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  1. The destruction of race, gender, religion, family and everything that makes us human is their ultimate goal. They have made us hate all of those things. We have become self loathing, aimless, consumer automations with no history and no identity. I am proud of my heritage and my history. I am proud to be white.
  2. No we're not breeding, thanks to decades of feminism, transgendersim, feminisation of men, climate change propaganda and other forms of indoctrination.
  3. I didn't say we have the monopoly but where would you rather live, China or Europe? Only one tortures and executes prisoners and sells their organs.
  4. I didn't say we have the monopoly but where would you rather live, China or Europe? Only one tortures and executes prisoners and sells their organs.
  5. It has nothing to do with speed. Earth rotates at something like 00.7 rpm. In other words, once per day. A record rotates at 45 rpm. Dunno how many times a day that is but you get the idea.
  6. Yeah... memes aren't really an argument. Tell you what get a mate in another part of the country and get both of you to put a stick of the same length in the ground, measure the shadow simotaneously and record the difference in length. The Greeks figured this out over 2k years ago. You need to keep up with scientific progress.
  7. Not photoshopped. Composite images. A common method. The blue marble looks like a disk anyway so it would hardly be the best image to use to convince people the earth is round. The many images from iss show the curve.
  8. Becouse white Europeans built Western civilisation. Europe is the light in an otherwise dark and brutal world. Civilisation, art, culture, science... everything they want to destroy and is a threat to them. They hate everything Europe stood for. They want the European race bred out of existence until only a homogony of low IQ humans are left.
  9. This has been happening since Blair. Its called the great replacement. The biggest threat to the elite are white people. They want us gone.
  10. I'm a keyworker and just been asked to provide my NHS number for covid testing. I didn't have time to discuss it but do I have any right to refuse?
  11. We only have a few weeks now before you have to wear a mask in a shop. Time for us to put our money where our mouth is. DO NOT COMPLY. DO NOT BOW DOWN TO TYRANNY. REFUSE TO WEAR ONE, WHATEVER THE CONSEQUENCES. Don't try and justify your compliance by getting one with Covid 1984 bla bla bla written on it. It's still a mask and you're still being muzzled. The time for waking people up is over. It's too late. The only course of action now is direct civil disobedience. I swear right here, right now that I WILL NOT BE MUZZLED.
  12. They won't rush to vaccinated out of fear of Covid. They will get vaccinated to get back their freedoms.
  13. Queue at Tescos was biblical yesterday. Why would people willingly queue that long to get into a shitty supermarket. I just flash them my NHS badge and walk straight in. No waiting ?
  14. I've read that the creator of the test kits said that they were not effective or not designed for that specific purpose. Does anyone have a source for this? Disregard that quote. Trying to post on my phone and it's not playing ball.
  15. Don't normalise their pathology. When they dive out the way, simply look at them as if they're mental. They're behaving irrationaly so react like you would with any other weirdo.
  16. Please delete last post. This forum is going haywire on me.
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