrem abrahem, abraham goyim. It suits the banks to use this RPI inde, and the next stage is the argument ah but no but, we have started giving people higher interest rates to boost savings, that have been at zero for over 10 years, destroying the capital first, next the mortgages lenders will require a further deposit, to protect their assets, remember its about protecting the rothschild bank above all else., stealing the money from the middle classes again, therefore this ahbut no but argument is also a totally lie, they did it in 2008 and as gold went strato, they stole everything even the rings of the eldely and the wodows. I HATE THESE BULLSHITTERS BUT I HATE THE SHEEP EVEN MORE Then the lying theiving jue companys like sainburys, tescos, morrisons and even Iceland, have jumped from the CPI, to run with these lying cNTS JUES, and suddeenly the markets jump to an extra five per cent above with the RPI, its ALL BOLLOX. Next the staff that are striking are on the wages reported by ONS but over 150000 are on the self employed LOCUM, management and consultants BILLS con, they therefore dont show on the records and suddenly we have lost 150000 people from the NHS. These Locum staff are on two contracts one for NHS with six months full pay, six months half pay, sick pay then 28 days in work before they start all over again. I HATE THESE TURDS THAT EXPLOIT TO THE MAX AND THE TURDS PROTECTING THEM STOP WHINGING AND OPEN YOUR BIGOTED FASCIST EYES YOU PRICKS> The average bill for these consultants are on £350 per hr, and they also book up every shift and then leave it to the very last minute before they cancel the shift. The income they recieve is over £36000, and they also claim expenses including their utilties and travels costs, all legit as it was used to get the nmbers to fit. because their contracts are now on zero hr NHS contracts they claim they are working PAID for the NHS, for ONLY 2 days, then they claim tax credits, upto an extra 600 pm, HOWEVER, the income from their consultants fees, isnt claimed or used for these tax credits reviews, , as its self employment income and until its been added to the taax self assessment at the end of the tax year, THE UI or tax credits carry on paying them. In total these LOCUM LOCUSTS are on over 75k per year, while the real angels are on 21k, and they bling and GLOAT welcome to the JEW REALITY. THEREFORE they deliberately booked up all shifts, then sabotaged their own industry and then claimed tax credits , and then finally they are paid consultant fees of over £50k per year. Our local hospitals are all bankrupt and OSCAR the official secrets act has allowed everyone of these scumbags to bankrupt the NHS, the country and their own PLEDGE and HIPPOCRATIC OATH. If SAINT MICHAEL the saint of medicine and health emergency workers. saw what these lying turds were doing would he take them out by swinging his sword, the masons sword, or would he squeak like a pathetic turd himself. IMPOTENT SAINTS OVERSEEING LYING TURDS> RANT OVER
  12. The very quiet opening of big Ben was on a documentary last night with an over budget from 20million to 88billion for a clock tower That's unbelievable who's in charge of the budget to be out to such an extent.
  13. Look for the bangles and beads this woman the black African roots denialist is wearing . An 86year old who has met many beads and bangles on her travels gets the memo don't piss off the militant blacks so ask them about their heritage after all she's wearing roots and colours of her tribe. An 86year old trying to show respect gets trampled on by aherd of bullies and hypocrites. This militant bitch the black woman then has her 15minnutes of airtime displaying her senagal sudanese colors for all to see. Jeesh these hypocrites are now leaving a very nasty taste the mouth. Maybe the memo should have said I admire your beads where are they from. If you catch it this same pos is pawing others herself and meanwhile the queen consort is working the room and doesn't want to be on the side of I was wearing my name badge and she insulted me by asking my name chit seconds that's reason you wear the badge. The laws ladies at waiting WORK THE ROOM TO AVOID FAUX post lying twats givenair time.
  14. The BOE the old lady of thread needle street the last badtion the hope of hopes the purveyor of all. It got it's power and influence during the Napoleonic era. The bond system was on making the people the slaves of France as against the church. The boe must never collapse think the crows of the tower of London they fall we fall. Fractionalization and QUantitativE EasiNg the queen hidden in plain sight. When the 2008crisis happened the boe was overly exposed standing above the other banks as it's cornerstone very masonic so they pumped billions upon billions in fake notes dead money to maintain the Rothschild bank The FDR federal reserve was then dualised with FDR Franklin D Roosevelt. So he's their mascot and duality.men at ascot. Now the goverment inisted the banks had to regain liquidity after the crash multiple. Who is the last badtion that pays off all the debts and owns the bonds for everyone on the planet. The BOE. A private sniveling Rothschild bank. They winge the boe almost collapsed hence the truss balls up. A jockstrap. So let it collapse it wipes out all the debt and bonds of everyone on the planet no more prison state. Instead they even murder their mascot the queen to keep us all in bondage and slavery. Napoleon warned us about the Jew bankers Hebrews hebrem ahbraham are not jews. Hitler and Stalin the sameeven JFK warning about the pernicious Jew Jude bankers not the Hebrews. So the last badtion was LGBT the Lloyd's banking group. And the saviors were the local credit unions or building societies of which there are a miniscule left. So let the BOE fall and release the kravken get rid of the debt. NEVER IN A BILLION YEARS NEVER IN A THOUSND TEARS. Ahwell stupid ignorant women and golddigging men.
  15. Daudis ranking up live snuff movie murders for the rowdy brits that step out of line
  16. Morgan Freeman on the world cup reenacts his rols as god with the Adam light finger created by Michael Angelo. Meanwhile the Arabs have swords and fatawas galore no wonder the BBC banned the show at the last minute. Did they get a translation and see in plain sight the Arabs arrogance. All other methods of energy are irrelevant god has endorsed the Arabs the under dogs the paraplegic to save the world. The symbolism is so in your face they have to ban the opening ceremony on heresy grounds. Considering their human rights records and the definition of Satan's army includes bastards women and even disabled and paraplegic eunuchs the heresy and hypocrisy is galling. Meanwhile they all leave midway through their own home game due to call to prayers. If you are a fan and there at this time god Morgan Freeman help you. The endorsement is done and in the eyes of Allah it is now finished. In the eyes of the nwo it's a round up of the single men and women and the karma is in well you allowed it so don't winge when it arrives. Energy vampires have just stolen your last badtion of resistance a god says he has endorsed them over every other race. Long live the under dog and persecuted against their oppressors. Raab the Arab is on the same satge as above so below what you make here is made there. Gays lesbians women druggies alckies married men single women qatar cattarh. Martyred western men you left your women to enter a already state and religious issued fatwa so now watch whatever jumped up charges they will make against you. I see hotel Hanoi and a very very narcissist injury by the under dog. Saudi is ranking up its own behead them first and ask questions later and Qatar will go we don't have authority to put a whitean to death but Saudi and OPEC do. And stupid bullying ignorant women now witness the popies revenge and horror unfold.
  17. Then he has the audacity to qwear a Ukraine UK badge to deliver his treason against the UK. The new Jerusalem is now complete. The revelations of the four headed beast eagle west nazis bear north Russia leopard east Arabs moslems and finally the lion the blacks and afica all together in the Ukraine ukreign. Then blast it to smithereens under the Israel iron wall like shock and awe of Iraq. One misplaced missile and boom we bomb the new Jerusalem. These opus dei dickheads have now completed their goal where to next
  18. Eagle flags https://www.bing.com/images/search?q=Two-Headed+Eagle+Flag&form=RESTAB&first=1&tsc=ImageHoverTitle
  19. Look closely at the flag it's scrunched up and it looks like two eagles Russia Nazi or turkey flag. Hunts a traitor. Look at his stooge with a George cross at the side . Alabnian traitors hidden in plain sight They really don't give a shot about the UK and it's people. Russia america Albania Venezuela and the Arab RAAB countries have the lowest petrol prices while UK is 7th from the bottom. They intend repeating the wheelbarrow inflation stage as seen in Germany Austria and even Zimbabwe. Poor nobs that buy on a fixed rate will find when it comes to remortgage next year the offers will be 65% thateans 35% deposit and after having had all your money find an extra 50k of have your house stolen. Bailey the brassnecked liar of course inflation goes up you have included gas elctirc and mortgage in the inflation basket. Now council tax utilities and average mortgage payment s collectively will be 12k next year the same as the tax threshold before we plebs pay tax. This is a Nivea smoothing game of karma and accountability. And hunts a cntu and an Albanian Turkish Russian traitor on plain sight. Other eagle flags.
  20. Gulf of Tonkin and Lusitania and the Serbians belerus are near the border and they want the war so Israel can then seal the deal of iron firewall for their new Jerusalem. The four headed beast leopard bear wolf eagle. Is now in place
  21. 2000 for council tax 3000for gas 1000 for water that's 6k 6000 for mortgage that's 12k the tax threshold that's a half my income to the state in all it's guides and I get fuck all front he sate even with a schizophrenic diagnosis I don't even get pip. Meanwhile we are just 6petrol price points aboe Hong Kong the most expensive. While Russia Arab OPEC and even Venezuela are in positions one to 12and USA is position 20 so who are our real enemies Arabs bullying as above so below raab is Arab
  22. Russia drops a bomb in Poland fired across the whole of Ukraine a country so big it supplies the mAss of grain for the planet. That flies over even the capital itself and just happens to land on polish soil Gulf of Tonkin Lusitania and all we need now is th assassin's repeater of Serbian radicals shooting archduke Ferdinand. Same day as Biden requests 35 billion aid to Ukraine and Israel is offering it's iron firewall to Ukraine the second Jerusalem. The stage is now set for world war three the leopard eagle bear and wolf the four headed beast is now set. Boon boom bang bang say goodbye to your kids now and put your affairs in.Oorder. The wheelbarrow repeater needs a global war but whose got the Redbook this time. Hitler's Stalin's and Mai's books all served when it all goes tits start killing genocides and get rid identify the bad guys ND the ones who say told you so and find the lised king The gulf of Tonkin started the viet war. The Lusitania the first world war both bringing the good cops USA in to the war. Wonder what they have to test and use this time. No atom bombs no shock and awe no napalm but wqit Israel's wall of fire is ready to be unleashed and now it is finished.
  23. To understand all this BS you need to know bonds are losing value because it's the sudden drop by 30%of the population remember poles phillipinos and many other migrants plus children dying a high levels post COVID and people are being abducted. The bond has lost value so the boe had to prop it up bailey the banks CEO is talking bollocks. The promise to pay that encapsulates the bond system has left the bankof england and the lloydsbanking group LGBT suddenly holding useless bonds as the population has inexplicably dropped and the bonds are not worth the paper they are on. The boe almost went bankrupt because the Russians called their own debts in and trashed the bonds . If the population has indeed dropped by 30%then the interest rates must shoot up to try to protect the bank . But that's the same tactic that allowed Rothschild to own the banks across Europe in Napoleon s day. They are broke because they can't sell their there redundant bonds. So understand that and the crisis is deliberate and truss the jockstrap has been ultimately scapegoated she is a useless woman after all. The banks are bust and Russia is laughing it's tits off the people that came to UK all left just after COVID and Brexit. Ahwell that's migrant policy on reverse.
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