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  1. On the inner sleeve of revenge she has a lizard eye and on bright new day she is so masculine She is fem butch but still great music
  2. A bank cannot open an account if it is illiquid, knowing it is technically broke thats FRAUd and severe, so they wont open up accounts for that reason. Its to do with knowingly intending to defraud, so businesses cannot open, too risky, charities or causes for money laundering and personal because they bear the brunt and if they lose their money, due to illiquidity, the bank must compensate them all or the bankers will be arrested. mortgaes cannot beraise on none funds this is the biggie though zero interest rates, the banks want everyone with a mortgage to pay it off asap,
  3. yep, jamie curtis/ annie lennox all adrogny
  4. Gender fluid= Shapeshifting=Transfiguration= Transformation= Not happy in their iwn skin= weve fucked up our own body so lets shape shift and fuck up someone eleses ITS THE XMEN MYSTIQUE agenda
  5. Test and trace are double accounting the figures When they ring as a contact you go on to the database as a number, if four peoplein the household are +ve they will all give each others details, thats 4*3*2*1 contacts already n+ stats so thats 24 contacts for a single case, but its THE SAME PEOPLE. Then the vaccine comes along and reduces covid by 80% efficacy by a nice NICE little twist of stas and manipulation of figures This is why T and T are ringing multiple times to the same people.
  6. https://davidicke.com/2020/10/30/keir-starmer-on-his-knees-again-well-actually-he-never-gets-off-them-after-report-into-anti-semitism-a-day-of-shame-you-are-a-daily-shame-starmer-to-everything-the-labour/ the eyes have it the eyes have it
  7. the dividends payoof for masonic lilac coward men
  8. https://davidicke.com/2020/10/16/masks-are-destroying-your-brain-and-its-worse-for-kids-german-neurologist-david-icke-dot-connector-videocast-please-share/ gareth comes up with some important points about drs in maternity wards the women are being deprived of oxygem by not wearing a maskto stunt the growth of the child Its like a deliberate dumbing down of the youth to send them back to sleep it causes sterility too and they feed off anxiety and stress, especially of distressed babies the gencide programme like ambulance men with alarm bells who send their duh duhs when the
  9. IEWS= Jews= Iesus=Jesus, Wise?? Janus= Joinsus Jenus=Genusis= Genesis=Venus= Jesus so who the hell is daniel
  10. Daniel the goldehn haired virgin walks in the lions den , thats virgo the virging in leos stage, and rests there a while, before the jew wise/ men/ adam/ enters with its scales and tech nology, and the scorpion that learns the jews craft and the nasty sting comes in then, the moslems and islam.then 4 horses with men riding thats the revelations thats 4 revolutions/ revelations of sagitarrius 12*12*1000 years , until there are no more goats, the shoker shocker or Kosher that Allah is Halal a sacrificial lamb, ismael is islam is the lamb not the flying carpet moslems a that lie and sting l
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