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  1. which one the wikipedia word for word description or the word smiths in yourface observations im intrigued by your blanket dismissal of every part awaiting a response pray tell what is the nonsesne you are questioning.
  2. Twitter Holds An Inauguration Celebration For Michelle Obama’s Silk Press (msn.com) Today marks a new chapter in United States history: Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have been inaugurated as our new President and Vice President. Though circumstances are unlike ever before, with the array of familia faces in masks as a constant reminder, it hasn’t stopped the new administration and its supporters from attending the 2021 inauguration in incredible style. %7B© Provided by Refinery29 Among the notable guests are former President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama, who s
  3. Kali For other uses, see Kali (disambiguation). Not to be confused with Kali (demon) or Mahakali. Kali (/ˈkɑːliː/, Sanskrit: काली, Bengali: কালী, IAST: Kālī), also known as Kālikā (Sanskrit: कालिका) or Shyāmā (Bengali: শ্যামা), is a Hindu goddess. Kali is the chief of the Mahavidyas, a group of ten Tantric goddesses who each form a different aspect of the mother goddess Parvati. Kali Goddess of Time, Creation, Destruction and Power Membe
  4. Look KamALaharrIs is KALI the god of destruction and mayhem. Look GeOrge winDsor is God Look David attenbOuGh is GOD backwards look Arma GeDOn is God mixed up Look vote for Biden is vote FORBIDDEN Look a deep clean of the Whitehouse to get rid of the stains and bugs subliminally charged Look the last trump card has gone Look it's all systems go to Armageddon and the rapture of God Look Israel is rejoicing it's about to be destroyed with USA blessings and yet they rejoice as they head to Nivea Evian heaven haven holidays camp sites Kali brings in i
  5. The words of the rabbi were vailed but obvious the EMOTIONALLY CHALLENGED THE SAME GEMATRIA ENERGY AS MAVERICK AND YOU ARE SAFE. WE DONT SAY CONSPIRACY THEORIST S ANYMORE THEY ARE NOW EMOTIONALLY CHALLENGED. Listen up people they are going to take out the Mavericks the emotionally challenged the ones who don't follow their agenda. Forbidden fruits and seeds the deep clean of all those bugs in the Whitehouse the divorce of covid the final trump card the fall from grace the rash of executive orders. The war games you will get your North Korea war the Harris plot the Truman show Ed Ha
  6. Trump is the first president in living memory to not invoke a war that's why he's gone The priest rabbi benediction spewed out emotionally challenged so subtly hypnotically loud and suggestive it was obvious so check gematria emotionally challenged is the same energy numbers as Maverick and you are safe. Trump cards the final card the final solution the war is coming the chrsitian right the Jewish puppetmaster the covid divorce the brexit and get this the 2021census. A sudden rise from 48million in 1945to 65million since the eighties to 85million this year that's a massive property portf
  7. Ons surveys for the swab testing is one hell of a gravy train They just sacked those earning 13quid an hour for collecting swabs for the ones iqvia survey and replaced them with locum plebotmist on 45quid per blood They are going to bbig households ten plus Such that it's 45*10*5days*1000plebs*52weeks =124800000 That's 124MILLION with just 1000plebsb or 1billion with 10000plebs smell the gravy and NOONE can say anything as the one is a goverment quango and no accountability's
  8. Blood and swab workers are going to be taking it in 3yearsbtrained plebotmist are going to be paid 35quid per hour 35hrs per week 85 k per year to collect bloods from people in their own home. That's more than Drs dentists and even midwives. Locums can apply NHS staff can't unless they lose their job and thus their poxy paultry civil servants pension
  9. if the eu is the great whore of babylon and we are leaving her as adam the first born, the great DIVOrCe COVID from the whore is going to unleash the hell of hels noone leaves the whore ever and this is a bigger divorvce deal than even ivanka trump and donald yes dear trumpet did we get a prenuptial before we serve our wedded bliss herald/ harold/ 1066 anarrow in the eye from the france pope , and his hustings/ hastings, announcements in a hurry, and the age of sagitarius the archer and coveting eyed hunter looking at the land grabs , , the scoripio crushing the law, libra the scale
  10. Brexit is a smoke screen journalist have not been allowed to see the final drafts of any negotiations and yet noone is asking about our commitment and involvement in a pipeline from turkey the islam pipeline to italy and then across europe and we are going to be walking away with nothing in stone, except our oil will be crossing multiple borders and bp have been blown out, we have no say in a line we helped build, imagine the taxes from each border and the cost of border controls is 750 billion, no this is the burden now on the uk people by the eu brexit tantrums stage, plus covid the great di
  11. the adults are offering the kids up as a sacrifice
  12. the symbology of the zodiac, first discussed in zeitgeist scropion is on one side of the libra LAW and the virgin is the other with the Lion licking its lips, as it approaches the virgin the birth of christianity and the burning and feeding of the lions. Libra is shrinking black holes and disapppearing and the scorpion islam is now running to destroy the virgin and it is being pushed at high speeed by orphicus the new star signs, with that the law is being mocked, removed attacked and destroyed so they can rape the virgin of everything, all cosmological sagitarius the horse arch
  13. potassium chloride which causes spasms and convulsions and heart attacks and is used on death row lethal injections
  14. yes thats right the whole of our gdp is being put into borders and fisheries, as mentioned unwittingly i assume, on question time or newsnight, and yes its billions not millions
  15. C3PO OPEC cretaed by George lucas, shares company with princess leia a princess lie, hands solo, han solo, obi WANKenobi and the r2d2 tutu dr coke dr sex and drugs in space, sure that was the working title divorce is COVID, the great separation the annullment the great divorce, the great beheading of the serpent king, brexit, the bP arab pipeline for the islam turkeystate, that leads to rome, the end of the peace, the lethal injection using potassium chloride and the great decieit and deflection BP built the pipeline and now to get the oil, it has to go through italy, then euro
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