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  1. This is what happens when you import the 3rd World.
  2. The global communist agenda is on track. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-politics-57120354.amp
  3. . IMG_20200823_111312_791.mp4 VID_20200823_111321_465.mp4
  4. If they're running from a murderous regime, where are the most vulnerable, I.e, the women and children? Why is it mostly young men? They see this nation as a land of free money and free women.
  5. This is the kind of shit they're feeding us. The ad got so many dislikes, the comments were disabled and the ad taken off air. At 1.32,it says it all...
  6. For me the "mandatory" wearing of face masks was the line in the sand. I have never worn them and never will. So far no hassle from anyone in shops except for first day of muzzle law when a staff asked me politely to wear a mask next time. Other than that, I've had no confrontations so far. I'm presuming most people on here are refusing to wear masks too?
  7. It is an invasion on the people of Britain. We were never asked. Never consulted. Or do you actually believe the government works for our own good? Ask the people who are being affected by mass immigration, mainly the British working class. They are the ones who's women are scared to go out in the street for fear of abuse and violence. But if anyone from these areas tries to speak out, the liberal media just snorts at them and labels them "white van man" and racist. The middle class and champagne socialists have no idea of what's really happening. Sweden has become the rape capital of Europe. Swedes didn't decide to become rapists. They were invaded by people, mostly young men, who do not share their values or culture. This is what. Hitler was talking about and what he tried to stop.
  8. The feminists compelled women to seek careers, material gain and personal gratification over having family's.
  9. The destruction of race, gender, religion, family and everything that makes us human is their ultimate goal. They have made us hate all of those things. We have become self loathing, aimless, consumer automations with no history and no identity. I am proud of my heritage and my history. I am proud to be white.
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