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  1. Then do the same for "white couples". Another agenda exposed.
  2. This will just become another political party issue in the media. The msm will blame the current government and the sheep will jump on board with it, as they do with everythhing the msm churned out. There will be lots of "hard talk" and "tough questions" by the usual msm lapdog to keep the herd satisfied that THE TRUTH IS COMING OUT and THE POLITICIANS WILL HAVE TO ANWSER FOR US. The circus will start up again but our rights will still have vanished, the agenda will continue and the real people behind this will be in business as usual.
  3. There is a third and much more effective way - real world propaganda through leafleting, sticker ing, grafitti etc. People have become to obsessed with the Internet. They want us to stay glued to the Internet on forums like this becouse better for them having armchair warriors than being in the real world causing actual change.
  4. Nurse turned up unannounced again yesterday at work to test patients who had already been tested and hadn't even had the first results back yet. What a joke.
  5. Unfortunately to save ourselves, we need to save everyone else.
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