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  1. Nope. And also that’s the point i would have walked straight out.
  2. it’s so sad isn’t it. I feel bad for persevering. I should have voted with my feet like you did.
  3. well blow me down with a feather and guess what... credit cards will also begin to carry covid on them. so the only saviour will be *drum roll*... a microchip boys and girls, woohoo
  4. Me and the wife have just been out for a half priced meal courtesy of our beloved government and god how I regret it... We went to an upmarket area of town and I was cast into what can only be described as a Black Mirror episode. Automaton waitresses who oddly all looked the same, with the same dead pan expressions all wearing face-visors you'd use when strimming grass or hedge trimming were our servers. We had to order via a QR code, which as you'd expect hadn't been optimised for phones so you actually needed the damned paper menu to read anything. The atmosphere was totally dystopian and the food and service was total garbage. I couldn't relax being served by a hybrid gardener/robots and neither could I hear the damned things either with their voices being muffled behind the plastic shield. I've learnt my lesson and will now only stick to local eateries I knew pre-covid who I can at least have a laugh and a joke about the whole thing with. Clearly they are priming us to get used to being served by actual AI humanoid dolls. As when Wave XYZ happens and they say humans are too much of a health hazard to work in such industries, obviously AI is going to be put forward as the saviour
  5. or what about strapping an actual nappy/diaper to the face?
  6. @The Illuminator well done for doing what you are doing in such a difficult environment such as a pharmacy.
  7. @shabbirss why does it give them black eyes?
  8. Hi @allymisfit first of all thank you for having the courage to ask for help and also kudos for doing so well to get where you are today. I’m 26 and I’ve had CFS since I was 11 years old. A combination of vaccine, childhood trauma and school (prison) culminated in something inside me breaking, which to date has never repaired itself. I’m at one of my lowest ebbs right now as I read your post. I’ve basically been bed bound for a week apart from the odd foray out and I’m in so much energy debt to myself it’s unreal. I’m sorry to say I do not have the answer for you, but I can tell you what things have made fractional differences over the years (fractions of improvement are massive for people like us). 1- Yoga (the breathing exercises and gentle flow has given me tangible pain relief during a yoga session) 2 - Head massage (I had a head massage the other day and I felt tangible pain relief during it) 3 - going to sleep before 12 and avoiding heavy stimulus before bed like; films, video games etc. then waking up before 11am - has started my days off on a better footing 4- gentle swimming/sauna/steam room/hot tub - this has tangibly helped relieve tension 4 - ‘the way home or face the fire by JAH’ - this is personal and I’m not forcing it on you. It helped reaffirm who I am, where I am and who god and Jesus are. As I say, this is totally ‘optional’ and I only leave it here as a breadcrumb. Is there one single cure, remedy or otherwise? In my experience no there isn’t. The ‘best’ I’ve ever felt was October/November last year. I had slowly built my energy up in the gym, I was eating a balanced and fair diet. I was taking a range of vitamins and supplements and drinking plenty of bottled water. I realised I was sat in the steam room in the gym one day and I was talking in past-tense to a stranger about the illness. I went back to the changing rooms and for the first time since I was 10/11 I felt ‘pain free’ and I hadn’t got my fatigue headache which I experience 24/7. I was total bliss and near enough made me cry. Sadly I caught the November cold (COVID) everyone had, and then Xmas and New Years totally wiped me out and that had a knock on effect right up to lockdown. Obviously lockdown totally screwed up my mental and physical health and I’ve never been right since. I’ve had a handful of good times, but mostly bad. In addition to the above I’ve tried everything from; living in hot climates, oxygen chambers, numerous types of physio, counselling, every diet under the sun, fasting, exercise, no exercise, every sleep pattern known to man, every supplement under the sun, lived in radiation free environments, water filters, positive reinforcement… you name it. I can only say the only time I’ve felt good is when I’ve put all the above pieces of the jigsaw together over a long period of time and as mentioned above, it culminated in me feeling on top of the world for a short space of time. We live in totally fucked up times right now, and its OK to not feel OK. By in large I’ve found peace with the illness which I’ve had for the vast majority of my life. I’ve readjusted my expectations on life, just as someone who has no legs has to get used to not walking, I’ve done the same with myself, and I’m a lot kinder to myself than I used to be. If you or anyone else has any key ingredients that i’m missing to help heal chronic fatigue, please, please do post your thoughts and wisdom here.
  9. @Trustinfinite my cousin recently went on a dating app. He put “don’t talk to me if you think 9/11 isn’t an inside job” in his bio. That seemed to streamline his compatibility pretty quickly
  10. @Itsjaybigjay thanks for sharing mate. And thank you for standing up to the ‘goons’ as you so rightly put on our behalf. I’ve heard that condescending tone they all snarl in, like they’re telling a toddler to put on a seat belt all to often.. it’s disgusting. I like how the very people who enforce masked madness are the very same people who will have lied on their job applications saying they champion equality and diversity. Once people get an inch to discriminate they’ll take a mile. Even if you rightly choose not to wear a mask because it’s ludicrous. They should assume a disability is present until otherwise. i’m glad you fucked morrisons off and went and supported a local chippy.
  11. @HeartSpirit it’s demoralising as we don’t say this stuff because we like the sound of our own voice...
  12. Thanks @Yasmina the sad thing is I went home to tell my family... yet because in their eyes “this is me being difficult” i get treated like the aggressor. Deep down I don’t care though. I’ll never confirm to this nazi state. I’ll never wear a mask, never get a test and certainly won’t get a vaccine. I know in my heart that it’s all wrong and all satanic. That’s all that matters. These people don’t believe any of this bullshit with their heart. They are only following their mind blindness as David would say.
  13. @Fluke yep this was the UK. I was enraged inside, but when you’re on the frontline in these kind of situations, the likelihood of a non-zombie ready to back your corner is very slim. So best to stay composed unless a physical threat takes place.
  14. @AXPCalledJeff thanks mate. As you can imagine i’m not writing this for any accolades. Moreso to highlight A) stupidity B) hypocrisy C) to give people the courage to also engage in non compliance. As David say’s. You acquiesce to stupid. You become stupid.
  15. In one of my few foray's out into the wilderness I had to go the laundrette's today. Whilst stood in line I had a mask wearing customer (also in line) come within 1 meter of me to remind me that I should be wearing a mask, and that it's unlikely i'll be served if not. In a dead pan tone I stated "i'm exempt", she recoiled as though to apologise with her body language and moved away from me. Whilst waiting in line I allowed another mask wearer to go in front of me as she was only collecting, I made a throw away comment about "them taking ages". When I was finally beckoned to the doorway, the delightful team shouted from behind their plastic riot shields "YOU NEED TO WEAR A MASK!" (meanwhile they weren't wearing one). I shouted back "I'M EXEMPT!" cogs began to turn and they didn't know what to do. I took the initiative and walked in, whist one of the staff said in a snide remark "yeah we're really busy today aren't we?". I ignored her and proceeded to pay with cash, which raised an eyebrow, and I got "no one ever pay's in cash these days". I ignored the comment and proceeded with dropping off my bundles of sweat soaked gym wear that hadn't been washed in a week. I wonder if there was a real virus they would have realised they are now coming into direct contact with virus ridden sweat soaked clothes, without masks or gloves!! But fear not... the plastic visors that lined the tops of the counters will protect them from 'COVID'. Anyone else encountered such stupidity today?
  16. I know his full story mate. I’m was a supporter of his that’s been and gone. He’s stuck in a loop of bitterness and lashing out at the tip of the iceberg that largely know no better, due to the compartmentalised nature of public services. I wish for his sake he took the fight a bit further up the ladder. Energy better spent in my opinion. I’ve got nothing more to add. I understand where his supporters are coming from.
  17. To throw a spanner in the works i’m not a fan of his. Although sometimes warranted... he tends to only attack the foot soldiers of the police relentlessly. People who often put themselves in harms way every single day, with little thought for their own wellbeing to save others. I totally understand the police tend to only go for low hanging fruit, by that I mean; traffic matters, penalising the most vulnerable members of society and only scratching the surface of crimes that really matter. Crimebodge tends to attack and berate those who are in the impossible position of trying to keep law and order. He tars them all with the same brush and often spits complete venom. I wish he’d put as much time and effort into arguing the odds over a wayward traffic stop, as others do in raising the extreme corruption that goes right to the core of this government and the cabal. Rotherham, rochdale... the royals... parliamentary pedophilia.. 7/7 ... COVID.. things that really need the passion of a self confessed lawyer. I’m aware I sound like an armchair critic. But in my opinion crimebodge goes for the low hanging fruit of bumbling police mistakes and at best misguided faux pas of legislation designed not to be understood by the average foot soldier.
  18. @FinallyAwake thanks for sharing that insight. I'm really happy for you, not in a sense that this information is enjoyable to digest. But moreso that you have been able to overcome terrible adversity, such as being blind - yet still follow your intuition and seek truth. I agree, there's probably a lot of misinformation put out there, but it's good to touch base on these forums and soundboard stuff you come across!
  19. An anonymous group working away in the background to save humanity...Hmmmm Ok... Sadly the reality in my opinion is we as individuals need to save ourselves and our fellow brothers and sisters.
  20. Social Media Social Distancing THE MOST ANTI-SOCIAL AND PSYCHOPATHIC TOOLS EVER KNOWN TO MAN. Another inversion to add to your observations @HistoryIsComplex
  21. Something which has always been a weight on my shoulders is how to process, internalise, rationalise and ultimately deal with acts of extreme evil. The abuse of innocent defenceless animals and children. The neglect of the frail, disabled and the elderly. The destruction of our planet and natural resources. The deletion of cultures and the re-writing of history. In an 'idealic world' just one of the aforementioned would provoke feelings of anger and injustice, but just how dulled have we become? People of the 'postage stamp consensus' genuinely believe that becoming a police officer will put the bad people in jail. Or joining the fringes of a political party and lobbying on a local level will help get to the root cause of issues. The above is admirable, but for me it never scratches the surface because you are ultimately propping up the system whilst trying to fight manufactured parts of said system. In examples of extreme evil which i'm seeing so much of today, a part of me dies every time I hear or see such acts. You try and help when and where you can and be the change you want to see. My biggest coping mechanism is having faith in the creator and that one day all the wrongs will be righted. I try to stick to the very basic principles of causing no harm, loss or injury to your fellow human. What coping mechanisms do you employ when you see, hear, experience evil which is beyond comprehension?
  22. @Mr H Thanks for adding your experience to the mix and I totally agree with you. If i'm so susceptible to street level drugs, the last thing I need right now is to burn the candle and both ends and end up doing irreparable damage. My reasoning for taking 'aya' wouldn't have been to explore the wormhole of having an 'awakening' even further. For me.. as you rightly say, that is what we all naturally gravitate towards anyway, but this world is set up to pull us away from that gravitation as quickly as possible. My reasoning for taking it would be to find peace with a long term health condition I have and also find peace with childhood trauma and the ripple effects that causes on one's life. It's not necessary I do it and if i'm being honest I think time has run out on such recreational endeavours anyway. I personally think the matrix is all coming to a head now and it's getting to the point where we're all going to have to make some incredibly tough life choices.
  23. the 3rd and 4th interviews seemed to be a bit of a re-hash of 1 and 2. This one was refreshing but equally harrowing as David mapped out the future (which we all know) he just conveys it in a way that no one else can. Rose came across as quite arrogant and cocksure in his early interviews with David (prior to this run of 5), but I can tell he has been genuinely humbled as we see David's predictions come to fruition in almost carbon copy fashion. When the seasonal flu/cold/pneumonia season gets rebranded 'COVID' and people can't put food on the table it'll sadly be totally hijacked, by design, by this psychopathic bastards.
  24. Thank you for replying. It was as I thought/feared and I think i'll give it a miss unless I feel a massive calling and urge to have it. I'm not egotistical enough to think I won't see anything new from it, but I don't think right now is the best place for me, as i've had such crazy experience from a drug a lot lower down in the pecking order. It sounds like your were broken down and built back up. And had everything re-wired wiping all the bullshit you will have been spoon fed in school. I have a lot of admiration for you doing that. I bet it took an incredible amount of bravery to live through that experience and not totally freak out to the point were you were put in a nut house.
  25. As jon wedger would say “the police only go for low hanging fruit”
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