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  1. The war is in plain sight at every turn those that see the plebs that's us as cannon fodder and playgod Let's break it down only essential services will be protected That's the crux they choose what's essential wasn't obvious in lockdown the councils did not see the sick rh elderly and the vulnerable as essential services In the pecking order of essential services it's the pensions the councillors auditors and the lawyers everyone else can swing. And yet the peopl don't see it.. Cognitive dissonanc. The male psyche is a delicate flower they know things are not right but they don't want to enter the rabbit hole and also don't want to know what those that have found truth have discovered. This means the truth seekers get targeted by the cuckoo's that feather their n st. The machismo mindset knows that they become impotent when they can't do what is needed to protect their homes kids and family. The dick dies the men becomer floppy's a and the women lack any empathy and pick apart the male psyche therefore women become the enemy This happens many times in the bible so many tribes end up with just barren women no men no kids no livestoc Where are your livestock wayl that's wayles Jonah and the whale Sodom Gomorrah two angels destroy the lie Jeremiah tells them they live a lie that's women playing as men who want to have sex with lots visitors They are barren grvyless women who then say the angels are cuckolds from the line of eunuchs and Castrotos Imagine what dod you call them fey eunuchs Or Enoch's. Lots wife is an example mouthy women who are turned to salt as an example Salt being the symbology masculinity. There's a nefarious army of liars on benefits and handouts that will fight tooth and nail to hide their double crossing and how they spit on their neighbours while gloating. They also seem to forget there are genuine vulnerable people who literally have to beg to get support while these traitors gloat and smirk before sneering when exposed. The Greeks called it trojan horses we call them traitors. Or agent provocateurs. s
  2. Remember that very odd plinth specially built for Liz truss . At the time I saw the the symbolism Your screwed Britain. Twist the screw Tighten the screwed It appears it has resurfaced three days before that remarkable picture of her with the queen the day before she drops dead. And the bruising on her hand. The in plan sight witchy poos are now doing the same with RAAC and ruin. Then Birmingham goes bust and they have some idiot saying the government should bail them out. This is as David ivke says problem reaction solution We are the government we are the taxpayer. So when idiots shout that they are clearly NOT a taxpayer And keep on you will bankrupt the taxpayer the government the people. Is that what they want morally forward naincially and spiritually bankrupt. Your screwed britain
  3. Rome must fall Pope is in Mongolia with the last 2000catholics The Jews are building the new temple. The Arabs are mourning Al Fayed and the strangest thing in plain sight is DoDI aL Fayed a fey dildo The New Jerusalem James rule the French are macro nising BIG thinkers. And North Korea is selling Putin new missiles Meanwhile kids were put at risk in their place of learning until some minister suddenly realized their own kids were at risk and suddenly someone gets their arse kicked. They speak it into existence and it becomesanifest
  4. That's not the point they have to make it fit they manifest using the scapegoats name.and they os it all if the revl a bread cadaver a bread body. So we not blieve the fact is they do and that's all that matters.
  5. The leopards in the Ukraine the wolf is on the rise the bear is in the ascension and Britain will fall
  6. Remove the seat of learning and make the kids dimwits who don't ask questions RAAC up the angst and feed like there's no tomorrow. A bread cadaver abracadabra
  7. If it's all symbolic RAAC is an inferior concrete cement process. And they are falling fast . Who invented concrete the Romans. This is the fall of rome. Meanwhile the Pope is inmongolia trying to drum support with less than 2000catgolics. Rachel is rat is the fall of rome.
  8. Visit wiki united kingdom national debt. Since 2009 the interest rates have been at zero .so the government were borrowing at cheap the BOE then realized they have not been making any money they rely on interest to find their banking industry Then in 2019 they saw COVID going and the government went on a spending spree this time on bonds and the escalating interest rates sparked a fire. All business buy cheap debt and loan it out to others so cash rich companies eg m and s borrow at cheap and then sell it on the markets. The thing is noone was making any money Then over night we have gone form a m and s borrow cheap and sell to the market to owing all these companies billions so our national debt is now above the GDP. That means we are bankrupt to m and s and other big cash rich debt low companies.
  9. the antichrist has to be diametrially opposite or trans, in chemistry terms, as against cis,next to christ. So if the story is to make sense, he must be the richest man on the planet,and must own absolutely everything, the manifestations and JEWS, J bezos, Elon musk, Warren buffet,and Soros wet dream therefore the first trillionaire must be created out of thin air, out of nothing, it has to be in the ultimate sleight of hand, from nothing (DEBT) and Created like the JINN, , to be diametriacally opposite to the poorest man on the planet, who owns nothing at all. Think your'e rich and can therefore look down your nose at everybody else, the first trillionaire will be antichrist*richman, made from nothing and arrive overnight from nowhere. and everybodys else will be subservient to this JINN manifestation and all men will fall before him and all women will turn grey with fright. he will rise amongst kings,a dn change the rules of the game. such that the KIng will not be restricted to just one move, and always looking over his sholuder at the queens(quantitaive easing queens in plain sight, ability to travel in all directions, including all dimensions as above so below, as left so right, as in so out,this life and after life. The king will reinvent the CHESS BOARD and will travel across all dimensions multiverse, just like the queen, very Masonic, black white chess pieces. the masons will then be able to step over the threshold into the after life, steal everything from Satans dimension and run back to Lucifer and their master. If Zeus is Satan, and Lucifer is Apollo, thats one mighty pissed off father son relationship. meanwhile they masons have been testing their ability to traverse and therefore transsubstantiate, with all their drugs,and addictions to steal from the unsuspecting GOY(satans army)and bring the rewards back to LUCIFER(apollo), who leaves his DAD, destitute, and the final insult you cannot offer him food, water, or shelter, or face the wrath of Lucifer himself. I suppose after all those hints and allegations tips and tribulation sthe great work is almost at an end, and it will take the AAA everreadys to CCC Perhasp overnight. CCCp russia, brings the antichrist from nowhere overnight .
  10. randolph hearst, the steel magnate rokefeller and others due to be on the ship, didnt arrive, but went on to become billionaires producing tanks and arms for both sides in the first world war, and then for the allies, in the second world war, as well as the spanish civil war and even argentina .
  11. the coastgaurd news report, it says WILLIAM VAMPERTas they try their best to not smirk, the DEEP, THE ABYSS, and 5 billionaies.
  12. It can be stopped overnight if the monarch reverse the spell and creates a bank of the united kingdom Never in aillion years Or let Santander cover the debts of the country instead Again never in a million years Then they trash and burn anyone standing at the emperor's new clothes and goes they are totally exposed and corruptedly ignorant
  13. The mayer Amstel Rothschild con for the Napoleonic wars Make their bank the central bank on this case BOE all money goes through that and they are struggling with no liquidity what's the best way to shit up the plebs and government Tell them they are insolvent and all of a sudden the plebs and hunts go no way can we let the BOE collapse . Raise the interest rates as much as you want giving the BOE carte blanche. It's nothing. To do with inflation it's about stealing everything in a fugazi omg we are insolvent bs and lo we need the government to protect us. Using the typical deflect and distract bs Bailey does not have the british people at heart nor does hunt What fools we have been illiquid since 2009when we dropped the rates to zero. And no one said anything. We then go sneaky tears lets leave it at zero and then let's go zipn and destroy the goy and eir pathetic governments for allowing us to do it all over again Invoke amr the master and let's bankrupt them all the stupid pathetic little goy how dare you challenge our godmindedness. Kennedy tried to stop them Castro and even Hitler tried even the one on the cross.the arrogance is palpable and the sheep have staved us all
  14. When the boe raises interest rates as the central clearing bank all others have to go to the boe to get their tranche of money. The pyramid then filters it down to the minion banks after Barclays Rothschild gets the lions share. The boe have been told to go as high as you want the debt is deliberately on the goy British people and all the banks are then fed the money outwards. When they dropped rates to zero in 2009 the bank of England wasn't making any money they don't have any capita liquidity When they then go sorry Mr sunak we don't have any liquidity sunak then hunt go OMG. Raise as much as you want How do we sell it to the goy Say it's inflation What hey have just done is exactly what they did when they wanted to raise money for the Napoleonic wars. Mayer Rothschild conned the British Parliament and the public that a fake bank the be all end all could go bust to give it carte blanche over every transaction Bailey has just done exactly the same with Hunt andSuna You can't let the bank of England fall It's a load of bollocks If it goes bust it's a private bank there will be plenty of others with pure liquidity Hunt has just said go as high as you want we don't want another black Weds Meanwhile every bank has to go with it's begging bowl to the boe for the tranche of cash to maintain their liquidity Such that pure greed aside they are all trying to get their liquidity tight before the bank releases their stranglehold If Santander or HSBC said we can match your liquidity the boe would be gone tomorrow and so would the Rothschild mayer scam forever Hunt and his turds however wol sidetrack deflect and obstruct after all they took out Kennedy and even tried Castro for daring to suggest such a thing with the fed. This country is screwed because hunts a cnt
  15. Just as the electric bills go astro as edf that is state owned pays the bill french swiss we pay instead classic deflection on the plebs and got. And so it's not obvious put the same pressure on gas and everyone will blame the Ukraine UK reign invasion. And the Putin antichrist. For a frog in a basket of inflation for all the poor and plebs. Meanwhile the Nordics are proclaiming it is finished via Eurovision and the UK reign is over
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