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  1. It’s all about purging content. No we’re not going to forget these great shows, but it’ll become more and more distant the less out of reach said content becomes. When the next generation comes along (who will be taught in school from day 1 no one is allowed a culture). They won’t have any interest at looking and grandads archives of RACIST little britain etc. This is just another huge step towards cultural erosion. Divide and conquer as clear as day. Utterly pathetic....
  2. Can anyone direct me to any content that explores the notion that the ‘slave trade’ from Africa to the Americas was never masterminded by working class english (like they want us to believe). But zionist rothschilds jews and Co. who wanted to create the fucked up world we live in today. What i’m trying to say is todays race riots were planned many hundreds of years ago.
  3. For as long as I can remember David's done a redacted 'videocast' and then a lengthier one for subscribers (I assume?) Can anyone tell me if the subscriber one is worth paying out for? As the 'free' version usually lasts an hour and certainly hits the spot. So god knows what the 2 hour version is like...
  4. I can honestly see this playing. count me in!
  5. @Fluke by all means start a new thread up. it would be good to get people's view points on this. Also if you find any videos or info on this topic, please let me know :)
  6. Thanks for sharing this. I can relate to all of it. I've been on my journey some while longer than you, but that's irrelevant as its all relative to the person, and how perceptive they are. What may have taken me 10 years to wrap my head around; the law society, medical system, religion, language, geography, technology, politics etc etc someone might be able to blow that away in a day by simply taking DMT, who knows! All i can say, is the 4th point you make is a real bridge to cross. Essentially what happened with me, is I was on the verge of becoming schizophrenic I had gone that deep down the rabbit hole, i thought the only way to survive would be turn to something like heroin (I now have a deep empathy for drug users). Luckily I searched into the deep recesses of my mind. Something to anchor, and to prevent me hurtling deeper into the rabbit hole without any ropes or harnesses. That anchor was god. God made me realise that I am loved, everything is a test, and if you hang in there and do your best (in pretty shitty circumstances) and you keep your head, while all around you lose theirs (rudyard kipling) you will find peace. I am also a big believer that some of us volunteered to come to earth, to live through this exact time period and be a beacon of hope and direction (we are old soles, and have been round the block a few times). Others have compleltey different purposes, and some are just holograms/robots in my opinion (the ones that look dead behind the eyes). BTW i'm not religious at all. Don't get me wrong, I can have a good old natter with a Christian or muslim. But i'm not naive enough to think religion hasn't been hijacked. my relationship with the creator is at source. And i don't need a repeating legion (RE - LEGION) to tell me how to communicate with him. God isn't scary or preachy. to me he's just that voice in my head that tells me when i'm doing GOOD or Evil. Cause no harm, loss or injury. I know this isn't for everyone, so hey... that's just my two cents. But you're on the right path and keep up the good work!
  7. Have you ever looked into the English language (if not all languages) being a complete and utter perversion of true communication? i’ve only encountered snippets from people like jordan maxwell and co. But essentially all animals can communicate at birth and so can we. Yet we’re poisoned with a cancer that directs how we think, feel, speak and express ourselves (a.k.a a false language). How many times have you been in a fit of rage, or jumping for joy, or anywhere in between and been “lost for words”? I think we were designed to communicate telepathically or at the very least extremely conservatively. in my opinion it’s the biggest deception there is over and above any conspiracy theory there has ever been. Control the language. You control almost every aspect of someone. Because a language is binded with our cognitive functions. Once you hear it. You cannot unhear it.
  8. The parents killed her. end of story. This is nothing but a distraction and a tangent. the cabal think we all came to down in the last shower. it's an utter joke (and a bad one at that)
  9. I was drawn in by youtube to watch the daily covid briefing by the coked up clown (our prime minister). Couple of concerning talking points are: 1 - They are aiming for individual isolations soon (a.k.a those who don't tow the line) 2 - Bill gates is coming to the U.K imminently for the global vaccination summit (johnson is doing the keynote speech) 3 - Contact tracing will be a virus in of itself as once it starts to spread, it'll be a game of 'tag' for those who basically want to see the world burn (a.k.a sheep that don't know they are sheep)
  10. i think i'm just going to start saluting them or something. i've had a few sarcastic remarks myself when i've just marched straight through a tight gap whilst they've had to scuttle to one side in fear of the invisible and rampant virus that is going around. The people i've had sarcastic remarks from have oddly enough been from 40/50+ year olds, whereas i'm in my 20s and can look quite intimidating (not that i'm trying to be) - so strange how they'd want to provoke a confrontation with an unknown quantity.
  11. It has indeed been a recurring theme that US cops have been heavy handed with black suspects. But I also think the pendulum has swung the other way in recent decades and whites have become more and more marginalised and impoverished (as per George Soros and Co. agenda). Here in the U.K blacks seem fairly well integrated into society, but Soros and Co. are always keen to keep them dumbed down and in crime - in addition to eroding the indigenous populations culture here in the U.K. What I can't wrap my head around is surely blacks are pretty well intergrated in the US. You'd have thousands of them as police officers, military and emergency service personnel (what i'm trying to say is patriots / those who enforce the very rules blacks have to live by). Yet Soros and Co. keep trying to flare up perpetual race wars, but when they do this every 5+ years, surely the black community are more and more well-intergrated? What's the end goal with race riots? White's aren't going to go anywhere in the US and even though they are trying to erode them, it would take decades for them to become a minority. Can anyone clear up the agenda here for me on this one? As right now, it's just looking like organised chaos to me, and it also compleltey goes against the lockdown they're trying to keep us all in. Surely the last thing they want is people protesting in groups, as it'll pave the way for anti-vax and anti-microchip/5g protests in the coming months?!! Have the cabal dropped a fat one here, and really f*cked up the 'stay indoors' mantra?...
  12. thank you so much for sharing. i really feel for you. i live with 3 other people who don't 'get it' whatsoever. All I can say is, keep chipping away and don't let your own health suffer from other peoples ignorance. it is only ourselves that can live our own lives. and if your spiritual at all... you'll know that it is us that have to stand before the creator and account for ourselves on judgement day. stay safe and stay strong.
  13. thank you for sharing. i 100% know what its like to have the daily disagreements.
  14. thank you for sharing. 100% you have to be the change you want to see. and exactly... this whole saga has certainly been like panning for gold or sorting the wheat from chaff or whatever analogy you want to give it!
  15. thanks for sharing. what you say really resonates with me.
  16. Thank you for sharing. I too 100% agree that this summer of unbelievable weather is a real last blast of freedom. I am constantly thanking and praying to the creator for offering up such beauty amongst chaos. And yes, 5 months ago 5G all the way to David Icke himself were never conversations for the dinner table. But not I feel compelled to speak my truth all the time. And thats a recurring theme all over.
  17. Yes we all know the guy is nowhere near the level of enlightenment he needs to be at. But at least he’s providing a platform and a voice. And yes he’s a bit scammy/shilly but i’d take him over BBC etc any day of the week.
  18. I remember one of David’s first or second interviews on LR (going back a year or two), not the most recent run of videos. Where Rose said something like “what do you think of climate change?” and David replied “SCAM!”. Made me laugh how taken back Rose was ?
  19. I hope he goes into contact tracing this time. As it looks like this is really going to take off here in the UK
  20. 2020member

    Mark Steele - 5G

    Can anyone tell me why Mark Steele is being made out to be a shill in some areas of the alternative community? And if so why was he allowed onto Dave Murphy's event 202 show...
  21. I, like many on here, discovered the essence of David's work many years before the biggest overhaul to this planet we've ever seen since WWII. Don't get me wrong the walls have been closing in for a long time, and this way of life has been at odds with my ethical and moral compass more and more. But... this way of life up until late, has been just about bearable and i've managed to co-exist with the state forcing the will of the few onto the many. Mandatory vaccines, microchips, contact tracing, biometric passports, 5G et al. Is where I will personally draw the line and lay down everything to stop this becoming my new reality. And when I mean lay down everything, I mean everything. If family ties have to be cut, marriages have to be broken and fleeing the city to live off-grid with like-minded people is the only option to preserve a life that does not go against everything I have ever believed in - then so be it. As long as you don't think that some group like Q-Anon are doing all the graft behind the scenes on our behalf. Then i'm afraid these are the tough choices many thousands of people will have to be making in the coming years, or maybe even months. I'm wondering if others on the forum are of the same opinion who have managed to grin and bear it up until now. People such as myself, who have managed to coexist and work within the system even though they know the truth. I think the charade is going to come to an end soon and those who relentlessly duck and dive the vaccine (and the system in general) will have no place to hide and will eventually become social outcasts. The only fall back is a new system and way of life for people like us as we reach this fork in the road...
  22. I too, would love to hear some boots on the ground reporting on this. As I have a holiday booked for August. I'm worried the COVID test swabs are laced with something. so that's just a complete no-go for me if it's tacked onto the already draconian measures operating at airports (obviously off the back of the last biggest false flag 9-11).
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