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  1. 4 hours ago, screamingeagle said:

    everything that is on elites list of tools for the agenda of the nwo 


    will be "good" for fighting all the "evil" acording to them 


    have any of you seen who propaganda videos on ytb,ups i mean commercials 


    i mean fuck them.....

    its really sad as this stuff insults our intelligence more than the official narrative of 9/11 and that’s saying something. 

  2. @motleyhoo although i’ll put my hands up and say I didn’t know that. In the same breath I can believe AI was that advanced back then. What scares me the most is when they begin to introduce AI particularly human looking AI into our daily lives as a safe medium between us and COVID. At that point, we really will have lost all control. 

  3. @EnigmaticWorld never would have have thought a fake virus would have united every single conspiracy theory under the sun. It’s almost quite impressive...


    Just when you’re wrapping your head round one thing. You can 100% see them claiming AI to be the lord and saviour of this rampant death eating pandemic 

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  4. 1 hour ago, EnigmaticWorld said:


    Same as how I feel. I should be loving it right now as a Liverpool fan, but I can't help but think they set LFC up to win because they're far left, and it takes the joy out of it when I'm not convinced that they're smashing it because of they're own merit.

    Exactly. What a hollow victory. 

    Can’t wait for the 2m interspersed groups of 6 open top bus celebrations ?

  5. 2nd/3rd/4th wave will bring humanity to it’s knees. 

    What better way to introduce AI than a manufactured public outcry for a medium that can’t contract the deadly virus.... Robots ? 

    Is AI over the horizon once they implement 5G, Vaccines. Microchips, Biometric ID and Contact Tracing? 

  6. My interest in football has severely dwindled over the last 5 years (about the time they started buying players for 100 million). From Saturday nights being a write off if I missed match of the day, to of late my Saturday evening being ruined watching such drivel. 

    Out of curiosity I decided to watch the 30 second highlights on the sky app. Which just put the final nail in the coffin for me. What an absolutely basterdised thing football has become. I’ve never seen so many psy ops, virtue signalling and predictive programming rammed into 30 seconds let alone 90 minutes. 

    To say that ‘sport’ once represented the working class people of England. It is now unrecognisable and absolute detritus. 

    For those who still follow it. Forget about it and let’s build it again from the ground up. I was once a die hard fan, but they’ve successfully isolated and marginalised me to the point I couldn’t care less ‘my team’ are about to win the league for the first time in decades.

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  7. 6 hours ago, Grumpy Owl said:


    If you want to start a new topic here, you are perfectly able to, however you should avoid including any 'embeds' or external URLs in your opening post.


    Just include a brief text-only introduction in your opening post, then continue with any embeds or links in a follow-up post.

    i’ve tried that. It doesn’t work. 

  8. I've just spoken to an acquaintance who is a police officer who is specifically tasked with policing a major transport network (yes i'm keeping this part vague).  


    Said person informed me they've only been told to 'educate, encourage, engage', no enforcement action is to be taken unless it escalates into a public disorder situation. In a nutshell, the guidance is so vague and wafty you only need to say "it gives me a headache" and that's enough for the police to allow you to resume. 


    But because the guidance is so vague, police have a million other things to do, and 9/10 times if they did challenge someone, they'd be tooled up with this knowledge anyway. My acquaintance informs me they won't actually be challenging anyone, unless their attention is drawn to a situation which would require police attention anyway. 


    I've said all along, that the way 'guidance, rules and advise' is being rolled out by the government, they actually make it completely unenforceable on a shop floor level. If people actually armed themselves with this knowledge, we'd basically return to pre-covid levels of 'freedom'. 

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  9. After watching the 10 hour documentary 'Europa The Final Battle' and other related content over the years. I have major doubts over WWI/II and who the 'good guys' and 'bad guys' are in the his-story books. 


    What I will say is, this is without doubt a psy-op to see how far they can push the indigenous population. 


    Even though I have major doubts over Churchill I would still defend that statue if it came to it. In the context of defending the last bit of cohesion, our society has which is dangling by a thread. When statues start to tumble and history books are being overwritten, regardless of the context you know this is a regime change. 

  10. The discussion was good. Felt more like an update from the prior 3 videos he's done with Rose, as opposed to a completely fresh take on everything. 


    I feel like everyone is very jaded from COVID now and the majority of people have at least dropped off from religiously watching the news every day (largely helped by huge faux pas from politicians breaching their own rules). 


    I wish they'd spent the 3 hours mapping out how this could all play out positively and negatively. Rather than a lot of reflection and re-hashing what we already know. 


    Anyway, you can't knock David. The guy relentlessly bangs the drum, day in and day out for truth. He can't be all-encompassing, he's just one Big cog in the truth movement community. 

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  11. On 6/13/2020 at 10:47 AM, itsnotallrightjack said:


    Thank you for your reply! You must be very young talking about time travelling to the 1990s! I don't mean this as a disparagement of you by the way; you see I'm 52 , I was in my late 20s in the 1990s, and turned 30 in 1998,  and it's a funny feeling when I think of the 1990s, for a number of reasons. One is that although I'm 52 I look 30 in the face, and I don't physically feel my age. Only my silvery grey/white hair gives my true age away (physically that is, mentally I'm way ahead of how I was when I was younger) which I dye with henna.


    So thinking back to those days is kinda weird because in one way it doesn't seem that long ago, but then when I think of 1990 being 30 years ago--woahhh. It's true that the older you get the faster time seems to go; all us middle aged, 50 somethings experience this feeling at times. I remember getting my first mobile phone- a green screen motorola in 1999 ( on the one to one network) and was one of the first in my friend of uni students to get one. One day I got a text message off my friend Joe and didn't even know what it was. It puzzled me. He mentioned to me a few days later that he'd sent me a text message and I hadn't replied, and I said I didn't know what that was lol.


    In my opinion they should have stopped there with mobile phones- sending text messages and making a call was great. That's all you need with them. And the quality of the call was very good- hardly ever did they cut out the way they do now. I had another one when I was living in Greece in 2000 and I used to phone my mother on it, and it sounded so clear, like I was phoning her  a few streets away, and she was all that way in northern England and I was in Greece.


    Now when I call my father on his mobile, a few miles away the bloomin thing is always breaking up.


    I hardly use mobiles for calls these days, I use my 1967 rotary dial phone, which is clear as a bell!


    I wasn't into the techno scene; as you might have seen from my other posts, I'm a vintage nerd and like dance band music of the 1930s and 1940s and would LOVE to go back to the 1930s and go to those dance halls/jazz clubs and see those bands play live with all those excellent singers.


    But I did go to out to pubs, cafes and days out and it was indeed nice before everyone had these stupid smart phones in their hands. Those days you'd see people with actual cameras on days out taking photos.




    Thanks for the reply too. 


    Yes, I think the early iterations of information technology was fine and it should have stayed where it was. Sadly humanity and those that string humanity along always have people salivating for the next best thing. 


    In a perverse way, I've actually enjoyed some of lockdown as it's slowed life down again. probably slightly reminiscent of the late 90s/early 2000s. the faster mobile technology has got the faster they've made our lives become. but at least it's forced everyone to slow down and take a long hard look at life of late. 




  12. Unless trashbook is absolutely 100% necessary for your income/livelihood. I would take that as a sign to delete your account while you still can. No doubt trashbook will go hand in glove with the digital passports they plan to roll out.

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  13. I didn’t actually know Max Igan wasn’t prepared to lift the lid on Zionist Jews. 

    That’s a shame as some of his content has been up there with some of the best over the years. 

    I suppose now a I think about it. I guess his preset stance is always apathetic and alarmist. And very rarely puts his finger on the button..

  14. I would love to have lived my late teens / 20s and 30s through the 1980s / 1990s. Where ‘modern’ technology was to hand. But the scales were not tipped to the point they are now, where 99% of people are hooked to a mobile phone like crack. 

    The trance and techno scene particularly interest me. I’d have loved to have been a fly on the wall during those years in Ibiza and seen tiesto etc live without a thousand people holding phone cameras above their heads like zombies. 

    Yes, it’s a slightly hedonistic world I want to go to. But hey ho... that’s what this thread is for. 

  15. Totally agree with your points. 

    In a nutshell all i’m trying to say is if one thing can be hijacked in this world, leave no stone unturned. Right down to the absolute basics i.e communication and the shape of the world itself. 

    English is known as the language of deception. And i’m just in deep thought about how if they can infiltrate us with a trojan horse from birth. Its an absolutely fantastic way to control us from day 1.

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  16. As mentioned in the original post this thread was carried over from. 

    Does anyone have any thoughts or knowledge on the english language (and others) being a falsehood in of itself? 

    As prior mentioned, the animal kingdom can communicate from birth. However we have to learn a painstakingly intricate dialogue over the course of years (to get to a ‘decent’ level), to even be able to express ourselves around those who have also mastered the deception of English. 

    Politics and the Law society are only about being able to spin a good yarn in my opinion. The better yarn you can spin, the higher up you can go. These characters are masters at deception and the tool they use are spells and s-words. 

    We carry out back breaking work at school (prison) and yet we loose all ability to understand our fellow human. 

    I believe our minds are hijacked from the earliest possible moment, in order to pollute our cognitive function with this ‘word’ cancer otherwise know as “english”. 

    Once it grabs hold of you. You can never unhear it or think in your native tongue. It’s a heroin type of hypnosis that’ll never let you go.  

    Now they’ve dumbed us down to another level where we communicate in short hand, slang, emojis and most worrying all through an electronic AI medium.

    A far cry from telekinesis....

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