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  1. This is a war on minds. We didn't get to this place through reason and critical thinking, we got here through fear and emotional manipulation so I suggest we fight fire with fire. 

    We cannot change people's minds with facts becouse people are not in a rational state of mind to accept or even look into facts. 

    We need to use fear and emotional manipulation too, except our propaganda will be based on the truth. 

    I want this to be a real world campaign, not just more Internet based bullshit so if you're interested in making an actual difference in the real world, drop me a PM and we can share some ideas. 

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  2. Time is ticking and I've given up on the herd. If they haven't figured it out by now they never will. 

    I just want to circle the wagons now with other like minded people cos I can't survive this by myself. 

    I've tried freedomcell network and I've had no response from anyone in there locally. East anglia just seem bereft of any serious minded folk who want to get together and form a network in real life. 

    I don't know anyone outside of my family in real life that is awake to what is happening. 

    The Internet is just a distraction. We need people who have our backs. Someone on the other side of the planet is no use. 

    I've seen awake stickers around my area but I've no idea who is doing them and I don't do Facebook. 

    Any suggestions? 


    PS. I'm in Stowmarket if anyone is around that area, feel free to pm me. 

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  3. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-59178291



    An experimental pill to treat Covid developed by the US company Pfizer cuts the risk of hospitalisation or death by 89% in vulnerable adults, clinical trial results suggest.

    The drug - Paxlovid - is intended for use soon after symptoms develop in people at high risk of severe disease."

  4. It's peoples mindless compliance that makes me angry, not the elite. 

    There will always be evil people wanting to control us. That's just human nature. 

    When I see these goons wearing masks and doing what they're told, I can understand the elites contempt for us. As a whole, humanity really deserves what's happening. Our ancestors must be ashamed of us. 

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  5. For me the "mandatory" wearing of face masks was the line in the sand. 

    I have never worn them and never will. So far no hassle from anyone in shops except for first day of muzzle law when a staff asked me politely to wear a mask next time. Other than that, I've had no confrontations so far. 

    I'm presuming most people on here are refusing to wear masks too? 

  6. 15 minutes ago, Grumpy Owl said:


    That much I can agree with, and I note that in the context of this topic, the subject of "The Great Replacement" and the Kalergi Plan have been brought back into the mix.


    And no doubt this is the path that Nigel Farage is going to start going down again, and use of the word 'invasion'.


    This is hardly an 'invasion' if British and French ships are working together to ferry these 'illegal immigrants' across the Channel, for the British authorities to then 'rescue' and escort by luxury coach to plush hotels where they are treated as guests.


    On the surface of things - as I've said there is no doubt much more to this whole story, due to the amount of money being awarded in 'contracts' and all the secrecy surrounding it - it would appear to me that the British and French governments are actively involved in people-trafficking.


    Modern day slavery?



    It is an invasion on the people of Britain. We were never asked. Never consulted. Or do you actually believe the government works for our own good? 

    Ask the people who are being affected by mass immigration, mainly the British working class. They are the ones who's women are scared to go out in the street for fear of abuse and violence. But if anyone from these areas tries to speak out, the liberal media just snorts at them and labels them "white van man" and racist. 

    The middle class and champagne socialists have no idea of what's really happening. 

    Sweden has become the rape capital of Europe. Swedes didn't decide to become rapists. They were invaded by people, mostly young men, who do not share their values or culture. 

    This is what. Hitler was talking about and what he tried to stop. 

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  7. 10 minutes ago, Michi713 said:

    Yes it’s “they“ who are doing it to you.  

    Let’s get down to it shall we? 

    Throw a rock down your street and you will hit twenty women who want to have a family with you.
    Regardless of how you look or smell.  

    It’s like biology!  Women want babies.  

    Some men, a growing number maybe, want no such thing.  Where’s the sense of duty to pass the culture down to future generations?  

    Is it the feminists who compelled the men to not want to “settle down” and further your civilization? 

    Dunno!  Maybe the entertainment is too good to bother.  

    We are not living in a world of rich culture and high ideals.  We are living in A Brave New World but here’s the thing, we are willing participants.  No one has ever held a gun to your head and said “entertain and luxuriate yourselves to cultural death.”



    The feminists compelled women to seek careers, material gain and personal gratification over having family's. 

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