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  1. Who's going to pay for the huge arena maybe marupol is the big clean up. And Russia's intent is now obvious to host Eurovision in it's new territory. London had it's olympics and reclaimed all that barren land. Ukraine uk reign gets a single use arena in stead. About the size of a huge steel factory maybe Not cynical honest Sam Ryder was the Jesus look alike prince Harry clone even his video was messianic. Watch a big event in June there was a Easter egg moment in the white room not saying anything more
  2. Tilt the picture and you see a face of pan god in the rock On the moon. https://futurism.com/the-byte/moon-cube-photo?utm_campaign=trueanthem_AI&utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook&utm_term=futurism
  3. Tonight saw the 66th Eurovision The Ukraine got 631 points Sam Ryder carrying a head scar like On the face of the shroud or turin got 466points. Emphasis on 12million vierers ntik. Tok Interestingly Italy the host came 6th That's lots of 666 and the beast is Italy. Did we just witnes operation bluebeam with a Jesus lookalike in second place. Norton kept saying he was Britain's aviour. But he looks like a prince Harry clone. I guess William lost to much hair to be the christed one. Ukraine has to host it n xt year maybe they can I'll call in th mutants to evaporate our memories and put it back together over night. So the big 666has now been revealed
  4. If the written word is a lie and the covenant says we will work both sides simultaneously then the logic is they will create a counter argument eg the book of Enoch to always create a saviour that they too also control. If this material is so readil available then it's because they allow it to be so. Create a rabbit hole and watch them all fall into it. So what do we do to fight them. If they murder us all their plan is over and so they need to replace us with robots instead. The ultimate nirvana is this planet is just a massive lump of rock and so the rock itself is totally indifferent to suffering misery pain and death. It is a rock after all. The life that enters however creates the creation on the rock. That means creation can literally go anywhere across the universe and start again Even if they terminate the planet life can simply go into deep hibernation and eventually land somewhere. The theory of pan spermia. Wherever I lay my hat that's my home. So blow the fucker up life will always end up somewhere. That's what they are stopping us having the keys to just blow the fucker up. If mother earth was indeed sentient as against just a rock then it would be creating a path way to the stars. If it was sentient it would have started building creations to move it and all it's life force away ever since the last gas cloud arrived from space itself. It would not have spent the last 3000years creating illusions to stop its own destructive ness The last supernovas to explode would be 800to 3000 yeas ago. The light would arrive first the. Great flash. Next is the sound like thunder like god screaming across the heavens. It takes 18minutes for sunlight to hit the planet but 16fays for a sound wave to follow. That sound boom would cause huge earthquakes and floods. 16days from the sun. Imagine 7days like say mercury Venus or even mars before it moved orbit. God made his peace in seven days. Now do the same for the last supernova 800years for the flash 16x800 if sound is absolute 12800 sound years But what if the one before is 9000years that's 144000 16 x9000 that's 144000 sound years. The voice of god was heard 144000 sound years ago. So he's been warning for over 144000build the flight path your gonna die and the rock doesn't get it. So creation sends in Noah to ensure the survival of the species and suddenly the mosaic law of exodus and life can start anywhere becomes noahic and she is just a rock. Why are they so cold they play mother she is just a rock. On this rock I will build my church. The Buddhist pain and suffering mindset is older than any other religion they have the oldest calendar too. We have had three earth shifts and polarity shifts due to a huge sound pressure wave. Uranus is completely flat it rotates flat so was Uranus the first planet that ignored the boom. They say that's the sleeping giants Buddha is also the same in Thailand that's therefore Uranus. Saturn is the ice man Jupiter is a blocker and mars is a buffer. That leaves earth and we are not out there like the exodus story suggests. Even Adam and eve cast put to the land of nod the sleeping giants the stars is celestial. Cain and Abel cannibal is about the sun eating the moon his youger brother a huge eclipse and dark cloud. It's all about the stars. The morgue out there is really the exact opposite. This planet or mindset is death this is the misery that's Buddhist thinking why do they hold so strongly to mosaic law and exodus. They embrace life can go anywhere. And the comet that killed life can also start life. That is the eternal it may take 10000 years for the life for ce to arrive at another star system but it will eventually. That is why they say life's eternal it is. Outside it's a fridge and either smells of co2 a fridge or h2ssulphur and brimstone. So when Elon Musk says this is a simulation it is these star travellers have literally travelled across the universe think Prometheus and made their own home here . But everything that has happened will happen and is happening are all in David ickes rabbit hole It's already happened and this planet is the last bastion. The pure hate that has manifest is because they didn't leave earlier and had to stay around to help as they see it the useless goy. .
  5. The creation of gay eunuchs and barren castratos and transgender people have been shown to act as a balance to keep the population moderated Most cultures used to have the third sex and in high statuss sadly religion in creating perfection have dug a massive hole for themselves that god could not possibly create barren people But the bible has 144diferent barren stories ND each book has a eunuchs story. It's a threat to the perfection . The Greeks accepted there were faults and mistakes made by their gods. And embraced them think of the fates andd the hydras. We would call them freaks nowadays and many were barren castratos. The problem is barreness has grown significant ly due the increased radiation from tech and bombs The big boys masons build a barren stage and then blame the eunuchs and castratos that they are the abomination. At this time for not being perfection. The idea of an absolute and totally infallible perfection god has to be balanced with an abomination hence the scapegoat the Satan it's a mindset it's the creation of duality and they keep moving the scapegoat every race every gender every creed has been the scapegoat and the masons even have rituals for it. No doubt hey use this ritual to deflect responsibility and this karma. As above so below as across as across again the cross made by the Catholics and rosary cursers.
  6. Woman didn't come into being until act three until god made the menstruation curse. A symbolic recognition of the blood of the martyrs that Adam and god saw coming as did the tree or serpent. Think woman then wombman act 3 Now they were banished to the land of NOD the sleeping giants that's the stars where there were millions of stars and celestial bodies . Adam returned back to his father. Eve didn't go upstairs. Eve became earth. Now she had two sons Cain and Abel cannibal what celestial body eats another how about the sun eating the moon. It's a reference to agiant eclipse Cain buried his body he hid the ground the total blackness. So the ad and eve story is celestial and Satan is the adversary whose role is to warn them ifan enters immortality and thus becomes a s god. Once they have god creator source whoever becomes redundant. And so does gods messenger on earth. They have started keeping people in permanent comas so that's also immortality so I guess he's been sacked too.
  7. 460billion quid to the Russians via western union. The ultimate money laundering scam Makes you think did boris get covid or umbrella spiked to make it happen The people need to read the prince or schen tzu this war against the people has been ongoing for a long time. The needs define the means the ultimate Machiavelli an mindset It's a war game and the booster is the cherry on the cake the ultimate flu vaccine. Ukraine is at war because the Russians saw aunderhand deal fro turkey and kazachstan to build the pipeline to Europe bypassing Russia's own line. Think up across and up like a z or a swastika. If you look at the symbolism of taking the knee that is also a z or swastika arm. So together that's a Nazi subliminal programming Putin already had the vaccines ready. And when they remove him from the panel of human rights that s the perfect opportunity to release the kraken as they are not bound by the Geneva convention or it's replacements. So next it's germwarfare and whatever tech they want to use. And the queen was given the booster. Imagine they now activate her as a Manchurian candidate. The queen's speech will never be the same she probably won't be appearing there either her. The umbrella gang have already played their hand.
  8. I immediately saw the cern logo too so the conditioning must becomplete
  9. What if Putin is a vacqous clone replacement. They need a scapegoat and antichrist but the real Putin is either in deep freeze or dead It makes no sense unless he is the ultimate antichrist. Remember they are all pissing from the same potaanyway.
  10. Imagine if we recieved codes from space many years ago and the error in decoding is what we have subsequent ly created a total shithole.. Even our calendars suggest a change in the stars at some point. So the welcome home party the palm leaves and the donkey gets to the west gate and goes what a complete disaster. This is not what we told you. The disaster sdistress single sent 3000years ago we are on our way make the planet livaable for us. But man's tendency for greed and selfishness has gone completely astray. And ets gone naatgh leave them to it.. Scavengers or is it scVaENgUS If we re going to be dead soon then it makes sense that our et friends are preparing to rape the planet of all it's resources.
  11. It's a choice of food smack or heating so the dealer won't lose out will they. The smart meters are the answer to make sure they pay their share. And oops the algorithms cards have already been tampered with. Pay your bills by the old meter reading method ND you shouldn't be in this energy crisis It's just a classic moving of debt from those who never pay to those who do blame the silly got for maintaing the illusion . Smackheads to the rescue.all the rest will suffer we always look after our own
  12. Last night's dispatches was very telling. They don't do credit checks on their customers. The big six were found lacking as they couldn't cut people off. Funny I understood it's only water that can't do that These big six were left with huge debts owed by non paying customers. They can't refuse them service so they do credit checks anD give them payment meters. Then it's all going swimmingly until the tenant leaves and suddenly the big six found them using dodgy meter cards Supplied by the dealers. This debt is then passed onto the next tenant. Who if they have a good credit score still have to pay 125 to replace the meter and go back to meter readers. None knows until the tenant leaves. Now just as they did with the mortgages in 2008 they round this bad debt up. Sell it as new debt to the 68companies that started a ssisters to the big six and then they are bought by the Arabs. It clears the debt off the books and they move on. This crisis is due to the accumulated bad debt from dodgy card meters and bad dealers
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