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  1. Sainburys runs out of water. Whsmiths raises it's bottle from 80p to 2.79in24hrs it's all onemassive con. And the ping demic is designed If you have a home kit it's so easy to get a negative result. Just send the swab back without swabbing. That's why they are now banning self testing. if you need to earn money of course you are going to lie and it's a faulse result. The hgv driver shortage is just the big boys cashing in as they planned. And now if you have a sniffle they won't pay your sick pay unless you have a double dose of a vaccine which is really the virus in low amounts. So we give you the virus to spread the virus and you becomeune but infect others . That's the kids the vulnerable and the refusers these people are so fixed on getting their first egregore trillionarire manifestation as quick as possible Jeff bezos Warren Buffett Elon musk mark Zuckerberg JEWZ
  2. Omg just as predicted earlier uefa are looking to investigate 4incidents of breach by england if our 4s and 3 seven analysis is correct expect a fiine of 30 million + That will teach you to snub the bosses that feed you and deny them their super league The so called shock and horror was all a ploy a com a deciet a B's Now fone the seven black card scapegoat 25 And Israel in plain sight grealish
  3. for the noobs and mods Seven the betrayal and the completion the seven card seven of hearts 7of spades John the revelator seven times seven Grealish Israel HG 7 hg mercury red card alchemy First goal 2 mins 7 secs Saka 25 7 black card clubs and spades The medals removed the shaming Three black players 3lions 3 lions 4 stars italy 7 7 goals in total even the penalties are fake 3 vaccines 4placebos 3 witches Eugenics eunuchs and unicorns the nwo genocide program Israel in plain sight Add elements 1 to 118 is 7102 in alpha numeric spels lion the four lions 9 11 9 - 2 is 7 the new reset is 119 the new rings of Saturn the new cold ice age 7rings of the atomic shells118 elements that's 10 The 7 shells are complete now onto 8 that's agitation and war and strife as the electrons plebcites are elevated to ascension higher agitated states Increase anxiety and stress New elements 119 to 153 synthetics being made takes us back to the red eye the big bang and high radiation. We are entering unprecedented levels of radiation that's sterility eugenics and euthanasia and the new world order depopulation program cosmologically ordained in plain sight by Israel grealiash That's 9 11 the ones that see 11 activated it's 119 the god shell is now opening and the energy is discord and disarray and yep even more crap Thatcher chemist TB lawyer Gb history DC art Jm none inmbecile Bj classics Tm geography and economics clhaice that's the golden chalice
  4. For the mod who blocked it There are 7atomic rings or shells There are 118 elements The 7rings are now filled completion and stable 7 isnow closed andaftjer that is Strife and agitation tothenext state That is she'll 8 the godrings Theyare nowcreating newelements syntheticelements with high atomic numbers from 119to 153 that's highly radioactived elements thattake usbackto thebig red eye of the BigBang Clear er no Add all the numbers from 1 to 118 and you get 7102 which is lion in alpha numeric Now thatcher was a chemist Gb history TB law DC art Jm no major Bj classics Tm geography economics Chalice the golden chalice
  5. England gets fine for the denmark laser event plus the fan on the pitch and the fans who broke the ranks and the stress of covid infected police and the racist cments and sabotage at the black players 25 is 7the scapegoat. Forgive me being a little cynical after all that covid B's and all those 7s across the Denmark and Italy notifications I wonder how much the uefa fa corrupt as crap officials will get for the embarrassing super league breakaway without permission taking the knee without permission and Harry kane's rainbow respect arm band without permission Vw sponsors and rainbows all round the stadium and still no out gay footballer but lots of unicorns eunuchs And the sun had it's biggest solar flaire betw3en the match and midnight at the SE time the fans broke the barricades Women bay at the moon like wolves football fans act like little sunbeams Have we lost it
  6. The shroud of Turin the Italian job
  7. 7is the number of betrayal and the number of cannabis
  8. 4stars on the Italians shirts 3lions on england shots that's 7 ass predicted all over england we are the self preservation society
  9. 4italy3 england 7 goals predicted on Weds my numbers are shit onvioulssy
  10. They scored at 2 min 7 seconds Final score 4 Italy 3 england that's 7 The Italian job was on earlier and they got it right 43 that was in a1969. The security van car had 43 on it's number plate
  11. There are 118elemts 7rings in the atomic rings. the atomic number added together is 1702 that's lion in digital number letters They are now on synthetic creation 119 to 156 so 33 is over the masonic spell is moving onto the next number rings8 we are now in the synthh age and the 7 ring is now closed. The focus is on ring 9 we haven't even started filling 8 yet so that pattern is taking them to the god eye the red eye the universe.
  12. Two goals one a own goal one acheats laser 7 goals in total two not allowed 2m ins 7 secs
  13. They scored at 2 min 7 seconds
  14. Constatine returned from Istanbul to Rome and saw a cross in the sky the birth of Christianity the criss the cross it was a supernove explosion like the mago nativity story and that's why that story of reborth was added to the new world order religion. Imagine mars explodes and leaves a huge cross that's ares in the aries farmers region that Becomes mars. Imagine mars ares was in Virgo the virgin then it is suddenly in Capricorn cronos cross that's a cosmic shift and the birth of the nwo
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