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  1. @oz93666 and @ZanderoBandero 7 months ago i’d have laughed this off as the doomsday preppers with the bunkers in America. A planned food shortage now in my opinion is about 90/95% probable. This definitely deserves it’s own thread where people can make low cost, financially viable suggestions. Would you mind starting a new thread on this?
  2. @Smokestack Lightnin' the last straw for me was BLM, no crowds and constant virtue signalling for covid. i’d totally give up if i were you. Just watch local semi pro teams.
  3. I really bought into Jon Wedgers story. That’s a great shame if people think he’s a shill.
  4. making it impossible to police such a situation. All by design. Makes me sick...
  5. @Our Anthony they’ve also come out and publicly stated the arrest isn’t related. Even though the arrest looked on the scale they would arrest a terrorist.
  6. Something doesn’t smell right. The MSM are going totally out of their way to play down the race element. Yes maybe the stabbings are real and if so that is just abhorrent. But it seems like it’s just another bombardment of psychological attack to break our heart and spirit even more. On top of COVID, BLM, ANTIFA etc etc etc.
  7. In a nutshell. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. And believe nothing of what you hear and only half of what you see.
  8. You seem to be lashing out. My original post was essentially paraphrasing. If I thought david was a fraud I wouldn’t be here. I note your last post had to be edited by a mod because you used profanity. chill...
  9. @Fluke a lot of people i know have been really jaded
  10. @Bohica you are so right. It was a huge spike of positive energy, then for whatever reason they’ve totally turned the screw and everyone I know in the alternative community have been wrecked this week.
  11. Not that i’m bothered if David felt so passionate about getting to London that he donned the mask, to get the ferry over. But based on how strongly he felt about not wearing one, does anyone know if he managed to do so without a mask? I notice on his latest bitchute videos shed loads of comments are being deleted and some are saying it’s related to the above mentioned. I also notice he and gareth seem to be coming under some real fire for being deep cover masons/shills. It’s been a weird week since London. I thought i’d come away feeling liberated, but instead i’ve totally tanked with energy levels and optimism
  12. Where i am in the UK the summer seems to be rapidly drawing to a close (HAARP etc). I’m already worried about total lack of sunlight, especially when the seasonal cold gets re-designated ‘COVID’ and we all get locked down again. Do you know of any vitamin D supplements that are actually strong enough and work? I had my top off last xmas walking around as it was a totally sunny day with no wind, so actually felt a little warm in direct sunlight. Those are the lengths i go to, to ensure I don’t go deficient.
  13. Interesting theory. My personal spiritual beliefs and covenant with the creator (god) is that i'll be refusing it as it's all of (or at least part of) the mark of the beast. As I say that is totally personal and I wouldn't force that opinion on anyone else.
  14. I’m a bit dubious..the OP with no prior presence has come onto the forum like a wrecking ball. I’ve personally enjoyed Sasha Stone’s content in the past. Like everyone (even David!) you don’t ever put all your eggs in one basket and keep the door a-jar. This just seems like splitting hairs of the truth community.
  15. @FrankVitali @oz93666 I really appreciate the supportive stance. I totally understand what you mean. The issue is I can get called to private/public establishments a lot where you now have to wear masks. Also i’m finding a lot of people are now basically on the lookout for frontline workers who are not wearing masks as someone to lashout against. The reason why i’ve gone down the official route and tried to gain an official exemption. Is i’m not a confrontation person by nature, and it’s highly energy sapping contantly having your guard up. We live in a world where everything has to be rubber stamped by authority now, otherwise you are there to be shot at. I shall carry on for as long as I can, but i am truly staggered...where are the law firms and social justice warriors who would have had a field day with this kind of discrimination in the past?
  16. @Truthspoon never heard of this. Thanks for offering up a solution, I shall look into it!
  17. Well i’d never thought i’d see the day but here it is. As others on the forum may know from my other posts I suffer badly from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. For me it manifests itself as a permanent tired/lethargy headache which i’ve had since I was 11. I’m now 26, and have tried just about everything under the sun to get better. I work from home, but approx a few times a month i’m what is called a ‘community first responder’ here in the UK. I don’t get paid for it, but its always been a calling of mine to be a paramedic. But due to aforementioned health conditions, i’ve had to settle with what I can do. A blanket email went out a couple of weeks ago saying we all must now wear masks, regardless if the nature of the incident warrants it or not. I’ve let my line manager know this isn’t possible for me as on the couple of times i’ve trialled wearing a mask, it’s elevated my headache to immediate migraine levels. (Not that i’d wear the bastard anyway). This email has been met with total apathy even though i’ve dropped in things like the Equality Act 2010 etc. I’ve now basically got to plead with occupational health to give me an exemption. With how draconian occy health are at the best of times, it’s not looking promising. Ah well... i’ve done this role voluntarily for years now, it was my little escape and helped me pursue a variation of a career I could never do full time due to health issues. I never thought I’d see the day where all the conspiracies and such like finally play out at a level at which directly impacts me. I’m thinking of fighting it, but the next thing is going to be mandatory testing and probably mandatory vaccination to carry on doing the role. If I kick up a load of dust and try and catch them discriminating against me, they’ll only beat me at the next hurdle. I know it’s a defeatist mentality, but there comes a time I suppose where you have to stop propping up the system and put that very same energy into fighting it. My first endeavour will be London this Saturday. Please let me know if anyone else is facing this dilemma. Please excuse the slighty click-baity title. Couldn’t think of anything else to put as its a big chunk of my life/identity i’m about to loose.
  18. i’d view a forced test and/or vaccine as a deadly threat on my life. Just as though someone was coming at me with a knife. I’d use force until i felt the threat was nullified.
  19. @Orange Alert I’m begrudgingly going to a restaurant tonight to keep up the appearances with a local neighbourhood group. Who all bought the official narrative, but in all fairness have been totally selfless in looking out for the vulnerable and needy in the worst of lockdown. I’ll report back with any stupidity I witness first hand. Not holding my breath....
  20. I wonder how many times Micky Mouse has tested positive for covid
  21. Nope. And also that’s the point i would have walked straight out.
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